2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of January 29

Monday, January 29 – Students will be able to determine equations of lines and if two lines are parallel/perpendicular/neither based on comparing slopes.


Review equations of lines (fill in the blank notes)

Practice equations of lines

Review parallel vs. perpendicular lines

Practice identifying if lines are parallel or perpendicular






Tuesday, January 30 – Students will be able to use the distance formula to determine the distance between two points.  Students will be able to see the connection between distance formula and Pythagorean theorem.


Notes and practice using the Pythagorean theorem and distance formula

Classwork: Pythagorean Theorem and Distance Formula woksheet

15-PythandDistance-Notes-1ozujpq     DistanceFormulaNotes-qt4t9u PythagoreanTheoremandDistanceFormulaWS-1431cpl       TheDistanceFormulaWS-rtnz1i

Wednesday, January 31 – Students will be able to write the equation of a circle given the center and the radius (graphically or listed).


Notes on Equations of circles

practice graphing circles

Practice writing the equations of circles

8-GraphingandWritingEquationsofCircles-packet-2naw6gq             9-GraphCirclesWriteEq-Notesforppt-2fut4yd                  10-Int.ofCirclesandLineswarmup-2kzne4o

Thursday, February 1 – Students will be able to determine where a line intersects with a circle graphically.


Review of what a system if equations is.

Practice graphing lines and circles on the same plane.

Discover how to determine points of intersection graphically.

11-IntersectionofCircleandLine-packet-2neh4zd               12-Int.ofCirclesandLinesNotesv2-1nxum39

Friday, February 2 – Students will be able to determine if points are on, inside, or outside of a given circle algebraically.


Activity for students to discover if points lie on, inside, or outside circles.

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