1st & 3rd – Coach Storey – Week of February 12

Vocab Quiz for New Republic – Reconstruction is Wednesday (2/15) – QUIZLET

Monday 2/12

Tuesday 2/13

  • WU#8:  Geography and History pg. 303
  • Notes:  Manifest Destiny
  • Presidents:  Monroe/ Q. Adams / Jackson
  • Actv: Compromise Maps
  • Review ?’s
  • Jackson vs. the Bank Article Summary

Wednesday 2/14

  • WU#9:  pg. 314 Thinking Critically
  • notes:  Dividing a Nation
  • America Story of Us:  Division
  • Actv:  Manifest Destiny Chart

Thursday 2/15

  • 10 minute review time
  • Vocab Quiz:  New Republic – Reconstruction
  • Notes:  War Breaks Out
  • Activity:  Secession Map (will upload after scanning)
  • pg. 356 (1-9)
  • Review ?s
  • Jackson Article is DUE

Friday 2/16

  • WU#10:  pg. 361 Resources Compaired
  • Notes:  Civil War
  • Actv:  Glory – w/ questions

1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of February 5

Important Dates:

New Republic – Reconstruction

Vocab Quiz:  2/15 – QUIZLET

Civil War Battle Quiz:  2/27

Unit Test:  3/1

Monday 2/5

  • WU2, pg. 201 Thinking Criticaly
  • Notes:  New Nation Foreign Policy
  • Presidents Video:  Washington/Adams/Jefferson
  • Vocab 2
  • Review Questions

Tuesday 2/6

Wednesday 2/7

  • WU4 pg. 217 Map Skills #2&3
  • Notes:  War 1812
  • People Chart 2
  • America Story of Us:  Westward2

Thursday 2/8

  • WU5 pg. 230 Geography and History
  • Notes:  Industry and Transportation
  • TBA
  • Review ?s

Friday 2/9

  • WU6 pg 237 Thinking Criticaly
  • Notes:  Jackson Years
  • Presidents Video:  Madison/Monroe/Q. Adams
  • Jackson Chart

This Unit Notes

Washington’s New Government-1eipu1m

New Nation-2g1oj5m

Jeffersonian Democracy-2jjykan

War of 1812-19f1jjm

Industry and Transportaion-2jihm2y

Jackson Years-1y389sx

Manifest Destiny-24j4gn4

Heading towards Division-1halxg6

War Breaks Out-2aezerv

Civil War outline (2)-1a9k6iy


The End of Reconstruction-1iarx3p

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of February 5

Monday, February 5 – Students will be able to use midpoint and partitioning formulas to find points on a line segment.



Review and incorporate distance formula to find the perimeter and area of various shapes on a coordinate plane.

Notes on Midpoint

Practice midpoint


Tuesday, February 6 – Students will be able to partition line segments and remember the characteristics of special quadrilaterals.


Midpoint Activity

Partitioning notes

Partitioning practice

13-MidptandPartition-packet (1)-qg5f0v    14-PartitionCW-1cc7erx     PartitionHW-ue627p

Wednesday, February 7 – Students will be able to prove or disprove that shapes on a coordinate plane are special quadrilaterals.


Complete Detective activity


Thursday, February 8  – Students will be able to determine if a set of points on a plane create or a part of a special shape.


Practice problems from the concepts from the week

As students complete work, extra practice will be assigned to address weaknesses.

Friday, February 9 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery of the unit’s concepts.



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