1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of Feb. 26

Civil War Battle Quiz has been moved to WEDNESDAY 2/28

New Republic – Reconstruction Test is Thursday 3/1 – QUIZLET

Colonization – Constitution Touchstone is Friday 3/2





  • 15 min Q&A
  • New Republic – Reconstruction Test
  • Vocab1:  West, Industry, Immigration


  • WU1 of WU check 3
  • Notes:  Expansion of Industry
  • Vocab 2:  ind west voc2-1e02frm
  • LAB:  Touchstone Test / Colonization – Constitution
    • absent or otherwise will have a paper copy
    • will be used to replace the 1st test on this section assuming its a better score.

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of Feb. 26

Monday, Feb. 26 – Friday, March 2 – Students will be able to determine the probability of mutually exclusive and overlapping events.  Students will be able to determine if two events are independent from a frequency table.  Students will be able to determine the conditional probability of an event.


Students will engage in independent and collaborative learning.  The students are starting the unit with all the materials that they need.  I am available to answer questions, but will not be lecturing.  There will be additional practice work provided and the students have deadlines to know the material in the form of assessments.

6-MutuallyExclusivePractice (1)-2aok7ob

5-2dicechart (1)-13e72rd

4-OverlapandMutuallyExc-packet (1)-xz1qox

7-ConditionalProb-packet (1)-uetdqu

8-ConditionalProbabilityCW (1)-2cnun86

9-IndependentProb-packet (1)-292leeo

12-UsingProbFormWorkBwd-packet (1)-1lm4el8

13-UsingFormulasandWorkingBackwards (1)-18fssb4

14-DiagramsTablesWords (1)-zhuxqz

10-IndependentEvents (1)-1seuufu

11-Prob-Indvs.Dep. (1)-x0lad3

3-Notes-SetNotationSummary (1)-240laeq

2-Notes-VocabSetNotVennDiagram (1)-1kupg5l

1-VocabSetNotaandVennDiag-packet (2)-147bgfd


1st & 3rd – Coach Storey – Week of February 12

Vocab Quiz for New Republic – Reconstruction is Wednesday (2/15) – QUIZLET

Monday 2/12

Tuesday 2/13

  • WU#8:  Geography and History pg. 303
  • Notes:  Manifest Destiny
  • Presidents:  Monroe/ Q. Adams / Jackson
  • Actv: Compromise Maps
  • Review ?’s
  • Jackson vs. the Bank Article Summary

Wednesday 2/14

  • WU#9:  pg. 314 Thinking Critically
  • notes:  Dividing a Nation
  • America Story of Us:  Division
  • Actv:  Manifest Destiny Chart

Thursday 2/15

  • 10 minute review time
  • Vocab Quiz:  New Republic – Reconstruction
  • Notes:  War Breaks Out
  • Activity:  Secession Map (will upload after scanning)
  • pg. 356 (1-9)
  • Review ?s
  • Jackson Article is DUE

Friday 2/16

  • WU#10:  pg. 361 Resources Compaired
  • Notes:  Civil War
  • Actv:  Glory – w/ questions

1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of February 5

Important Dates:

New Republic – Reconstruction

Vocab Quiz:  2/15 – QUIZLET

Civil War Battle Quiz:  2/27

Unit Test:  3/1

Monday 2/5

  • WU2, pg. 201 Thinking Criticaly
  • Notes:  New Nation Foreign Policy
  • Presidents Video:  Washington/Adams/Jefferson
  • Vocab 2
  • Review Questions

Tuesday 2/6

Wednesday 2/7

  • WU4 pg. 217 Map Skills #2&3
  • Notes:  War 1812
  • People Chart 2
  • America Story of Us:  Westward2

Thursday 2/8

  • WU5 pg. 230 Geography and History
  • Notes:  Industry and Transportation
  • TBA
  • Review ?s

Friday 2/9

  • WU6 pg 237 Thinking Criticaly
  • Notes:  Jackson Years
  • Presidents Video:  Madison/Monroe/Q. Adams
  • Jackson Chart

This Unit Notes

Washington’s New Government-1eipu1m

New Nation-2g1oj5m

Jeffersonian Democracy-2jjykan

War of 1812-19f1jjm

Industry and Transportaion-2jihm2y

Jackson Years-1y389sx

Manifest Destiny-24j4gn4

Heading towards Division-1halxg6

War Breaks Out-2aezerv

Civil War outline (2)-1a9k6iy


The End of Reconstruction-1iarx3p

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of February 5

Monday, February 5 – Students will be able to use midpoint and partitioning formulas to find points on a line segment.



Review and incorporate distance formula to find the perimeter and area of various shapes on a coordinate plane.

Notes on Midpoint

Practice midpoint


Tuesday, February 6 – Students will be able to partition line segments and remember the characteristics of special quadrilaterals.


Midpoint Activity

Partitioning notes

Partitioning practice

13-MidptandPartition-packet (1)-qg5f0v    14-PartitionCW-1cc7erx     PartitionHW-ue627p

Wednesday, February 7 – Students will be able to prove or disprove that shapes on a coordinate plane are special quadrilaterals.


Complete Detective activity


Thursday, February 8  – Students will be able to determine if a set of points on a plane create or a part of a special shape.


Practice problems from the concepts from the week

As students complete work, extra practice will be assigned to address weaknesses.

Friday, February 9 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery of the unit’s concepts.



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