2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of November 12

Monday, November 12 – Students will be able to complete basic constructions in geometry.


Students will receive a set of instructions for constructions

Mrs. Johnson will work with small teams who feel they need visual instruction.

Students can also choose to work at their own pace.

A circles theorems practice packet will be distributed.  Students who either finish constructions early or are waiting for hands on instruction should work on the practice problems as any problems not completed in class will be assigned for homework.

Tuesday, November 13 – Students will be able to construct an inscribed equilateral triangle, an inscribed square, and an inscribed hexagon.  Students will also be able to construct a line that is tangent to a circle.


Students will be split into groups and will rotate through 5 stations in the classroom.  4 construction stations and 1 practice work station.

Wednesday, November 14 – Students will be able to find the circumcenter and incenter of a triangle.


Students will be given a triangle and will construct perpendicular bisectors and angle bisectors to find the circumcenter and the Incenter.

Once the constructions are complete, they will be given a practice packet for circle and angle theorems.

The answer keys to the two prior practice from the week will be posted for students to check their work and question their mistake with teachers.

Thursday, November 15 – Students will be able to identify areas of strength and weakness in using circle theorems to solve problems.


Mrs. Johnson will field questions from the prior three day’s reviews.

Students will work review 2 as a practice test.

Mrs. Johnson will demonstrate the correct way to work all of the problems on review 2 (attached)

Students will make a list of strength and weakness

Friday, November 16 – Students will be able to use properties of circles and lines that intersect them to find missing values.

Agenda:  Students will take the first Circles test.

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