2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of September 17

Monday, September 17 – Students will be able to identify areas of weakness in Unit 2 to help them prepare for the test on Wednesday.


Students will work independently on a review packet

Answer key will be posted in the last 15 minutes of class for students to check their work

Students will circle answers that they got wrong

unit2review117-18 (1)-2mur4gi    unit2review217-18-1sw3clv    unit2answerkeys-2fle7zu

Tuesday, September 18 – Students will be able to correct misconceptions or misunderstandings about Unit 2 topics.


Students will check their answers to Reviews 1 and 2

Teacher will demonstrate the problems from reviews 1 and 2 during whole class instruction.

Students will start on review 3.  The answer key will be posted on the blog.  Students who are still missing questions should attend the Wednesday morning review session.

Unit2review317-18-2dcbpj7     unit2review217-18 (1)-1qpcqcb     nit2answerkeys (1)-2k2c0g8

Wednesday, September 19 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% accuracy on unit 2 topics.


Unit 2 test

Unit 2 notebook check

Thursday, September 20 – Students will be able to identify why they made mistakes on the unit 2 assessment and will be able to do similar problems correctly.


Get back and go over all test questions

Receive and work on Review #4

Answers will be posted in the classroom and on the blog for students to check their work.

Unit2review4-1wi6tcw              unit2review4key-2bg5mfw

Friday, September 21 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 80% mastery on the unit 2 Re-test.


Unit 2 re-test

Students will start the cumulative review of all topics covered in the course so far.

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of September 10

Monday, September 10 – Students will be able to determine if two triangles are congruent using postulates and theorems.


Notes on triangles congruence

Practice congruence

Notes on postulates

Practice identifying congruent triangles using the postulates

Homework using congruence postulates.

4.2notes-2e9xrds 4.3SSSandSAS-1pxd2o1 4.4ASAandAASbookpages-2j8i2fo E.-Geom-wkst-4.3-4-ans-ujz51y E.Geomwkst4.3-4-10lelvz

The following video will provide additional support.


Tuesday, September 11 – Students will be able to determine if two triangles are congruent using congruence postulates.


inform students about USA test prep assignment

PowerPoint notes on triangle congruence postulates.

Practice work

4-ASA-and-AAS-Congruence (1)-2c31grw 4-SSS-SAS-ASA-and-AAS-Congruence (1)-1zn0n2t 4-SSS-and-SAS-Congruence (1)-18i02s7 4.3SSSandSAS (1)-1d56aut 4.4ASAandAASbookpages (1)-2avkojx

Wednesday, September 12 – Students will be able to prove if two triangles are congruent using the triangle congruence postulates.


Continued practice on using the triangle congruence postulates

Introduction to proofs

Scrambled proofs

Practice proofs

ScrambledProofs-1br9bdj reasons-for-proof-and-examples (1)-1zqy1hw

Thursday, September 13 – Students will be able to formally prove that two triangles are congruent.


Continued proofs practice

-students will be paired up and given proofs to work.

– team that completes the most proofs accurately will earn bonus points on the next test (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place groups)

Skills check on proofs.

Friday, September 14 – Students will be able to find the centroid of a triangle by constructing the medians of the triangle.


Students will continue practice with writing proofs about congruent triangles and parallelograms.

E.Geomwkst4.3-4 (1)-24ogmdp E.Geombegproofs-1eyovty

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of September 3

Monday, September 3 – Labor Day – No School

Tuesday, September 4 – Students will be able to explain in a proof how two triangles are similar.


Check and go over homework.

extra practice on similar triangles

peanut butter a jelly sandwich directions writing assignment

written explanations of how two triangles are similar

practice proving two triangles are similar

E.Geomwkst8.5-1mth72w E.Geomwkst8.5ans-1ijestr triangleproportions-1jsjxd7 trianglesimilarity-2ev8dyl triangleproportionspresentation-11h8pju

Wednesday, September 5 – Students will be able to prove that two triangles are similar using similarity postulates.


Homework check

Introduction to proofs

Writing a proof that shows two triangles are similar Practice

Thursday, September 6 – Students will be able to construct a dilation of similar triangles.


Check homework

Students will be guided through a construction process to dilate a triangle with a scale factor of 2.

Friday, September 7 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 70% mastery of similar triangles.  Students will be introduced to triangles that are congruent.


Quiz on identifying similar triangles, proving triangles similar, and constructing a set of similar triangles.

This assessment will be a highlighter helper assessment meaning that students will have one opportunity to have the teacher highlight correct answers that have already been provided.

Introduction to congruent triangles in the last 30 minutes of class.

day-9—proving-triangles-congruent-notes-tal0rn      p.-13-Congruent-Tri-notes-2kec9xf

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of August 27

Monday, August 27 – Students will be able to determine relationships between angles created by parallel lines and transversals.


Warm up on interior and exterior angles

Check and go over homework

Notes on transversals and parallel lines

Practice with transversals and parallel lines

Here is a link to a video that demonstrates problems using parallel lines and transversal. It might help with the take home quiz.   https://youtu.be/rHL_sviMLG8


Tuesday, August 28– Students will be able to define a midsegment and use it’s properties to solve problems.


Notes on Midsegment Theorem

Midsegment theorem task

Practice midsegment theorem problems

The following video can supplement the classroom instruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V7r31WdyCA




Wednesday, August 29 – Students will be able to use properties of proportionality to solve problems.  Students will be able to demonstrate current knowledge of angle relationships in triangle and with parallel lines and a transversal.


Quiz on Angle Relationships

Start using proportions to solve for missing information review.


The following video can be used to supplement the in-class lesson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V7r31WdyCA

Early Release



Thursday, August 30 – Students will be able to solve for missing side lengths of triangles using properties of similar figures.


Check homework on proportions

Notes on similar triangles

Practice solving for missing lengths using similarity

The following video can be used to preview the lesson for today by watching it a head of time or to review the lesson if watched after.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVC5frp9Pkc




Friday, August 31 – Students will be able to dilate a given image bay a given scale factor.  Students will be able to identify the center of dilation if given the pre-image and image on a coordinate grid.


Skills check on midsegment theorem and triangle inequality (did not get to it on Wednesday)

Notes on dilations.

Construct a dilation of a triangle.

Dilations practice.

Dilations (1)-2064f2t


dilations-translations (1)-2e14k76


2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of August 20

Monday, August 20 – Students will be able to identify areas where improvement can be made on the transformation test.


Return and go over graded tests.

Remediate areas of weakness.

Work study guide

Translations-21pwh1y       CombinationsofTransformationsCwk-Hwk-xm2nr0         Reflections-1837uml Rotations-1k1k00b combinationsoftransformationskey-002-1awx313

Tuesday, August 21 – Students will be able to increase their original test score by a minimum of 10 %.

Agenda: Students will re-take Transformation Test

GU2ParentLetter2017-2gxt5pu            GU2StudentFriendlyStandards-1fb16h8

Wednesday, August 22 – Students will be able to identify parts of figures found in geometry.


Triangles task

This will be an introductory task for triangle properties.  This will not need to be made up if missed.


Thursday, August 23– Students will be able to demonstrate their current knowledge of geometry concepts.


Prerequisite skills assessment

Definitions of common vocabulary using classroom geometry books

practice on naming line segments, angles, lines…

Practice acute, right, and obtuse angles


Friday, August 24 – Students will be able to determine the measure of missing angles in triangles and exterior angles of triangles.


Review vocabulary/ chapter 1 review

Discuss finding a missing angle in a triangle

Practice finding angles

Exterior angles task

Discuss exterior angle relationships with interior angles

Practice finding exterior angles.

E.Geomwkst4.14.2-2iyau3o          E.Geomwkst4.14.2key-2hcqtwp  TrianglesAnglesunit2day1presentation-20240j5

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of August 13

Monday, August 13 – Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to rotate objects in the coordinate plane.  Students will remediate on transformations where needed.


Self check homework/ Ask questions

Rotations skills check

Learning Task: Introduction to Reflections, Translations, and Rotations

Small group assistance with individual types of transformations based on need.


Tuesday, August 14 – Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to complete rigid transformations in the coordinate plane.


Review concepts upon request.

Quiz on Translations, reflections, and rotations.

Notes on rotational symmetry and lines of symmetry


Wednesday, August 15 – Students will be able to identify lines of reflections and any rotational symmetry that an object may have.  Students will be able to identify transformations that would map an object back onto itself.


Return Quiz

Identify most missed questions and correct them.

Practice Rotational Symmetry

Discovery task for rotational symmetry and lines of symmetry.

Practice test like questions


Thursday, August 14 – Students will be able to identify a degree of rotational symmetry for a shape.


Return and go over graded quizzes.

Check and answer questions about homework

Rotational symmetry activity

Transformations anchor chart

Mixed practice

Start review for Wednesday’s test

Friday, August 15 – Students will be able to determine what topics need to be studied to be successful on their first test.


Check for homework completion.

Go over the review in detail

Use a Review PowerPoint to discuss topics


TransformationsConceptMap (1)-13f8jny

Unit5StudyGuide-2h7kqhh       Unit5StudyGuide3-1tr5bss          Unit5StudyGuide2-21cl365


2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of August 6

Monday, August 6 – Students will identify key vocabulary terms for geometry.


Students will work to complete the attached vocabulary project.

DUE: Tuesday 8/7 at the BEGINNING of class

Students will receive individual or small group instruction as needed based on teacher observation.

Tuesday, August 7 – Students will be able to identify types of transformations.



Transformation notes


Day-1—Transformations-Lab-1cn9ti1                IntrotoTransformations-2cfyygm TransformationsConceptMap-1tjv09n               congruenceandtransformations-2gsfrl0

Wednesday, August 8 -Students will be able to reflect objects on a coordinate grid by manipulating the x and y coordinates.


Review/practice translations

Finish notes on reflections

Mirror Image task

Reflections practice work for home work.

Reflections-Notes-2g0d1ya                                 ReflectionsandTranslationsHomework-2c5e3on

Thursday, August 9 – Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to translate and reflect objects in the coordinate plane.  Students will have organized notebooks.  Students will be able to rotate objects in the coordinate plane.

Agenda: Support

Self check homework/ ask questions if answers are wrong

Skills check on translations and reflections

Put together notebook

Preview Rotations via fill in the blank notes

Friday, August 10 – Students will be able to rotate objects in the coordinate plane using a graph or rotational rule.  Students will be able to apply multiple transformations to an object on the coordinate plane.


Self check homework and ask questions

Human rotations

More examples on Rotations

Practice rotations

Teacher demonstration of transformation composition

Practice applying and identifying multiple transformation on one object.

Introduce project

Rotations-Practice-1agd0a4                  TransformationsProject-1z3nx6x