3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of August 13

Please understand all is subject to actually getting books!  We will have a vocab quiz on Thursday – QUIZLET.

8/13 Monday

  1. WU6:  Colonization 2
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  America Revolution (causes)
  4. actv:  People Chart  colonization people chart-2dmhel8
    1. 1st pd:  did in lab
    2. 2nd – 3rd:  America Story of US:  Rebels2 -25 facts (due to NO TEXT BOOK)

8/14 Tuesday

  1. WU7:  Join or Die Snake Cartoon
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  American Revolution (causes / taxes)
  4. Visual Vocab – due today  visual vocabulary-24uw40w
  5. Review

8/15 Wednesday

  1. WU8:  Revolution review question
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  American Revolution Battles
  4. Actv:  George Washington- 1st American (video)

8/16 Thursday

  1. Vocab Quiz – See Mrs. Dickmann’s blog in special services for Quizlet
  2. Notes:  American Revolution Battles
  3. Actv:  Deceleration of Indp.  “break up letter”

8/17 Friday

  1. WU9:
  2. Notes:  Finish Revolution if needed / Forming a New Nation
  3. Actv: Lab all 3 classes:  taxation lab-1zmn61k

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of August 13

Monday, August 13 – Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to rotate objects in the coordinate plane.  Students will remediate on transformations where needed.


Self check homework/ Ask questions

Rotations skills check

Learning Task: Introduction to Reflections, Translations, and Rotations

Small group assistance with individual types of transformations based on need.


Tuesday, August 14 – Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to complete rigid transformations in the coordinate plane.


Review concepts upon request.

Quiz on Translations, reflections, and rotations.

Notes on rotational symmetry and lines of symmetry


Wednesday, August 15 – Students will be able to identify lines of reflections and any rotational symmetry that an object may have.  Students will be able to identify transformations that would map an object back onto itself.


Return Quiz

Identify most missed questions and correct them.

Practice Rotational Symmetry

Discovery task for rotational symmetry and lines of symmetry.

Practice test like questions


Thursday, August 14 – Students will be able to identify a degree of rotational symmetry for a shape.


Return and go over graded quizzes.

Check and answer questions about homework

Rotational symmetry activity

Transformations anchor chart

Mixed practice

Start review for Wednesday’s test

Friday, August 15 – Students will be able to determine what topics need to be studied to be successful on their first test.


Check for homework completion.

Go over the review in detail

Use a Review PowerPoint to discuss topics


TransformationsConceptMap (1)-13f8jny

Unit5StudyGuide-2h7kqhh       Unit5StudyGuide3-1tr5bss          Unit5StudyGuide2-21cl365


3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of August 6

Please be patient as we are getting text books and other items put into place.  Will update the blog daily if needed to help fill in info as needed.

For power point notes please scroll down to the 1st week of the unit.  There are some items that need to be added at the end, such as Constitution notes.

8/6:  Monday

  1. WU3
  2. discuss
  3. notes:  Colonization
  4. Salem video / lab (3rd pd. in the lab)

8/7:  Tuesday

  1. WU4
  2. discuss
  3. notes:  American Life during Colonization
  4. vocab
  5. review ?’s

8/8: Wednesday

  1. WU5
  2. discuss
  3. notes:  French and Indian War
  4. people chart
  5. Review ?’s tba

8/9:  Thursday

  1. WU6
  2. discuss
  3. notes:  French and Indian War / Revolution (Taxation)
  4. tba

8/10: Friday

  1. WU7
  2. discuss
  3. notes:  Revolution
  4. tba

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of August 6

Monday, August 6 – Students will identify key vocabulary terms for geometry.


Students will work to complete the attached vocabulary project.

DUE: Tuesday 8/7 at the BEGINNING of class

Students will receive individual or small group instruction as needed based on teacher observation.

Tuesday, August 7 – Students will be able to identify types of transformations.



Transformation notes


Day-1—Transformations-Lab-1cn9ti1                IntrotoTransformations-2cfyygm TransformationsConceptMap-1tjv09n               congruenceandtransformations-2gsfrl0

Wednesday, August 8 -Students will be able to reflect objects on a coordinate grid by manipulating the x and y coordinates.


Review/practice translations

Finish notes on reflections

Mirror Image task

Reflections practice work for home work.

Reflections-Notes-2g0d1ya                                 ReflectionsandTranslationsHomework-2c5e3on

Thursday, August 9 – Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to translate and reflect objects in the coordinate plane.  Students will have organized notebooks.  Students will be able to rotate objects in the coordinate plane.

Agenda: Support

Self check homework/ ask questions if answers are wrong

Skills check on translations and reflections

Put together notebook

Preview Rotations via fill in the blank notes

Friday, August 10 – Students will be able to rotate objects in the coordinate plane using a graph or rotational rule.  Students will be able to apply multiple transformations to an object on the coordinate plane.


Self check homework and ask questions

Human rotations

More examples on Rotations

Practice rotations

Teacher demonstration of transformation composition

Practice applying and identifying multiple transformation on one object.

Introduce project

Rotations-Practice-1agd0a4                  TransformationsProject-1z3nx6x

3rd Hour – US History – Coach Storey

Important Dates:

Colonization – Constitution Vocab Quiz:  Aug. 16

Colonization – Constitution Unit Test:  Aug. 23

Colonization – Constitution Touchstone: Aug. 31

Welcome to Fall 2018!  Below is basic 1st week information etc.


Pacing Guide:


This Week (be patient until we figure out books etc.)

8/1:  Wednesday

  1. TLS forms/ placement
  2. Welcome / Intro
  3. Expectations & procedures – syllabus / pacing guide
  4. Notes:  Exploration – see below for power points etc.  Will be explained day 1
  5. Pre “test” activity

8/2: Thursday

  1. WU1
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  Exploration / Colonization
  4. Activity (tba)
  5. Video:  America Story of Us “Rebels”

8/3: Friday

  1. WU2
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  Colonization
  4. Colonies map
  5. LAB:  set up USA test prep etc.
  6. Vocab?  depends on if we can etc (3rd pd. will have to go on Monday due to lab signed out)





French and Indian War



  • more to come, there is some loading issues at the moment.  Will add the Constitution info asap