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     Hello students and parents  and welcome to Marketing here at Harrison High School for the 2018-19 school year.  This blog will be your go to source for paper documents such as the syllabus, important notes and unit/lesson plans. We have two different Marketing Pathways here; Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Marketing and Management.  Please see the chart below for a visual representation of how the classes flow.


     I have moved the interactive portion of this blog to Social Media.  Below are the links to my class Facebook and Twitter pages.  Please follow them for a more communicative and interactive experience and to get an inside view on our classes.

Marketing Classes Facebook Page

Marketing Classes Twitter Page


     This is my 8th year at Harrison as a teacher and 10th year as a basketball coach.    My education history consists of a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Kennesaw State University  and Education Certification from Georgia State University.  Additionally, I am the co-adviser/sponsor for the DECA club and The Hole In The Wall (school store), here at Harrison.  I was born and raised in Cobb County, so I am certainly a native.  I have been married to my wife, Christy, for 24 years and we have two amazing daughters, both are Harrison graduates. 

     Before becoming a teacher, I navigated the shark infested waters of Corporate America middle and upper management.  I spent 17 years in that arena and I love to pass my experiences, successes and “opportunities” on to my students.  In addition to being an educator, I am an author.   My first book was published in April of 2016.  The book, titled Until It’s All Over, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.  The follow up to that work, Bending Heaven’s Will, is also now available on the same sites.

Here are the links to my 2018-2019 classes:

Marketing Principles (Level 1)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing (Level 2)  

Advanced Sports & Entertainment Marketing (Level 3)




Harrison now offers two different Marketing Pathways for students to choose from, SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING and MARKETING & MANAGEMENT.  Students can earn concentration certification and a Career Tech (CTAE) cord to wear at graduation by complete one or both pathways.  In addition, students who take all 5 Marketing Classes are eligible to take a 6th class which is Harrison’s Sports Information Department.

The Sports Information Department is in charge of all aspects of sports publicity, history, and statistics for Harrison High School’s Athletic Department. Other responsibilities include overseeing the athletics department’s publications, partnering with the school’s website and social media pages and assisting in coordinating activities for home athletics contests.  In addition, the SID specialists accumulate and maintain data for all Harrison sporting events, past and present.




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