Unit 2

Unit 2 quiz will be 2/1/17 Elements quiz will be 2/3/17 (Name, Symbol and Atomic Number for elements 1-38) Unit 2 Test will be 2/7/17 Here is the power point we went over in class for Atomic Theory History of the Atomic Theory  

Unit 1 Test

Unit 1 test is tomorrow! It will cover: lab safety, equipment, classification of matter (element/compound/homogeneous mixture/heterogeneous mixture), chemical and physical change, chemical and physical properties (including intensive vs extensive properties), endothermic and exothermic processes, significant figures, calculations with significant figures, scientific notation and density calculations. I wanted to give you some places to reference in … [Read more…]

Homework 8/4

HW today: Complete the POGIL from class Calculate the percent yield for each product recovered from lab. (In your lab notebook)Each sample contained 2.50 g of sand, 1.25 g of salt and 1.25 g of iron. Write a conclusion paragraph (using scientific vocabulary) that contains the following:  restates the purpose of the lab briefly summarize … [Read more…]


Welcome back to school! I hope you had a wonderful summer! I am very excited about the upcoming semester and getting to work with each of you. I will be updating my blog with important information regarding your class. I have set up a REMIND account for BOTH courses. This will allow me to send you … [Read more…]