Sept. 20th

Tomorrow is International Peace Day!  We are celebrating by wearing 60’s clothes or peace symbol attire.  In Guidance last week we learned “Peace Rules” to use when solving problems.  We will completing a special activity with these rules.


Also, I have a game that your children can use to learn the responsibilities for each branch of government, so if your child can come in tomorrow and tell me some of the responsibilities for the branches, I will give them a Great job!

Here are the spelling words for after the break.

Unusual plural nouns                  

wolf wolves goose geese
knife knives man men
half halves child children

Asked, before, because

Sept. 19th


We are learning about the 3 branches of government.  There is a youtube video called The Three Branches of Government Rap

We watched it several times today and the class loved it.  As always with the internet, please monitor what your kids watch.  Make sure the link goes to the correct site.  They can use

review the 3 branches, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.   The username is kincaides and the password is brainpop.

Sept. 13th

International Day of Peace

Friday, September 21st

 Next Friday, September 21 is the International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”).  Peace Day is observed around the world each year on September 21. Established in 1981 by a unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.  To celebrate this wonderful day, Kincaid staff and students are participating in several activities.

  • Teachers will be delivering lessons and activities to promote kindness and acceptance.
  • Students and staff are encouraged to wear “Peace” themed clothes to school. Break out your tye-dyes, headbands, bellbottoms etc. to celebrate peace at Kincaid and in our larger world.
  • Rausch will create “Pinwheels for Peace” with all students to display outside on the front lawn.  These pinwheels will be put out on the afternoon of September 20th. You and your student are welcome to view the display on the evening of September 20th or on September 21st.

Sept. 7th

We had a great few days of testing.  I felt like everyone tried their best!  Thank you for the extra snacks!  We start the IOWA next Thursday.  Those test are more difficult and require a longer testing period.  Your little ones will be exhausted on testing days.

I want to make sure everyone knows the homework journal expectations.  Please review the parent letter in the front of the journal and look at the summary paragraph.  Your child should be writing a summary paragraph on a book that they read at home.  They need to include the title of the book and write at least 5-8 sentences in the summary.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.  We discussed expectations again today, and looked at great examples.  Everyone should know exactly what to do for next Friday.  Please have your child keep their journal in their backpack, so they always have it.

Next week’s units of study:

Math- multiplication and division strategies

Science- 3 types of soil, and layers of soil   search soil to learn about layers of soil

Reading- figurative language

Writing- narrative

Grammar- possessive nouns  choose the category words to learn about similes and possessive nouns

Spelling- plural ending with ys or ies

valleys trays ladies candies
toys journeys fireflies stories
duties parties

Frequently misspelled words: about, again, always, another, around

soil choice board:  Optional- If you choose to complete one turn in by Sept 21st

Soil Poem or Song:

Write a poem or song about soil.  Why is soil important and why do we appreciate soil?  It can be information as well as entertaining.


Do further research on MacInvia and present your findings in an interesting way – poster, diagram, bulleted list, or anything you choose

Report Writing:

Research and write a report explaining the three types of soil.  You should include information about color, texture, water retention, and uses.

Power Point:

Make a power point with images and labels for different types of soil.   You might want to include what the soils are used for in the real world.


 Choice Board

 Soil Poster:

Research different types of soil using MacInvia and make a chart or poster.  You should include what makes the type of soil and an illustration or drawing.  You can also include what grows best in which type of soil.

Comic strip creator:

Make up a funny comic strip about life in the soil.  Try to include facts we have learned in the unit as part of your story.

Soil Art:

Make a drawing or a labeled diagram of life in the soil.  Include the three layers of soil including bedrock, subsoil, and topsoil.

Creative Writing Author:

Write a short story about an event that happened to something that lives in the soil – maybe a bug or a worm.  Think of a clever way to make your story share something about the unit.

Sept. 4th

“I am so proud of our class, we had the second highest attendance in the entire school for the month of August. We love being attendance H.E.R.O.’s!

Thank you for having your student…



Ready to Learn


We will choose a class reward to celebrate!

August 31st

Dear Parents,

I hope you have a great, long weekend.  We start testing next week on Wednesday.  We have been doing some practice questions in class to help them prepare.  Next week will be a continuation of all the units we’ve already started.  The only new one will be types of soil in science.  Your child can go on to learn about soil.

I want to congratulate the following students for changing levels in Education Galaxy.  Sean and Chase are now Star Racers.  Sydney, Alex, Neriah, and Brayden are Space Robots!

Thanks for all you do to support our class!


August 23rd

Dear Parents,

I am out tomorrow so here are next weeks spelling words.  Also, please remember to sign and send in the Performing Arts form tomorrow.  The class will earn compliment letters if everyone has it returned.  We have our first spelling test tomorrow, so please make sure they completed their activities and they have studied.


Spelling pattern- plural nouns regular and irregular

branches splashes places sheep
scratches crashes changes deer
churches fish

Words to know- character, August, subtraction, addition, attributes

All of your kids received a science choice menu sheet today.  If your child would like to do an extra project for science, then they can choose an activity to complete by next Friday August 31stThis is optional, so they do not have to do it unless they want to, or you want them to complete one.

I want to congratulate Sean Henry and Alex Popa for moving up to “Space Robot” in Education Galaxy!  I am so proud of the class for working hard!

I appreciate all you do to support our class,


August 17th

Dear Parents,

We began working on Education Galaxy today.  This weekend your child can go to skills practice to work multiplication or in my study plan and complete lessons on rounding or addition and subtraction.  Our class was mentioned on the morning news today as one to the top participates for the school.  I am so proud of their enthusiasm and effort.

We are beginning our science unit on rocks and minerals.  These are some sites your child can visit to learn more and to view types of rocks.  As always, please log on to sites with your children to make sure they are in the correct place and it’s appropriate. – click on mineral gallery to view pictures.  There are videos too, but please watch with your child.

August 10th

Dear Parents,

We had a fabulous week.  We earned our first “Gold” star in the cafeteria for great behavior, and we earned our first “COMPLIMENT” reward.  The class voted for electronic game day.  I will give them a special time next Thursday to use their device in class.  If you don’t want your child to bring a device, then I will have school ipads and laptops available to use.  The class is very excited!!

Academics this week:

Social St.- we will test on map skills Monday.  Use to review.  We will begin learning about civic responsibilities this week.  We will using the GA weekly studies provided by the county.  I will be sending a login soon.

Math- review rounding through homework, work on adding with regrouping strategies, missing number, and how adding and subtracting are related.

Grammar/writing- plural and singular nouns, begin personal narratives

Reading- ask answer questions using the RAP strategy, review summarizing , and character traits

Brainpop Jr. can be used to review nouns, map skills, and rounding.  username: kincaides password:brainpop

New web based program is

User name and password is taped inside your child’s green folder.  They can practice at home the rounding lesson in the purple- my study section.

We have our open house Thursday night starting at 6:30.  It would be great if at least one parent from each household could attend.  I will go over AR expectations, homework,  Education Galaxy, and more.

Thanks for all you do to support our class!


August 3rd

We made it through the first week of school!  I am so proud of our class for learning the routine quickly.  Please make sure you sign and send in the Family Information Guide that was in the Cobb County folder.  I have to have one from each child.

Here’s what we will be learning next week.  In math we will begin learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten’s and hundred’s place.  Your child can go to  and type rounding into the search bar to watch the video.  The login is username: kincaides  password: brainpop.  We will review using place value,  and vocabulary all week.

In Language Arts we will work on writing personal narratives, types of nouns, and summarizing.

In social studies we are learning and reviewing map skills.  We will learn how to use longitude and latitude to locate places on a map.

I have enjoyed your children these first few days.  I can tell we are going to have a great year!