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Happy New Year-January News

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Our holiday party was a huge success.  The kids enjoyed making reindeer food, making blizzards, and of course decorating cupcakes.  Thank you for making donations for all these fun things to happen.  Our room mom, Mrs. Mazier did a wonderful job coordinating details with parents and I thank her for all her help.

Thank you very much for the Christmas presents.  They were so thoughtful and greatly appreciated.

January Happenings:

  • Jan. 5-   Report Cards home (please sign and return the white envelope)
  • Monday, Jan. 8-Jan.12 (Toasty Toes Sock Drive)
  • Monday, Jan. 15- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day-No School!
  • Thursday, Jan. 18- Family, Fun, and Fitness Night
  • Tuesday, Jan. 23- 100th Day of  School (Information to come)

Six Flag Reading Logs will be sent home this week.  This will be your log for January and February.


It is important that all students get to breakfast in the morning.  They will make students return to class at 7:40.

I will let you know when we have our next Media Center visit.!

Have a good week



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December News


Wow!! We really got some snow.  I hope all of you were able to keep your power and able to enjoy the snow this weekend.  I was able to talk to a lot of you on Friday to confirm how your child was getting home.  Hope you all made it home safely.

I just wanted to get you updated on some current events.

We will be rescheduling our Be a Better Brave “Dance Party” Celebration due to Friday’s early dismissal.  I will let you know when that date will be when it is announced.

If you would like to help support our Be a Better Brave initiative, you can check out

  • SMENCILS..they are in demand! The students love the  smencils.  These will be on sale again after the holidays.  I will let you know when the dates are announced.  They go fast!
  • Winter clothing- The temperatures have dropped and more clothing has started coming in.  Please remind your child of the belongings they are coming to school with..I tell them to put their scarves, mittens, and if jacket fits into their backpacks.  It can be even more helpful if their names were put on a tag in their jackets.  There are a lot of our children in ASP and things can be misplaced easily when going to different locations.
  • Snack donations needed-  Thank you for sending in snack donations.  We are currently out.  If you are able to send any in, we would greatly appreciate it.  We are a peanut free classroom.
  • Media Center- I sent a note home about our visits to the media center.  We encourage your child to keep their book in their back packs.  I will put a note in the folders letting you know when we will be go to the Media Center.


Holiday Party

Our Holiday Party is on Thursday (Dec.14th) at 11:00-12:00. We are doing a book exchange.  Please send in a wrapped book for your child to participate in this fun  activity.  Please label A for anyone, B for Boy, or G for Girl.  Any extras are also appreciated too.  Thank you!

Report Cards are coming soon.  I will be assessing the students on their Second Quarter standards in the days to come. Report Cards go home after we return from Holiday Break.

Upcoming Events:

Dec.11-15  Angel Tree (Information went home in folders)

Dec.12- Nickajack Spirit Night at Wade’s

Dinner and a Movie featuring How the Grinch Stole Christmas @ 5:30 and Elf @ 7:15

Write and drop off letters to Santa and make your own ornaments

Dec. 14  Holiday Party (11:00-12:00)

Dec. 19  Early Release (2 hours early)

Dec. 20  Early Release and Last day  (2 hours early)

Dec.21-Jan.3  Winter Holidays

Jan. 4-Students return


Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday,

Ms. Estrada


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November News


Today marks the halfway mark for Quarter 2.  Time is moving fast.  I gave you all a sheet at conferences letting you know what the standards are for this quarter to refer to as we moved forward.  We send home the contents in  their cubbies for you to take out, look at,  and keep.  Please return the folders marked Classwork Folders so we can continue using them this year.

Updates and Reminders:

  • Nov. 6- SMENCILS ARE BACK! they will be $1.oo. They will be smelling them after the bell rings in the morning
  • Nov.13-17 Book Fair (Information on sheet in folder)
  • Food Drive- Nov. 6-14
  • Nov. 14th-Friends and Family Luncheon (K-1)
    • We will be at tables 1 and 2 (the paper sent home says different
  • Nov. 20-24 Thanksgiving Break

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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October News


It was great to see all of you during conference week!

I wanted to update you on a few things..

  • We just finished up Red Ribbon Week
    • Monday-Be Kind! We wrote kind notes to a friend
    • Tuesday-Be Respectful! Say please and thank you
    • Wednesday- Be Positive! Say something positive to a friend
    • Thursday-Be Healthy-Eat fruits and veggies
    • Friday-Be a Role Model-Model excellent behavior in our hallways
  • Pictures went home last Monday…they were all so great!

Upcoming dates

Oct. 30th-Dress up like a character of a book day

Nov. 1-Media Center for check-out

Nov. 7th- Student Holiday

Nov. 14th- Friends and Family Luncheon for K-1

Nov. 20-24- Thanksgiving Break

Temperatures are up and down these days.  I am encouraging students to put their coats, jackets, gloves in their book bag upon arrival.  Please if you can to encourage them to do the same..also it would help to put their names in their jackets.

Thank you for sending in extra snacks. The donations are appreciated.

Some needs for our classroom are

  • crayons
  • hand sanitizer – not soap (we have plenty)
  • wide rolls of masking tape (we really need)

Sight word challenge to come soon…

Please continue to practice..Student need to know at least 14 by Second Quarter’s end.  If you need a copy of the words, please let me know.

Have a Wonderful Week!

Ms. Estrada

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End of First Quarter

Happy Fall Parents,

It is hard to believe we have finished a quarter already.  I am looking forward to meeting with you all next week for conferences.  Report cards will be distributed at our conference time.

I just wanted to touch base with you on a few things and hopefully answer any questions you might have too.

  • Daily folders- Please note your child’s transportation home and if they have a club.  On Fridays, the new weekly log for the next week is underneath so if you could note Monday’s transportation for us that would be great.  Thank you
  • Homework- Is not required..The packet that is sent home at the beginning of the month is due at the end of the month along with the reading log.  We are hoping that the work is something that you can interact, listen, and or help your child with, but again not required.
  • Weather Changes- As the weather starts to get cooler, jackets and more clothing starts to appear.  Please put your child’s name somewhere on the coats.  We encourage students to put their sweatshirts and or jackets in their bags to keep track
  • Media Center- We try to get to check out once a week, but sometimes the schedule does not always have space.  I will put a note in the daily folder of when we will go next.
  • Snacks- Thank you for making donations for snacks.  We greatly appreciate it.  There are some that need some or just forget so it is nice to have some on hand.  We do have a student who is allergic to peanuts so if you could please be sensitive to this and not send in any peanut items. Thank you so much!
  • Conferences-  I will send home a reminder the day before your conference. We are on a tight schedule and I want to make sure everyone has their time so being on time would be appreciated.  I know sometimes parking can be an issue so I do understand.


October 13- Fall Festival (starting at 6 pm)

Oct. 16-20  Conferences (Students will be dismissed 2 hours early) We will not be doing snack due to early release and eating early.  ASP is still an option even though dismissed early.

Oct.30  Book Character Dress Up

Oct.31  Costumes are not allowed


Thanks for all you do and hope you have a good rest of the week




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September News

Hope you are all having a wonderful week

There are a few things I wanted to get you up to date on.

Our Morning Workout day has changed to Fridays.  This starts at 7:20-7:45.  The students that eat breakfast, will need to eat breakfast before attending workouts.  All students must come to class first before their workouts as well.

We had our first visit to the Media Center last week.  The students had an orientation with our Media Specialist and then were able to check out.  I do look at the book before they check out because sometimes they pick ones that are too difficult.  This past time, I let them get one of their choice even it was a little difficult and said they could have someone read it to them. We are going tomorrow for check out..sorry the late notice, but it was the only spot for quite awhile for us to go as  a class. Please have your child keep the book in their book bag so it does not get mixed with class books or lost.

Last week the Classwork folders started going home. Please remove students work and send the folder back.  Thank you to those who have already done so.

Daily Folders- On Fridays,  there will be a new sheet for the next week underneath. Please fill out your child’s Monday transportation.  Thank you to many of your for putting your child’s club down.

Progress Reports will be going home on September 7th.  There will be two copies. Please keep the top one for you and your records and returned the second one signed for my records. Please do not panic if you see something highlighted.  This is the half way mark for the quarter not the end of the quarter.  There is time for things to be worked on and its just better to be identified what things your child might need help with..

Please put your child’s name in their coats. The temperatures will start dropping before we know it and I know these jackets are things you have purchased and will be needed



Sept. 8th- Come celebrate the Diversity of our School Community!

Join us for Multi-Cultural Night this Friday from 6-8


Things Needed:

We could really use extra snacks. Thank you to those that have sent some in..I  just do not want any child without something to eat. It is typically only a few that do not bring one in so a lot is not needed.

Thank you for all you do and have a good rest of the week


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Quick Notes

Just a few quick reminders…all the after school clubs are starting and I want to make sure your child gets to where they need to be so please note in their daily folders when they have a club.

Thursday morning workouts start this week.  This is when the kids can go to the gym from 7:20-7:45 to exercise with other Kindergarten students.  They do enjoy the time.  The students must come to class first and go to breakfast and after that time permitting they may go join the morning exercise.

This Friday is our Football Friday.  We can all wear the football jersey of our choice and we have some special Dad’s coming in to read to our classes.  I sent home some information on this last week.

I will be sending your child’s work in a new folder this week.  It is a labeled classwork folder and please take out your child’s work and return the folder.

Upcoming dates:

Sept. 4- No School (Labor Day)

Sept. 8- Multi-Cultural Night

Enjoy your three day weekend,

Ms. Estrada

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Week of August 28


Hope you all had a good week and were able to enjoy the Solar Eclipse.  We did some fun activities.  We had Oatmeal Pies and Sun Chips.  We also did a Solar Eclipse craft too.  We were able to watch it on our SMART Board with access to the Weather Channel.

I sent home another sheet about the extras at lunch and I hope the wording was not confusing as it says do not sell the extras.  I will assume unless I received the sheet back stating no, that your child can get extras through the line.

Thank you for the extra snacks you all have sent in for our snack box.  The students mostly have snacks every day, but there are times some of them do not so it is nice to have extras.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Ms. Estrada 🙂

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New News


It was great seeing so many of you at Open House.  I know we spoke about the extras at lunch and I will be sending home the parent consent letter again, as I know some of you have changed your minds.  The extras start on Monday (August 21) and it will be ice cream.

I will also be sending home the Performing Arts form again.  Thank you for inquiring…

As you know the Solar Eclipse is coming up and paperwork has been sent home..Our school will not be going outside for this and our day will be 45 minutes longer.   I sent home a sheet asking if you were going to check out your child early just so we know and are prepared to have him/her ready to go home. Please return as soon as possible.

Classwork will be sent home by the end of next week.  I ordered folders and I am waiting for them to come in and will label them and get your child’s work home.  Please take out the contents and return the folder to school.

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Welcome to Kindergarten

Hello Parents,

First and foremost, I am so happy to be your child’s teacher this year. It was great to meet all of you at our Meet and Greet.  Thank you all for coming and bringing school supplies.  We have had a wonderful start and these students are ready to learn.. I am so impressed with their efforts and being such big boys and girls,  starting school.  I know it may have been difficult to say good bye that first day and maybe a few days to follow, but they have really done a good job coming in and learning the routines of our morning.  Thank you for letting them walk to class on their own on “Independence Day”. They did a fantastic job.  I was able to meet most all of our parents and thank you for reading about our classroom. The daily red folder is very important and thank you for circling transportation and signing it daily.

I will be uploading all of your email addresses that you provided so I can send emails to you about important things from our class.

Next week: August 8th- Open House 6:00-7:45

PTA will start the night out from 6:00-6:30

Then my classroom from 6:45-7:45.

I look forward to seeing you all then.

Have a good rest of the week!


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