Weekly Reading Logs

Reading logs are due every Monday.  Students should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.  They should fill out the reading log with 3 complete sentences about what they have read, start and end page numbers and have a parent signature for each night of the week.  If we are out of school then the reading log is due on Tuesday.  These reading logs are graded so be sure to turn them in!


The end of the first 9 weeks is  approaching.  I will be sending letters home so that we can schedule conferences.  I will also email letters as well if your email has changed please get that to me as soon as possible.  You will find time slots for you to sign up for conferences.  I look forward to seeing you during conference week!!!

Ms. Harmon

Welcome to Ms. Harmon’s 8th Grade Reading Class!!!

My name is Keziah Harmon, I am from New York City.  I have been in Atlanta, Georgia for 17 years.  I have been teaching for over 10 years.  I knew from a very young age that my passion was in teaching. When it comes to the education of our children, I am very serious and dedicated to ensure they get the proper education due to them.


I am very excited to be working with your children this year.  One of the programs we will be using to develop your child’s individual reading skills is READ 180.  This program has proven to be a very effective tool to adolescent learners.  I am looking forward to working with your child this year at Tapp Middle School.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.


Keziah Harmon, M.Ed

8th Grade Reading Teacher

Tapp Middle School


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