December 2-6

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! I enjoyed spending time with my kids and family.  We stayed busy with fun activities and are ready for the holidays! It’s hard to believe we have 3 short weeks left before Winter Break.  We will have LOTS going on so make sure to check my BLOG each week for updates and events.

Upcoming Events

Dec. 2 – Dec. 10–Giving Bags: MBES community outreach tradition. Many families attending our sister schools rely heavily on school provided breakfast and lunch, and when schools break for holidays. these families lack the food and necessities needed on a daily basis.  During the December 10 TPV, each classroom will prepare a Giving Bag complete with such necessities.  Our hope is 100% child participation and we need your help to do it.

December 6 Market Day!!! Please feel free to come watch your child sell their products in our mini-economy! 7:50-8:45am

December 6 Last day of Fact Clubs

December 10 TPV 11:15-1:15

December 13 Cobb Parks and Recreation in house field trip

December 18-Classroom Holiday Party!  All parents are invited to attend! 12:30-1:15

December 19 Early Release Day

December 20 Early Release Day

What We Are Learning….

Math–For the remainder of this 9 weeks we are focusing on division and 1-step multiplication/division word problems. For fact fluency this week we will have a quiz of the facts we have already learned (0, 1, 2, 5, 10). Next 9 weeks we will focus on multiplication facts for 3, 6, 9–these are much harder!

Reading-Finishing cause/effect and moving into autobiographies for the end of the 9 weeks.  Please make sure that you are completing the Reading Log in the back of your child’s binder.  They are responsible for recording the minutes and what they read, but please help them add total minutes and sign at the end of each month.  Your child will earn $20 in Gorman bucks for the completed logs.

Social Studies- Native American tribes.  Studying the different tribes (Artic, Northwestern, Northeastern, South Eastern, Plains, South Western) and looking at the differences in clothing, shelter, and food.

Grammar- subject/verb agreement

Voyage Trait of the Month:  KINDNESS

Kindness is caring about the well-being of others around you. Our first action point is KINDNESS IS UNDERSTANDING THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS. We will focus on this in our classroom this week and talk about the word EMPATHY.  This is such an important trait, behavior, quality to possess and emulate towards others.  Our classroom motto is BE KIND, we talk about this on a daily basis.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Week of November 18

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This month is FLYING by! I can’t believe it is almost time for Thanksgiving Break.

This week….

Monday–Library checkout

Tuesday–1/2 day Target

Wednesday-Library Lesson with Mrs. Kindchy.  The class started their project last week.  They are researching a Native American tribe and writing a poem describing what the tribe wore, ate, and homes they lived in.

Thursday–Finishing Native American project with Mrs. Kindchy

Friday–STEM DAY! We will complete a STEM project in our classroom from 12:30-1:40.  If you have any shoeboxes please send them in for the project.

What We are Learning..

Writing–We hope to finish our first informational writing piece by Friday. The class is currently using their checklists and rubrics to edit and revise. We are going to add non-fiction text features to our writing piece this week.

Reading–In our strategy groups this week we will focus on the text structure of cause and effect.

Grammar–Suffixes (how adding a suffix changes the meaning of a word:  er/or, ly, ful, less)

Math–Distributive property of multiplication 8x5= (8x3)+(8x2) = 24+16=40

Social Studies–For the next several weeks we will be studying the many different Native American tribes of North America and learning about how each tribe was different based on what they wore, ate, types of home, languages. One thing they did have in common was that they settled near water. The students must understand the reasons why they settled by water (transportation, food, water, bathing, natural resource)

Week of November 11

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Upcoming Events:
Monday, November 11th
VETERAN’S DAY–Please have your child wear red, white, and blue Monday.  We will be honoring Veteran’s with a school wide parade throughout the halls of Mt. Bethel.
5th Grade Acts of Kindness Kickoff – Speaker from CCYA in LC

Tuesday, November 12th
5th Grade Acts of Kindness – Books for Brumby

Wednesday, November 13th
5th Grade Acts of Kindness – Packing Toiletries for Simple Needs GA

Thursday, November 14th – WEAR BLUE – NATIONAL DIABETES DAY
5th Grade Acts of Kindness – Positive Posters

Friday, November 15th
5th Grade Acts of Kindness – Pajama Challenge! Bring $1, Wear PJ’s!

This Week:

Math–Finding the area of a rectangle.  This week we will be focusing on solving real world word problems using area. Also, I will introduce a fun project where each child will get to design their own dream playground on grid paper.

Reader’s Workshop–The class will focus on becoming “experts” on the nonfiction book they are reading.  They will have to teach other classmates about their topic by determining and explaining the main idea and supporting detail of the text.

Grammar–Prefixes (re-, pre-, un-, dis-, mis-) The class will learn that by adding a prefix to a root word it changes the meaning of the word and creates a new one. Ex: heat-preheat, understood-misunderstood)

Writer’s Workshop–We are working hard on completing our first informational essay.  The class will be focusing on making sure their paragraphs ‘connect like a chain’. They will be using their third grade checklist to make sure their writing is strong and meeting third grade goals.

Social Studies–Map Skills (locating and identifying major US rivers and mountain ranges)

Deck of Cards

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We are studying area this week.  We will be using cards to create rectangles and figure out their area.  I have several decks of cards, but not enough for each student.  If you could please have your child bring in a deck of cards tomorrow for math this week I would be very appreciative! THANK YOU


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Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had a great time at the running the 1-mile FUN RUN with Kellen on Saturday morning. I was happy to see so many students from our class there–Robbie, Alan, Griffin, Grant, Charlie, Jacey, even though it was freezing! Canon won for 3rd grade in the mile and Charlie ran the 5k! So impressive! Great job to all those runners!

This Week…

Monday-MBES Spirit Night at Tijuana Joe’s! Let’s be honest, no one wants to cook on a Monday night! Go get some chips and cheese dip and support our school!

Tuesday–NO SCHOOL (Election Day)

Thursday–Disguised Turkey’s are due.  We will share them with the class and hang them in the hall! There will not be any other homework this week.

Friday–Breakfast with Dad 6:30-7:15am

In the classroom…..

Math–I will be introducing how to find the area (l x w) of a rectangle this week

Reader’s Workshop–Understanding the main idea vs. topic.  Using non-fiction text features to quickly find information

Writer’s Workshop–Expanding our informational essays with detail to make it more interesting for the reader (not just listing facts)

Grammar–Finishing up irregular past tense verbs (write-wrote, see-saw, eat-ate)

Science–Monday is our Science Day! We will be experimenting, observing and investigating weather and erosion and fossils!

Social Studies–Maps (locating the major rivers of the USA and mountain ranges)



Last Week of October…how is this possible?!?!

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I can’t believe I have been teaching for almost 2 months now! Time is flying by!

This is the LAST week to donate to our amazing Foundation.  I am a MBES parent too, so I just made my donation for my son (1st-Mullins) because I want him to continue to have all these enriching resources provided by the Foundation. I just checked and our class is at 50%.  Let’s be ALL IN and donate to our Foundation who does SO MUCH for our school. Just a few programs/resources they fund: Kagan training for staff, Seesaw app (don’t you love seeing what your child is doing at school), STEM teacher, The Voyage (our Character program that highlights important character traits, ex: cooperation, honesty, perseverance), the turf on the back playground, FACT clubs, OG training K-2nd, 2 full STEM days, plus so much more!

This Week……

Reading–Last week we began our unit on non-fiction.  The class really liked starting a new genre.  This week we are diving into main idea and detail in an informational text.  I introduced it last week and realized we need to spend some time really focusing on identifying the main idea and not just stating the topic.

Writing–This week the students will use their table of contents they created and start expanding their ‘boxes and bullets’ into paragraphs for their writing piece.

Math–Continuing with multiplication and division by introducing the inverse operation (2 x 6=12, 12 divided by 2 = 6), 1 step word problems with multiplication and division, and multiplying by 10 and multiples of 10 (30 x 2, 40 x 5).  For the next 2 weeks we will be assessing multiplication fluency for 10s facts.

Science–We’ll finish up weathering and erosion and begin studying fossils.

Grammar–Verb tenses–past, present, future, irregular (walk-walked, walks, will walk. irregular–write, wrote)

Handwriting–Last week we finished up our manuscript handwriting and this week we finally get to start cursive!

Market Day is THURSDAY!! Our class will be spending, spending, spending money!!! Please send in a bag for your child to keep all their purchases in as they go from room to room.

We could use some Clorox wipes for our class! We like to write on our desks with Expo markers during math and the desks get so dirty! Also, with the weather changing and soon to be getting colder, I’d like to keep our room sanitized from germs!! Thank you!

A Note from the New Student Teacher in Music……

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Dear Parents,

Hello! My name is Teresa Sheppard and I’m very excited to be at Mt. Bethel this year in Mrs. Gardner’s music classroom as her student teacher, part-time this fall and full time in the spring! I’m a senior in Music Education at Kennesaw State.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be getting a form with the KSU logo and my name on it. It will ask for your permission before I take any videos of lessons I teach in the music classroom. These videos, along with a few student work samples, are required as part of my teacher training program at KSU, so I’m extremely grateful to you for getting this form back to your child’s 3rd grade teachers, with a “yes” or “no” from you.

Please note that these videos will not be posted online; they are strictly for the purpose of KSU’s evaluation of my teaching.

Thanks so much!

Week of October 21

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Thank you parents for coming in last week and meeting with me to discuss the progress of your child this year! It was so nice meeting all of you…finally! I have to say that I think I have the best parents at Mt. Bethel!

I am beyond THRILLED to start fresh this 9 weeks and move on to fun new topics!

This Week….

Reading–We our starting our new Lucy Calkins study Reading to Learn:  Grasping Main Ideas and Text Structures.  We will be revving up our reading and getting excited about informational texts.  Main focus this week is main idea and detail. Please encourage your child to keep reading chapter books at home too.  It doesn’t mean that we have to stop reading fiction books for fun and enjoyment!

Writing–We are excited to start our informational writing unit (Lucy Calkins).  This week the students picked their topics, taught their topics to their peers, and will begin their table of contents.  They will use their table of contents this week as a guide to write their essays.

Science–Erosion and Weathering

Grammar–Verbs (action words)

We also had a wonderful OG lesson taught by Mrs.Glickman and I was able to receive training, so I am eager to begin teaching it this week!

Math–Division as equal sharing in groups (look for homework Monday and Wednesday night). Also, we had our first fluency test in multiplication (2s facts) and everyone did great!  We will have one more Friday.  An excellent site for fact practice is Hit the Button. The class can practice their multiplication facts one fact group at a time.  They LOVE it!!





Does Your Child Love LEGOS?!

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2nd-12th Save the Date! Lego Build Competition at Acworth ES on November 15
Students 2nd grade through high school are invited to participate in this competition. Students are given Lego Mixel sets and then build for speed and accuracy; many prizes awarded! $10 entry fee supports Cobb STEM. Registration will open soon and be available on This engaging event is sponsored by Cobb EMC.