Week of 2/26-3/2

Hellooo Scholars & Parents!! We have finished the Invisible Man (novel) and transitioning into reading the new novel Lord of the Flies. Book Reports are due Friday, March 2, 2018 so there were no additional homework assignments given in order for students to finalize reports and prepare for presentations. Happy Learning!!!!!!

Week 14 of Learning 11/6-11/10

Hellooo Parents & Scholars!!! Stay Tuned as we are covering “Cause & Effect” this week in class….. REMINDER, There will be a Multicultural festival held here at Campbell Middle School Thursday, November 9, 2017………Hope to see you all!!! MULTICULTURAL NIGHT 2017 (002)-26owrkg

Week 13 of Learning 10/30-11/3

Author’s Purpose……….. This week we focused on understanding “Author’s Purpose”…. So What is Author’s Purpose??  Please access this video below to view the “in-class” Powerpoint/Lesson for Author’s Purpose…. Author’s Purpose from Barbara Yardley This week’s tasks/assignments: 11/1-Author’s Purpose worksheet 11/2-Complete summaries (in your own words) for Chapters 11 + 12           … Continue reading Week 13 of Learning 10/30-11/3

Week 12 of Learning 10/23-27

IT’S ALLLLL ABOUT CHARACTERIZATION!!! Hellooo Parents & Scholars…. It has been an awesome week here in my Reading class, as we have dug deeper into understanding & analyzing characterization. What is characterization?? Description of physical appearance of the character Speech or dialogue Direct characterization is when the author tells you everything about the character. Indirect … Continue reading Week 12 of Learning 10/23-27

Week 11 of Learning 10/16-20

https://www.slideshare.net/Teranden/text-features-powerpoint Hello Parents & Scholars!!!!!! This week was a short, but yet busy week for students. Each day there was an early release day for students, as teachers held student-led conferences with parents. Release time for students was 1:30pm, as conferences began at 2:00pm each day this week. Phone conferences were also permissible. The class … Continue reading Week 11 of Learning 10/16-20

Week 6 & 7 of Learning 9/4-9/15

Helloooo Parents & Scholars!!!! We are now in September, an entire month has flown by…………………………. The past 2 weeks, scholars continued to study the elements of Plot and different types of conflict. Various tasks were completed in class & homework to revisit those concepts. Quizzes/Assessments: Plot Quiz 9/8/17, Midterm 9/13/17, Conflict and Invisible Man assessment … Continue reading Week 6 & 7 of Learning 9/4-9/15

Week 5 of Learning 8/28-9/1

Helllooo Parents & Scholars!!!! This week was a very creative one for students, as they focused on understanding “Inference” on a more extensive level. Students then took their knowledge to another level and created original short stories/narratives which detailed the Inference of their story……….. The Invisible Man (Class Novel) In class, we read Chapters 1-4 … Continue reading Week 5 of Learning 8/28-9/1

Week 3 of Learning 8/14-8/18

This week was a fabulous week, as we explored the concept of using textual evidence to comprehend components in Fictional stories. Using text evidence allows students to build comprehension and understanding of characteristics of characters, plot, conflict, and how the conflict is resolved.

Class Book: The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells (Chapter 1)

Here is the link to access the entire book: shmoop.com/invisible-man-wells                           Also on Youtube for Read-aloud.

Homework for the week  

  • 8/14/17: Text Evidence worksheet
  • 8/16/17: Ms. Anderson was Absent/No Homework
  • 8/17/17: Read & write in your own words Chapter 1 summary (Invisible Man)

*8/18/17: It is Friday…Students completed a quiz on Chapter 1 (Invisible Man)


Week 2 of Learning 8/7-8/11

This week we began discussing elements of a story. We began the week discussing “Theme”, where students added notes, graphs, and their conclusion of theme after reading several short stories into their Reading Interactive notebooks. On Wednesday, August 9, we discussed Plot. A PowerPoint of the 5 components of Plot was discussed and charts from … Continue reading Week 2 of Learning 8/7-8/11