Week 2 of Learning 8/6-8/10

Hellooo Parents & Scholars!! This week in Reading class, we have focused on using the RACE strategy to improve reading & writing. What is RACE? Restate the question Answer the question Cite text evidence Explain how your evidence supports your answer. This week’s homework: Monday, 8/6: “A Winter’s Drive” reading passage and constructed responses using … Continue reading Week 2 of Learning 8/6-8/10

Week 5 of Learning 8/27-8/31

WELCOME TO WEEK 5!!!!!!!! August 27-31………..August has flown by so fast………… This week in Ms. Anderson’s Reading class, we have reviewed Chapters 1-3 of the class text “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind“, and read in class on Monday, 8/27 Chapter 4………Learners are encouraged to read, read, and review to build an understanding of the … Continue reading Week 5 of Learning 8/27-8/31

Week 4 of Learning 8/20-8/24

Helloooo Parents & Students!!!!

Can you believe we are now in the 4th week of school?????!!!!!!!!!!

This week in my Reading class, we focused on reading strategies that are highly effective in improving reading fluency and comprehension: Visualizing, Making Connections, Characterization, and understanding the Elements of Plot.

The following links/videos were shown and discussed in class to improve understanding of each strategy:

This Week’s Homework:

  •  8/20: Chapter 1 & 2 summaries of class text
  • 8/21: Re-read Chapter 1 & 2
  • 8/22: Chapter 3 summary
  • 8/23: Review notes/information on visualizing, making connections, and plot elements.
  • 8/24: Interactive notebook check for grade

Week of 2/26-3/2

Hellooo Scholars & Parents!! We have finished the Invisible Man (novel) and transitioning into reading the new novel Lord of the Flies. Book Reports are due Friday, March 2, 2018 so there were no additional homework assignments given in order for students to finalize reports and prepare for presentations. Happy Learning!!!!!!