Mrs. Hoeflinger's Third Grade

No one said it would be easy, just worth it!

Thursday Meeting


Zoom at Noon! Invite sent via email!

Visit from a fourth grader to answer questions!

Despereaux Bingo to follow completion of our story! Please print, cut, and glue to create your own bingo board! Make sure to mix up those squares!!!!

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Last Week, Best Week!


Happy Mother’s Day!!! I had a wonderful day filled with FaceTime, phone calls, group texts, seafood, and steak! I have a Peleton on the way (though VERY delayed), and I even managed a much needed mani-pedi!!! I am a very blessed mom with amazing kids who have no problem expressing their feelings! They might have inherited that and I wouldn’t change a thing!!

I hope all of you moms felt loved and appreciated! You all deserve every blessing and treat sent your way!!!!

This is our last full week of academic activities. Next week will be 3 days of fun stuff!

Here is our choice board for the week.

Third Grade Distance Learning May 11-15

The reading activities for MY class will be based on The Tale of Despereaux. 

We will meet as a class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 12:00 on Zoom! I will send links tomorrow. I am not doing small groups this week, because we will be doing break out groups when we meet as a class. If your student needs some one-on-one time please let me know!

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May 4-8


Only 2 1/2 more weeks of school! My how time flies when you’re sheltering in place!

Here is our choice board for this week.

Third Grade Distance Learning Choice Board for May 4-8

I will also add it as an assignment in our Teams, if you want to submit any of your work you can turn it in there.

This is our meeting schedule for this week. There are a few changes. We will meet on Teams! Class Meeting Schedule

Talent Show Info:

I had talked to the kids during the year about our class talent show and many of them have asked about it. I let them know that we will do it “virtually”. They can make a 3 minute max video of any kind of talent they choose and send it to me. I will put them together and we will watch as a class during one of our last class meetings.

Talent show videos (optional of course) by Wednesday, May 13.

More end of the year announcements to come!!

Have a wonderful week!


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Week of April 27- May 1


Here is our Choice Board for the week!

Third Grade Digital Learning Choice Board

I will also add this to our Teams assignments so that work can be turned in if your student would like feedback.

You will find that there are a few choices that are more than one day’s worth of material. The math workbook choice has 2 full lessons, so students definitely do not need to complete those in one day! Also, the writing choices are for the week, except for the editing activity. Students should choose one of the personal narrative activities to work on for the whole week with their published story at the end of the week. There are instructional videos for math, writing, and quite a few for OG/spelling.

A note about the OG: The first video “Drill the Deck” can be done daily for review.

As always, adapt the activities to your child and your family’s daily activities.

I will meet with our whole class on Tuesday and small groups on Wednesday and Thursday. I will again be available on Friday for one on one times if needed. I am also adding some one on one time for Tuesday and Wednesday to confer on their writing process if needed.

Here is the meeting schedule for the week.

Class Meeting Schedule

Let’s all have a great week while staying safe and well!


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Wonderful Wednesday


I hope you all have the most wonderful Wednesday, and that you enjoy the beautiful weather and all our gorgeous world has to offer on this Earth Day!

Earth Day Activities

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Turning in Work for Feedback


If you are choosing to turn work in, please help me to keep track of all the hard work your students are doing . I know that turning in student work is a chore, my hope is that the students can begin doing this on their own so that parents are not having to do it each day.

Please upload work in to Teams under the Assignment/Choice Board. This allows me to give feedback directly to the students daily.


This is how you do it.

When you want to turn in more work the next day this is what you do.

Look at the left navigation bar-Activity Feed

If your student would like to just answer the questions for any of the print worksheets, they can title a Word doc the same as the worksheet and just type the answers there and turn in. This is if you’d rather not go through the picture taking steps.

Thank you for your help!


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April 20-24


Dear all,

This is our choice board for this week.

Choice Board April 20-24

I look forward to meeting with everyone!

Class Meeting Schedule

Have a marvelous Monday!!!

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Meeting Schedule


Happy Friday!

I have made a schedule for next week’s class and small group meetings. We will be meeting on Teams.

Class Meeting Schedule

It is my hope to address any issues or challenges when I meet with our small groups, but I have left some time on Friday for individual meeting times if necessary. If your student needs some individual help with something, please reach out and we can schedule time on Friday.


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Small Group Schedule for Thursday


This is our small group schedule for tomorrow. We will meet for @ 30-45 minutes. Please have the following supplies ready to go at your time. I am looking forward to seeing you!!!

small group schedule

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Wonderful Wednesday


Good morning, peeps!

Great stuff in the works for meeting with you all in smaller groups throughout the week! I will be sending out a schedule with the groups later this week.

Keep up the good work on your Choice Board.

Third Grade Distance Learning Choice Board APRIL 13 2020 UPDATE

I sent parents the LearnZillion access codes for each student yesterday. Once you get registered it should be fairly easy to navigate going forward.

We will meet again on Friday!

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