Happy Fall Break

Hi Parents,
Did you hear about the Intolerable Acts, Queen Kiel, and Tax Day in Fourth Grade? Please ask your child about it! We got our class t-shirts today. Please wear them to school the day we return from break (10/1) when we go to the Youth Museum. Friday folders and parent journals came home today.
Thank yous go out to:
• Elizabeth’s Mom for Adventures in Art
• Jasper’s Mom for copy helper and mystery reader
• All parents for returning permission slips (and for having such awesome kids!)

Here is a peek at what we are learning next week:

Reading-Nonfiction vs fiction
Writing-Show Don’t tell writing
Social Studies-Declaration of Independence
Please remember to sign up for conferences if you haven’t already. Happy Fall Break everyone!
Lisa Kiel

Guidance Small Groups

Hi Parents,

The East Side Guidance department is offering some small groups.  If you feel that your child would benefit from one of these groups, please let me know.  The classes will be offered during the school day.

Friendship/Self Esteem

Study Skills

Changing Families



Friendship/Social Skills

Anger Management


Thank you,

Lisa Kiel


Youth Museum Field trip

Hi Parents,

We are so excited to go to the Youth Museum in Marietta on October 1st.  Your children will get to become heroes from the American Revolution.  They will dress up in full costumes and act out scenes from history.  This is perfect timing to go along with what we are studying.  We are going on October 1st.  I know this sounds like it is far away, but it’s actually the day we come back from Fall break. Yikes!

A permission slip for this trip went home today, please sign and return that ASAP-tomorrow if possible. 

Thank you so much for everything that you do to support your child and their learning!

Lisa Kiel

September 14th Newsflash

     Democracy is alive and well in our class. We had nominations and class elections this week for our Student Council room rep. All of the candidates did an excellent job running and speaking. Congratulations to Caroline for earning the most votes. I told the nominees how proud I was of their efforts. I shared my personal story, running for student council several times, losing, and trying again. Persistence paid off because finally I did win class treasurer in my senior year of high school. We started Social Studies this week and went back to the American Revolution. Fourth Grade Tax Day is coming next week and “Queen Kiel” is so excited! Students should look out for the Stamp Act, Quartering Act and more. 

     Friday folders came home today including our class t-shirt order form. Please go through it with your child and send back the order form. Our goal is to have everyone’s shirt before our first field trip in early October. One more request, please remember to write your child back in their parent journal.

Thank you to Elizabeth’s Mom for being our copy helper and to J.T.’s Mom for being our Mystery Reader.

Here is a peek at what we are learning next week:

Reading-Finish our character unit-The Tiger Rising

Writing-Show Don’t tell writing

Social Studies-Causes of the Revolutionary War

Math-Elapsed time and problem solving

Have a wonderful weekend! Perhaps I will see some of you at the East Cobb Parade tomorrow morning.
Lisa Kiel

Progress reports in Friday folders

Hi Parents,

Progress reports are coming home today in Friday folders.  Please keep in mind that we only have a few grades for each subject.  There will be more grades in each subject before report cards.   Also, you will not see Health and Social Studies grades yet.  We will start Social Studies next week 🙂   Please sign and return this progress report on Monday.  You will also see a Performing Arts form and envelope.  Please send that back next week when you can.

I will be out of school on Monday observing the Jewish Holiday.  Here’s a peek at what we are learning next week:

Writing:  Drafting narratives

Reading:  Analyzing character actions and symbols

Social Studies: Causes of the American Revolution

Math:  Word problems and elapsed time

Thank you shout out to Caroline’s Mom for being our Mystery Reader.

Lisa Kiel


Quiz correction reminder

Hi Parents,

Due to Labor Day, quiz corrections will be accepted this week through Wednesday.  Please follow the guidelines on the quiz corrections document in your child’s planner.  You may also find the quiz correction directions on our blog under the Open House tab.  We’ve reviewed how to make corrections in class.  As a reminder, quiz corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper with an explanation of what was learned and not on the quiz itself.

Have a great evening.

Lisa Kiel

August 31st Newsflash

I have some exciting news to share….East Side is now a Cobb County STEM certified school.  We had so much fun creating our Solar System model.  Your children did an excellent job all week researching and creating their models with a partner. I was very proud of them!   Please ask your child about it.  Friday folders came home today with graded work and school info.  Some students should be making corrections to learn from their mistakes and earn credit back.  We’ve reviewed how to make corrections in school.  They may NOT change the answers directly on the quiz.  How to make corrections is listed on our blog and it should also be glued to the inside cover of their planner.

Thank you to Cayden’s Mom for helping with copies and to Cayden’s Dad for being our the first Mystery Reader of the year!

Here is a peek at what we are learning next week:

Reading-The Tiger Rising-how objects affect characters



Math-Multi-digit word problems.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Lisa Kiel

Scholastic Book Orders

Hi Parents,

I sent home a Scholastic Book order form today.  Directions are easy and listed on the flyer or you can find directions on our blog under “Scholastic”.  I will place our class order on Tuesday if you are interested in ordering books.  It’s easy and the books come directly to our classroom.

Have a great day!

Lisa Kiel

Early release tomorrow

Hi Parents,

School dismissal is 12:30 tomorrow, Wednesday, August 29th.  Bus will run in the afternoon approximately 2 hours behind regular schedule.

Have a great afternoon!

Lisa Kiel