February 16

February 16th Newsflash

Hi Parents,

With Valentine’s occurring this week, we took some time to discuss caring and love.  I have to brag again that you have wonderful and kind children!  We enjoyed exchanging cards and treats this week and doing nice things for others.  Thank you again for the Valentine treats!  We are getting very excited for February break.  It sounds like many of you have some out of town plans, travel safely.  I will be in town so maybe I will run into you at one of the stores.

The East Side Door Decorating contest is coming up soon.  We are looking for a few parents who would be interested in decorating our classroom door after break.  If you are interested, please contact our Room Mom, Carmen Hambrick at [email protected]  It’s fun!

I can’t believe that we are getting information about summer camps… but it will be here before we know it!  If your child is interested in STEM, please check out Walton High School’s website for some outstanding STEM summer camps.  Also, if your child is interested in the Cobb County Kids Talk competition, please go to http://www.kidtalk.com for details.

Thank yous:

Sophia’s Mom for being our copy helper and Matthew’s Mom for being our Mystery Reader

Here’s what we will be learning in class after the break:

Reading-Traditional Literature
Social Studies-Constitution and government
Writing-Opinion writing
Math-Comparing decimals and fractions


-Some students will need to finish up their research paper over the break

-Check Friday folders for quizzes and flyers

-Milestone testing will be conducted on the computer for Fourth graders, please practice keyboarding at home.  The computer lab blog has some excellent keyboarding practice games.

Wishing everyone a fabulous break filled with great family time,

Lisa Kiel

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February 12

Thank you & new student

Hi Parents,

Thank you for remembering my birthday today.  The cards, gifts, and hugs truly made my day.  Thank you to Addy’s Mom for bringing in a beautiful “31 bag” and homemade cookie cake for the class to share.  I feel very blessed to have such a special class!

I’m also excited to announce that we have a new student in our class, Jeremiah Raj, who joined us today.  Please help me welcome the Raj family.  During our morning meeting today I requested that if students are bringing in Valentine’s Day treats for the class, to please be sure to include Jeremiah. 

Have a wonderful evening,

Lisa Kiel



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February 9

February 9th Newsflash


Thank you thinking of me during Teacher Appreciation Week.  I am grateful for the extra classroom supplies, lunch, and the lovely notes.  You made me feel special.  I love my job and appreciate being able to teach such a wonderful group of students.  They are the best! 

The space projects your children presented this week were truly out of this world!  I was amazed.  We all learned so much from each other.  Friday folders have progress reports, please sign and return on Monday.  You will also see a letter from Ms. Mavity regarding Milestones.  Please read it carefully.  Also, I presented a new class math challenge today which is optional.  Greg Tang’s online Valentine’s math game.  Check out the flyer with game board on the back. 

Here’s a Peek at our learning next week:
Reading-Completing our research on our topic
Social Studies-Learning about our new nation, new government, and constitution
Writing-Writing our research paper
Math-Multiplying fractions

Thank you:

Addy’s Grandma for helping in the classroom so I could attend the teacher luncheon

-Check backpacks this afternoon for Friday folders

-Parent journals come home too, please write your child back

-National Counselors Week starts Monday, see flyer for daily schedule

-Valentine’s box and treats should be sent in by Wednesday if your child wishes to participate 

-Reading logs and Math recipe (with at least 3 fractions) due Monday

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Kiel

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February 5

Check out the sky

Hi Parents,

Today we talked about the stars and constellations during Science.  I just went outside with my son tonight and we saw some awesome constellations.  I downloaded a free app on my iPhone called SkyView Lite.  It is soooo cool, check it out when you get a chance!  You take your phone outside, point it to the sky, and it shows you the constellation outlines. 

Have a great evening,

Lisa Kiel

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February 2

February 2nd Newsflash

Good Morning Parents,

I will not be in class today.  I’m headed in a little while to watch my kids compete at the Georgia High School State Championship Meet at Georgia Tech.  Go Raiders!

We had a great week in class.  One of the highlights was building soft launchers during STEM, perfect for our space unit.  Students tested their creations in the classroom.  The challenge was to build a landing structure to protect a raw egg from cracking .  If they were successful in the classroom, the Principals went on the roof and dropped the launchers.  It was very exciting!

Thank you:

Max’s Mom for helping with copies

Peek at our learning next week:

Reading-Organizing our research for Revolutionary War topic
Science-Planets and Solar System
Writing-Note taking for Revolutionary War topic (no spelling/vocab next week)
Math-Adding and subtracting fractions


Check backpacks this afternoon for Friday folders and parent journals.  Thank you for writing back and encouraging your child. 

Progress reports will go home in folders on February 9th.

Space Projects are due on Thursday, February 8th.  If your child created a power point presentation, please send in on a flash drive.  I will send the flash drive back to you.

Please continue to check out the sky as often as possible with your child.  This will help reinforce our learning about our solar system.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Lisa Kiel


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January 28

Hi Parents,

It’s nice to be back to a full week.  We accomplished a lot in class this week.  Additionally, I enjoyed seeing many of you at STEM night on Tuesday evening.  Please also help me congratulation Abhijeet Ghosh who won the 1st prize for Robotics and Technology Literacy in the Cobb Regional Technology competition.  He will go on to the State competition in March.  Way to go Abhijeet!

Here is a peek at what we are doing next week:

Reading-Researching a historical event from the Revolution War

Science-Day, Night, Seasons quiz on Wednesday, January 31 and starting the moon phases unit

Writing-Organizing note taking for our research paper

Math-Comparing and ordering fractions

Thank you:

  • Elizabeth’s Mom and Aleeza’s Mom for hosting Adventures in Art
  • Sam’s Mom for being our Mystery Reader
  • Sophia’s Mom for helping with copies     


  • Great Cyber event East Side on Tuesday night Jan 30th at 7pm  https://eastsidepta.membershiptoolkit.com/assets/00210/Cyber_Saftey_Event_VCMS_flyer_final_withTime_ParentsOnly_Stamp.png
  • Absence notes and transportation changes should be in writing.  Please have it in writing and hand it to your child to turn into me. If there is a transportation change during school hours, please call the front office and let them know… they will notify me.
  • STEM Camp Cobb is now being offered to students in grades 3-8th! If you are interested in your child attending, please visit this website for more information: http://www.stemcobb.com
  • Imagine A World Without Hate Contest is being held at the History Museum in Kennesaw; for the application and rules visit this website: http://historymuseum.kennesaw.edu/students/iwwh_2018.php
  • Please check out the moon as often as possible with your child this will help reinforce our learning in class about moon phases
  • Please review Friday folders including information about Picture Day on Thursday, Feb 1st & Valentine’s Day

Enjoy the weekend,

Lisa Kiel

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January 22

SPACE PROJECT & STEM Night tomorrow

Hi Parents,

It was great to be back with your amazing children today.  We were super busy catching up.  Thank you for ensuring that some work was done over the snowcation.  Almost everyone brought in spelling activities and reading logs-hooray!  I sent home detailed information about our Space Project.  Students will need to pick a planet to research.  This will be completed outside of class and presented on February 8th.  We reviewed the project today and I showed a student example from last year.  Please go over it this week with your child and send back the signed form no later than Friday.  East Side STEM night is tomorrow at 6pm.  I will be there and hope to see you too!

Have a great evening,

Lisa Kiel

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January 17

Another snow day, is this Georgia?

It really looks like a winter wonderland outside.  I feel like I’m up north in New Jersey where I grew up.  It’s a perfect day to cozy up with your child and read.  Reading logs are due on Monday as usual (read for 20 minutes at least four times & fill out a log).  We will have an equivalent fraction quiz in Math class when we return to school.  IXL has activities for equivalent fractions and all other 4th grade skills.  It would be a great idea for everyone to log onto IXL for at least 20 minutes today.  I know a few more students are getting close to winning our class IHOP for IXL contest-hooray!

Stay warm and have a fantastic day.

Lisa Kiel

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January 12

January 12th Newsflash

Hi Parents,

We had a busy short week to make up for last Monday.   We welcomed a new student to our class, Aashritha Kudumula.  You would be very proud of how your children made her feel right at home on Wednesday!  I appreciate you supporting our version of the Quartering act.  The guessing game was a great way to review the important people of the revolutionary war.  Since we will not be in school again this coming Monday, I distributed the spelling/vocab words today and put them on our website.  We will have a quiz next Friday.  Reading logs will be due on Tuesday.  I requested that Target students just drop it off to me when they arrive in the morning.  Please send in recorders so we have them for music.  I would like to thank Kian’s Mom for helping with copies today and Taylor’s Mom for being our Mystery Reader.  Friday folders came home today with lots of information including our Revolutionary War quiz!

Here is a peek at what we are doing next week:

Reading & Writing-Researching and writing about history

Science-Starting our Space unit

Math-Quiz on Wednesday on equivalent fractions (we reviewed today)

Here is a  great parent video highlighting our fraction unit.  Please watch when you have a chance. https://youtu.be/21rNJ2olnCM

I will be sending home a planet project next week to compliment our Space studies in class.  This project will be due on Friday, February 2nd.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Kiel

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January 5

Report cards and Tax Day

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and break!

Today was TAX DAY in fourth grade.  Queen Kiel acted like King George and taxed the colonists (students) for everything.  Please ask your child about the unfair taxes and quartering act.  Students brought home a sealed envelope today with a surprise revolutionary war hero inside.  Please discuss this person with your child, perhaps at the dinner table.  Students will need to memorize or write down 3 facts about this person to use in a class guessing game on Thursday, January 11th.  I explained all of this in class today.

Report cards come home today.  The report card is yours to keep, please sign the envelope and send it back to school on Monday. I would like to thank Sophia’s Mom for making copies today.  Mr. Matthews requested that recorders come back to school by Tuesday, January 9th if it is at home. 

East Side’s Annual Family STEM Night is coming up.  I will be there and hope to see you too. 

Please join us for our annual Family STEM Night this January 23rd from 6:00-7:30! Cheer your child on as they make paperclips fly, build roller coasters, play with robots, and much more!
Mark your calendars and bring your whole family for this fun-filled STEM Night!
**Please note: this is not a drop-off event** and food will not be available for purchase this year.

Here is a peek at what we are learning next week:

Reading-Starting informational unit called “Bringing History to Life”
Social Studies-Battles of the Revolutionary War
Language Arts-Resolution writing
Math-Beginning fractions

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa Kiel

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