November 17

November 17th Newsflash

Hi Parents,

Your children made very creative sound instruments today.  The Kiel class band made its debut around 2pm today.  Thank you for sending in supplies.  I am so thankful to have such amazing students to work with every day.  It is definitely a reflection of their wonderful parents.  I appreciate all of you!  We spent time this week thinking and talking about how thankful we all are.  Thank you to Brooke’s Mom and Matthew’s Mom for leading another Standing on the Shoulders of Giants activity.  We studied Harriet Tubman’s life and students made cool star gazers.  Please ask your child about this.  They really work!  Parent journals and weekly folders are coming home today.  Please go through it with your child.  I’ve been very busy grading papers.   You will also see a touching Thanksgiving writing in folders.  I was practically in tears reading these beautiful thoughts.

I did not “assign” any homework over break but if you would like them to do a little work…..  I suggest reading and math.  IXL or Studies weekly (Social Studies) on the computer.  Additionally, Greg Tang has a new Thanksgiving 4th grade math contest.  I know several students completed the Halloween math challenge and really enjoyed it!  Details are in the link below.

Here is a peek at what we will be studying after the break:


Social Studies-13 Colonies


Math-Division strategies

Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Lisa Kiel

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November 14

Progress reports come home

Hi Parents,

Progress reports are in backpacks today.  Please review it with your child and send back to school with your signature before break.  You will note that we do not have Social Studies grades.  We are finishing with Science this week and then will begin a huge Social Studies unit after Thanksgiving break.  We did some brainstorming in class today in preparation for the instrument STEM activity on Friday.  Please send in all materials needed to build your child’s instrument in a plastic bag by Thursday, November 16th.

It’s survey time again. Please take a few moments to go to the survey link below.  The data gathered from these Georgia Parent surveys will be used as part of the calculation of East Side’s School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below. We ask for one parent from each family to complete the survey by Friday, December 15, 2017.
Georgia Parent Survey:

Thank you for everything you do to support your child and our classroom!

Lisa Kiel


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November 10

November 10th Newsflash

You won’t believe all the things we did this week!  Hopefully you will hear even more about it in your parent journal. 

Today, our morning started with a touching Veteran’s Day celebration.  You children were cheering the veterans as they paraded through the hallway.  After, we had a field trip in our room.  High Touch High Tech came and everyone created fabulous simple machines and put them to good use!  Looking back at our week, the Fire Safety village was an entire day filled with interactive learning experiences about safety.  The highlight was probably driving the miniature cars.  I believe Addy’s Mom will be loading some driving pics on Shutterfly soon.  The East Side Science Fair was yesterday.  I was told that our class had the most participants this year!  Congratulations to Abhijeet, Aleeza, Addy, Taylor, Himanshi for creating excellent experiments.  We all learned so much from you!

Here is a peek at next week:

Thank you for contributing to our community thanksgiving basket.  Please continue to send in the items you signed up for.  Students can just put them in the basket outside of our classroom.  On Monday, November 13th, we will be visiting the book fair.  Our time slot is 10:15-10:35.  You are welcome to join us, send in money with your child, or new this year….. you can order online.  If you are interested in ordering online, just visit the media center link from the East Side website and you will find all of the directions.  Our next school wide STEM day is Friday, November 17th.  Fourth graders will be making instruments to produce and explain sound.  A flyer is coming home today in your folder.  It is an individual project with materials coming from home and due in class on Thursday, November 16th.  We reviewed the project in class today.  Please do not feel like you need to go to the store to buy items.  Please contact me if you have questions. 

Reading-Nonfiction research
Language Arts-Poetry
Math-Division strategies

Thank you to Addy’s Mom for being our chaperone and copy helper this week.  Thank you to Matthew’s Mom for being our mystery reader. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lisa Kiel

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November 3

November 3rd Newsflash

Whew!  It was a busy week.  I would like to thank Brooke’s mom for helping me with copies this week and Addison’s parents for being our Mystery readers.

Here is a peek at what we are learning next week:
Reading-Studying text structures 
Science-Exploring light
Language Arts-Creative writing
Math-Intro to division

Don’t forget, Tuesday is a student holiday.  Have a great weekend!  I will be poolside all weekend watching my kids swim.

Lisa Kiel

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October 31


We had a lot of fun with our STEM challenges today.  We created pumpkin spice marshmallow catapults and spider webs.  Thank you to Aleeza’s Mom and Matthew’s Mom for helping us.  Thanks to all of you for sending in drinks and treats to make a witches brew snack.  Your children are sooo excited about tonight.

I have a favor to ask.  If you have some extra candy from trick or treating that you would like to get rid of….I will take it for the class.  We use candy for some math activities coming up and for treats.

Happy Halloween!


Lisa Kiel

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October 27

October 27th Newsflash

Hi Parents,

You’ve heard from me a lot this week so I will keep this one short.  Please ask your child about what is was like to be a Colonial Kid.  We had an awesome presenter come in costume and discuss growing up in Georgia during the colonial times.  Thank you to Brooke’s Mom and Matthew’s Mom for Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.  We learned about Louis Pasteur and how we can build on our strengths.  Thank you to Max’s Mom for making copies today. 

A few things about next week, Target will be held on Monday for the next two weeks.  We fireman from the Safety Village will be coming to class on Tuesday to discuss our upcoming field trip.  We also have some special STEM activities planned for Halloween.

Here is a peek at what else we are doing next week:

Reading-common structures in nonfiction text
Language Arts-descriptive writing (no spelling next week)
Math-Multiplication strategies with double digits, quiz on Wednesday, November 1st

Have a fabulous weekend!

Lisa Kiel


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October 26

Greg Tang’s Halloween challenge is awesome!

Hi Parents,

I’m just so excited about this that I couldn’t wait to send to you!  If you’ve been around East Side Elementary, you’ve probably heard of Greg Tang.  He is an amazing math genius, author, and game creator.  He created a math Halloween challenge especially for fourth graders that I will present tomorrow to the class.  I am sending it out tonight in case anyone wants to jump in.  Just check out the link below to take you directly to the Fourth grade math challenge along with instructions.  If your child completes the game board by November 1st, please send it in to me with your signature for a special treat!


Lisa Kiel

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October 24

IXL is back

Hi Parents,

Hooray! IXL is back up and running.  Students can log in and practice their math skills.  I have one IHOP IXL winner already and hope to have many more.  Thank you to the East Side PTA and Foundation and to all of you!


Also, I am missing permission slips from 7 students.  We have Colonial Kids coming to school on Friday so please send back any outstanding permission slips to school ASAP.  I’ve made copies again for students who have not turned them in.

Have a wonderful day!

Lisa Kiel



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