November 7 2017


I hope everyone had a great weekend. There are a lot of events coming in November.
Today, we had Firefighter Michelle come to our class to talk about fire safety. She gave the students a homework assignment. Please review the page, and help your child complete the homework to prepare for the Fire safety Village Field Trip next week. The homework page from the firefighter is due on Friday.
Tomorrow is Election Day. There is no school for students.
The Food Drive is 6-14th. There will be containers in the front lobby for students to drop off canned goods. The proceeds go to the Center for Family Resources.
November 13th is the field trip to the Fire Safety Village. If your child packs a lunch for the trip, please make sure all contents are disposable.
Friends and Family Luncheon is Wednesday November 15th from 10:27-11:07. The master schedule and menu is attached to this email.
The PTA book fair is November 13-17th. It will be open during Friends and Family Luncheon.
This week in reading, we will continue main idea and details. In writing, we will work on informational writing and conducting research. In Language arts, we are working on Possessive Nouns. In math, we will begin two digit subtraction. In social studies, we are studying the famous Georgian, Mary Musgrove.
Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope everyone has a good week! J
Kiera Martin
2nd Grade Teacher
Nickajack Elementary
October 31 2017

November Specials Calendar and Creek and Cherokee Research

This week, we did research on Creek and Cherokee Native Americans using the iPads. Students researched Creek and Cherokee homes, clothing, food and  life. Here are some pictures from the activity!

October 31 2017

Fall Fun

Last Friday, we had our B3 Celebration where students built structures out of candy pumpkins and toothpicks! All the students had were the candy pumpkins and toothpicks to make a structure. It had to stand up on it’s own. They did a great job!

Thanks to our Awesome Room Mom’s!

October 27 2017

Weekly Update



It has been an awesome week of teaching and learning. Today in class, we did a STEM activity using candy pumpkin Peep Marshmallows and toothpicks. The students had to build a structure using only the candy and toothpicks. Pictures will be posted soon.


Our pumpkin projects are due on Monday, October 30th.  I can’t wait to see the student’s creativity.


The new homework packets were successful. For the spelling tests, I graded the regular words as normal. If your child chooses to learn the challenge words, I graded them as extra credit. If they miss one of the regular words, a correct spelled challenge word will replace the missed word.


This week in reading, we worked on Non-Fiction Text Features. We learned how to use a glossary, index, table of contents, captions, bold words and diagrams for a nonfiction book. In math, we worked on two digit addition using base ten blocks, a hundreds chart and expanded form. In social studies, we studied the Creek and Cherokee Native Americans.


Next week, we will work on finding the main idea of a non-fiction story. We will begin informational writing and how to conduct research. In math, we will work on two digit addition strategies. This week will practice using a number line. In Social Studies we will begin learning about the famous Georgian Tomochichi.


There will be more reminders for upcoming dates.

In November we have the Friends and Family Luncheon. The dates for the different grade levels have just been confirmed. More information about times will be coming soon.

November 14th Kindergarten and 1st grade

November 15th 2nd and 3rd grades

November 16th 4th and 5th grades


I hope everyone has a great weekend! J


October 13 2017



It has been another great week of learning. I loved seeing the student’s Georgia Regions Projects! I am excited to meet with you next week about your child’s progress, strengths, and goals at conferences. During conference week, Nickajack’s Relay for Life Team will be selling lemonade and cookies in the lobby. Enjoy a special treat and support a great cause! Our Relay for Life Team will also sponsor a PINK OUT on Friday, October 20th. During the PINK OUT, students can purchase a pencil for $1; all proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.


The second grade team is excited to announce that we are collaboratively working to make changes to the weekly spelling words. This is in an effort to best meet the needs of all of our learners. You will notice changes to the spelling words this week. Now, all second graders will have 15 spelling words that cover the phonics pattern of the week, as well as 5 challenge words that follow the pattern; the challenge words are optional. The spelling words will always correspond to the phonics pattern being taught that week. The weekly spelling words are provided to not only strengthen your child’s spelling abilities, but also strengthen his/her ability to decode unfamiliar words. Second grade’s approach to spelling encompasses spelling, writing, and reading to create balanced instruction.


We are also excited to announce that second grade will be collaborating to make our homework packets. Starting soon, they will have a different format for homework.


In your child’s folder today, instead of our traditional homework packet, there are directions to our next project, Pumpkin Book Reports. I have also attached the directions to this email. Please feel free to email me with any questions.


Tonight, come out to Nickajack’s Fall Festival! There will be games, food trucks, face painting, and so much more!


I hope everyone has  a wonderful weekend!


October 10 2017

week update


I hope everyone is having a great week. Just a friendly reminder, if you have not done so already, please return your conference forms. I will be reaching out to all of you with reschedule dates, after I have gathered everyone’s forms tomorrow. I will let everyone know soon. If you know you cannot make it at your original time, please email me, or send a note tomorrow with a day and a range of times, so that I can try and accommodate you. I look forward to meeting with you all very soon.


Thursday is an Early Release day. Dismissal will be at 12:30.


Friday is our Fall Festival! It is from 6-8:30. Please come out and enjoy all the games and food. It was a great turn out last year, and the students really enjoyed it.


Next week is Conference Week, which means early dismissal all week. Please make sure to complete their transportation log this week to make sure everyone gets home appropriately with the early dismissal.


In reading, we are reviewing asking and answering questions, and beginning, middle and end. In math, we are practicing counting coins with pennies, nickels and dimes. In social studies, we are studying rules and laws. We are finishing up narrative writing. We will start all of our new quarter two information soon. We will start nonfiction reading and writing!


Please let me know if you have any questions.


I hope everyone has a great night!

October 2 2017


I hope everyone had a relaxing fall break. It is almost the end of the first nine weeks. Just a few reminders for the next few weeks.


  • Tomorrow is Picture Day! We take pictures in the morning. You may send clothes for your child to change into after their picture is taken.
  • On Wednesday is Super Specials. Students will have two specials back to back, and then no specials on Thursday. They will go to PE and Computer on Wednesday.
  • On Friday, the Georgia Regions project is due. Please have your child prepared to present their project to the class on Friday.
  • The following week there is an Early Release Day on the 12th, and then conference week is the 16-20. Letters will go home later this week for conference schedules.


This week in class, we will be reviewing Asking and Answering Questions, and Beginning, Middle, and End in Reading. We will continue Narrative Writing. In math, we are working on place value and comparing three digit numbers. For Social Studies we are learning about the Rivers of Georgia.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great week!

September 5 2017



Can you believe we are in September? There are events that are happening in our school, I hope everyone comes out to support NES!


Schedule Changes

This week, 1st and 3rd grade will be taking the CoGat and IOWA test. This has caused our specials time to change as they will be testing in the mornings.  We will go to specials at 10:35-11:05.


Multicultural Night


You are cordially invited to learn more about the world and the diversity of our Nickajack community on September 8, from 6 to 8 PM. From Italy to Ghana to Peru, there is so much to learn! Enjoy an evening of culture and performances for the whole family. You will also have a chance to experience our first annual Taste of Nickajack!  Taste Tickets will be on sale for $1 at the event. In addition, PTA Pal, Los Bravos, will sponsor dinner for $1 person

This multicultural event is made possible by donations and support from our Nickajack community.  We invite you to bring a dish that represents your culture to share! Families that bring a dish to share will receive 5 Taste Tickets.

Want to get involved? Sign up hereEmail Maria Smith directly for more information.


On Friday, we will also have our Back the Jack Pep Rally at school.

Great Skate

Please join us Sunday, Sept. 17th from 11am-2pm  as we celebrate the end of the Back The Jack campaign with our annual Great Skate Fundraiser.  Located at Sparkles in Smyrna.

In class this week we will continue in several areas. In reading, we are working on asking and answering questions. We will continue narrative writing. In social studies, we are working on map skills. In math, we are working on place value and skip counting.

I hope everyone has a great week!

August 28 2017

Week Update



There are a lot of events and schedule changes this week. There is something every day, so I will break down this week for you.


Monday: We have our Learning Commons orientation. Students will learn about the Learning Commons, and how to use the different activities and sections. We will be able to check out books! J


Tuesday: SOARS, is a bus safety training for the students. It is taught by Cobb County Bus drivers, and the students will participate in activities to teach how to be safe on the bus.  There are different grade levels participating in SOARS this week and on different days. This causes the schedule change for specials and lunch. Lunch will be at 11:20, and specials at 1:30. For lunch there will be sack lunches. The sack lunch menu will be Turkey ham (non-pork) & cheese sandwich, carrots, chips or popcorn, fruit and drinks.  This will be for Tuesday and Thursday.


Wednesday: Early Release Day. We will dismiss at 12:20. Specials is 9:55-10:25, and lunch is 10:58-11:28.


Thursday: SOARS. This will be 2nd grade’s day to participate in SOARS. Lunch is at 11:20, again Sack Lunches.


Friday: Back to Football Friday. We will participate during our regular specials time 10:45-11:30.

If you want to volunteer please use the following link:


I know it’s a lot. Please let me know if you have any questions.