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Opportunities for Inquiry at Home!


We have been studying the Oregon Trail and the kids and I started a class game of Oregon Trail today.  Below is the link the kids can use to play a game of their own or a family version.  🙂


We have also been studying Simple Machines.  Below are a few activities that the kids can do with things you mostly have around the house. 

Balloon Racers-15htyap



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Keeping Up With the Klubhouse


IB Unit 3:

We are wrapping up our 3rd IB unit on MOVEMENT.  We explored simple machines, force, and westward expansion.  

IB Unit 4 will begin next week!

Reading:  Please focus on nightly reading!  The students should be reading for minimum of 20 minutes EVERY night.  You can read to them as well.  Remember that we need to focus at least once or twice a week on reading aloud.  Students should read aloud to you or someone else to practice expression and fluency.  Students should have both a fiction and non-fiction book checked out from the library and should spend equal time reading both.  Please talk with your child about what he or she has read each day. Have your child:

  • make predictions about what is to come 

  • make inferences about what they have read

  • tell about the characters

  • summarize what they read that day

  • tell the main idea and supporting details

  • summarize a section 

Writing:  We are focused on good introductions and closing.  Noticing and trying to replicate how good writers grab their readers and wrap up their writings.  When answering questions in writing, we are restating the question and then using evidence to support our answers.  

Math: We are wrapping up patterns and multiplication.  Please have your children do Moby Max several days a week if they have not mastered their fact fluency.  We are moving into division.  Students will practice solving division problems using strategies such as partial quotients and the area model.  Please refrain from using the standard algorithm until students understand the process of division as well as why and how the numbers change.  


Spelling Bee

Rushitha and Diya made us proud today in the schoolwide Spelling Bee!

Science Fair

Calling all Science Fair judges!!! We’ve had an overwhelming response to the science fair from Teasley’s students!  We are looking for parents/community members that would love to help volunteer by judging Teasley’s 2019 Science Fair student projects. The Science Fair will be held on Friday, January 25th.   For additional details, please  visit the link below!

Teasley Spanish Club 2019


Teasley Club is a fun place where we can learn even more Spanish by playing games, making crafts, singing songs, and more!  Teasley Spanish Club is for Teasley students in 2nd -5th  grades and is offered for free by Sra. Vega. 

Teasley Spanish Club session is 5 weeks long on Thursday from 230-330pm in my room (249).  Sessions will be filled via this form, first come first served.  Communication will be done by email.  Students will dismiss from Spanish Club by: pick-up outside the ASP front door, or by attending ASP. If needed, please be sure to register for ASP and pay the applicable registration and daily fees. 

If your child is interested in the 2 upcoming Teasley Spanish Clubs please complete the form below by Friday January 18 and I will be in touch by email before the first Club date. 

The upcoming Amigos Club Sessions are:

2nd-3rd grade Thursday  January 24, 31,  February 7, 14, and 28

4th -5th grade Thursday March 7, 14 ,21 , 28,  and April 11

Click on this link to register


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Happy Holidays!


I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy holiday!  

Please remember to read to and with your children!!  

See you in 2019! 

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Gingerbread houses!


We are still in need of 2 more gingerbread house kits.  Please send them in tomorrow if you can help.  Thank you!

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Reading Challenge!


Congratulations to Timi, Diya, Rushitha, and Madeleine for meeting the challenge of reading and logging 250 by today.  I am extending a challenge to read 300 minutes and log them on Bibilionasium by this Monday.  Let’s see if we can get 100%!!! 

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Please follow the link below to find items we are in need of for next week.  Thanks!

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Fluency Friday Update!


New Awesome Adders:

Sanjith, Bre, Shania, Caylee, Reese, Kai, Madeleine, Mia

New Super Subtractors:

Shania, Caylee, Randi, Reese, Aaron, Madeleine, Mia, Madison

New Marvelous Multipliers:

Diya,Madeleine, Mia, Madison, Suhani

New Dynamite Dividers:

Aidan, Diya, Madeleine, Mia, Madison, Suhani


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Keeping Up With the Klubhouse



  • Please be sure students are reading for a minimum of 20 minutes every night!  

  • At least once a week

    • read to your child

    • have your child read aloud to you

    • log the minutes into Biblionasium (students can log their minutes here for the week with a signed note from a parent listing the minutes he/she read)

    • ask your child to tell you about what he/she read (the characters, the events, their predictions, their thoughts)


  • Go over the Weekend Writings with your child.  Talk about the mistakes and the awesome work! Check the corrections.

  • Practice writing a paragraph with your child.  Write an introduction sentence and several sentences about your topic.  Then wrap it up with a conclusion sentence.  Have your child write a paragraph once a week.  Students can write about their week or hopes for the next week.  They can write about what they read.  They can write about anything.  Keep it in a special journal.


  • Practice ALL math facts.  Moby Max is a great way to practice facts.  Students can log in any time.

  • We are moving into division and students struggling with multiplication and subtraction facts will continue to struggle with division.  


Randi, Aidan, Aaron, Diya, Dyllon, Rushitha, Timi, Madison, Fatima, Suhani


Aidan, Diya, Dyllon, Rushitha, Timi, Fatima, Suhani


Aidan, Dyllon, Rushitha, Timi



Dyllon, Rushitha, Timi

Dates to Remember:

  • We will have an optional class Spelling Bee on this Friday 12/7

  • Friday 12/7  is Atlanta United Spirit Day.  Wear all your Atlanta United gear to cheer them on to the MLS Cup championship!

  • 4th and 5th grade Holiday Performance at Teasley 6:30 pm

  • PJ day is Wednesday 12/12 for $1

  • We will be shopping at the Giving Market on Thursday 12/13.

    • Volunteers needed.  Please click on the link to help!

    • Information coming home 12/5


      • Promotes Generosity – Every student is included and gets one Giving Dollar to spend on gifts for others. Each gift comes with a personalized note.

      • High-Quality Gifts – Our handpicked, meaningful gifts make families actually proud to give and receive. With just $20 students can purchase gifts for everyone on their list. All gifts are under $10 and several have a giveback component.

      • Fun Holiday Experience – With the Giving Market Challenge of the Day, students will spread holiday cheer through spontaneous singing and random acts of kindness.  

  • Early Release on 12/20 and 12/21

Events and Activities at Teasley:

Teasley’s SCIENCE FAIR is coming…

Friday, January 25, 2018

(Projects are due Wednesday, January 23, 2018)

Submit your very own science fair project to the Teasley Science Fair! This will be a competitive event, and there will be judges and prizes. Projects will be judged on Friday, January 25th  and will be displayed in the Media Center for several weeks. Six top-place science fair winners will be accepted to the Cobb-Paulding District Science Fair.  Winners will be notified by the Science Fair Coordinators. The district elementary fair will occur on February 9th, 2018 at Lovinggood Middle School. ​

If you are interested in participating in the science fair, please sign and return the registration slip that went home last week to

Mrs. Jean (3-5) or Mr. Bailey (K-2) by December 14th . Students will then be given a packet with additional information. 


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Keeping Up With the Klubhouse


Inquiry into our Government: we are studying the Constitution and the branches of our government.  Below is a study guide for this unit.  Please talk to your child about the topics on this guide to ensure understanding.  Have him/her explain them to you.  


Math: we are exploring showing multiplication with area models and partial products.  Have your child show you a 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication problem.  Ask him/her to explain to you when to multiply in a word problem.  

Reading:  each student has a fiction and non-fiction book from our school library.  Please discuss these books with your children each night.  Have them tell you what they think about what they read or what they predict will happen next.  Ask them how the character feels and why they think that.  Ask them to show you evidence in the book to support their answers.  Have your child read a portion of the book out loud to you.  They still need to practice their fluency when reading aloud.  


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Looking For Chaperones


I am looking for 1 or 2 chaperones for our field trip on Monday 11/26 to the Atlanta History Center.  The cost for chaperones will be $8 and you will need to drive and meet us there at 9:45 am.  Please email me if you are interested in chaperoning.  Thank you!

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