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Book Character Day!


Click link for more info!!

Book Character Day-2n32j38

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STEM Night!


STEM Night is coming and we need your help!  

Please follow the link below to sign up if you can help run the 1st grade station!


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Class List (20 students)


Jackson       Likhith        Tinsley                               

Ricky            Anna             Karsten

Davis            Nate               Niyaa

Clover          Talon             Brooki

Yomar        Ana Lucia      Parishi

Eric             Kennedy         Ganesh

Legend       Jade

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Help Make a Difference!


Click below to see the details of our Student Council’s charity collection!

Socks and Soap Drive flyer-wzepai

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Valentine’s Day Mailbox


Valentine’s Day is next Wednesday!!  Please feel free to craft a unique Valentine mailbox with your child.  Your child may bring in his/her mailbox and Valentines on Wednesday.  Please do not send them in early.

 I will send a class list home in Purple Folders on Monday!  Any student who does not have a mailbox on Wednesday will be given a bag to decorate. 🙂  

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U.S.A. U.S.A.


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Keeping Up With The Klubhouse


We have another virus, possibly the flu, going through our room again!  Please, please, please keep your child home if he/she is not feeling well and especially if there is a fever or was one yesterday!!!!  I know it may be inconvenient, but those extra days home could help us stop the spread of these nasty viruses!

Agendas: There is a new form in folders.  This is where notes will be written and any information can be found.  I will give a star for good behavior, a check for ok behavior, and a frowny face for unsatisfactory behavior.  Please check this and sign it every night.  

Homework:  Remember that there is homework every day!  Students need to be reading independently or with someone EVERY night for at least 15 minutes.  I encourage at least one or two of these days for the student to read out loud to someone.  This will help with fluency as does listening to you read.  Also, your child should be practicing math facts daily.  

Fieldtrips:  We have 3 in-house field trips planned over the next few months.  One will cost $3.  That form was sent home last week and I have all but 6 of those returned.  Two more forms will come home today.  These 2 fieldtrips will be free of cost.  Please sign and return both forms tomorrow.  Thanks!

Reading:  Remember to ask your child about what he/she read each night.  Who was in the story?  What did the character do?  What did you think would happen?  What do you think will happen next?  What is the setting of the story (where are they)?  **Do not accept inside or outside.  They need to be more specific.** Does this book or story remind you of another story or of something in your life?

**Six Flags Reading Forms will be accepted until Friday 2/9/18.  Please turn them in so your child can earn a free pass to Six Flags!**

Math: Mental math is the focus here.  Fluency Friday data graphs are in the back of the agendas/folders.  Students should be able to mentally add to 20.  When given an equation, your child should be able to answer without using his/her fingers.  Workbooks, websites, apps are all great ways to practice math facts.  You will notice that I have added practicing math facts to the homework section of the sign off papers. This can be verbal practice in the car on the way home or anywhere.  I do not need anything turned in for this.  Also, we are still practicing mentally(without using fingers) find 10 more and 10 less than a number.

Writing: We are still working on Opinion writings.  Ask your child his/her opinion about his/her day or about dinner, etc.  Please encourage opinions and not “I like” or “I didn’t like.”  Move towards I think… Then ask for 2 reasons why.

Social Studies: We are learning about Lewis and Clark’s expedition and how Sacagawea helped them and Theodore Roosevelt’s contributions. 

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Good Afternoon Teasley Families! We will be having a DRESS DOWN DAY this Friday, Feb 2nd to benefit Black History Month activities. For $1, Student may wear their favorite school appropriate outfit!

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Teasley Families – we want to make sure you are aware of the information provided by School Health Services that may help stop the spread of the flu. Please take time to visit this webpage for the tips and information they have provided. If a child has a lowgrade fever or they are not feeling well, we ask you to please keep them at home.  Those who have the flu (with or without fever) are highly contagious. Please know that we are all working hard at Teasley to disinfect classrooms and sanitize door knobs, hallway and stair railings and other public surfaces.  We hope you all stay well during this flu season!!  

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Fluency Friday Rock Stars!


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