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Welcome Back to School!


The purpose of the Early Intervention Program, or EIP, is to provide additional instructional resources to help students who are
performing below grade level obtain the necessary academic skills to reach grade level performance in the shortest possible time.   –GaDOE



What’s Happening in EIP?

As we begin the school year, EIP teachers will be assessing all kindergarten students to gain an understanding of their current knowledge base in both reading and math. We assist the kindergarten teachers with this assessment to ascertain strengths and weaknesses in letter & number identification, phonics & reading skills, and many other standards. With this assessment, teachers are able to gain insight into the current skill level of each child which helps them organize small groups for extending the learning of all students.


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May Happenings in EIP:


First Grade Reading:

The first grade students are working on reading non-fiction texts to locate information that they will use to write informational paragraphs. They will be practicing the art of putting facts from a source into their own words.

Also, students will continue to practice fluency using their decoding skills and sight word recognition. I am so proud of the amount of progress that I have seen in these students this year! All of their hard work and practice has definitely paid off!

Second Grade Reading:

Students will continue to practice locating important information and details for comprehension. They will use both fiction and non-fiction passages to practice this skill. I want to shout out to this group for all of their hard work this year. Every student has put their all into working on fluency and comprehension, and it shows in their reading progress!!! Way to go!

Second Grade Math:

As we finish up the last month of the school year, the focus for math will be decoding and understanding word problems. Students will use the CUBES strategy to determine what the problem is actually asking for, and then they will break apart the problem to solve it.

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March and April


First Grade Reading:

Students are reading books using vowel teams and word families to help them decode unknown words. We have been reviewing all of the Consonant-vowel-consonant word families and now students are focusing on patterns that contain long vowel sounds. The patterns are a review of the 1st grade spelling patterns.

Second Grade Reading:

Students have been looking for text evidence in passages to apply to answers for comprehension questions. They have also been practicing the art of inferring when the author does not state explicit explanations for a character’s actions. These strategies will be practiced throughout the month of April.

Second Grade Math:

Students continue to review place value as they solve word problems containing 2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction. Word problems in April will focus on place value as it relates to money word problems.

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February EIP Lessons:


Second Grade Reading:

February will be a time when students will be practicing retelling stories to improve comprehension skills. They will continue to focus on the other standards from previous lessons, but the main priority will be retelling fiction stories with greater detail. In non-fiction, students will be looking for text evidence to support their understanding of the text.


First Grade Reading:

Students will be incorporating phonics lessons from spelling into their practice when reading fiction books. They will be looking for known spelling patterns to decode unknown words.

Second Grade Math:

Adding and subtracting 10 from numbers to a thousand will be a main focus this month, as will be adding 4 different 2-digit numbers. Students will also review place value to determine the best strategies to solve word problems.


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What’s Happening in EIP in January?



Students are still working on mastering their 1st grade sight words!! While reading books that utilize the use of those sight words, students are also practicing the art of retelling stories to include more details. When retelling, the are also practicing the art of transition words to help with speaking and writing skills.



The second graders are working on determining the author’s purpose in writing while increasing their reading stamina with more challenging fiction and non-fiction books. They will also be discussing the use of text features in non-fiction texts, discussing how features such as captions and labels help with comprehension.



Our focus for the greater part of January will be practicing math facts to increase automatic recall of sums and differences. As addition and subtraction problems become increasingly rigorous, moving from adding 2-digit to 3-digit numbers, students need to automatically know the sums, so that students may be successful. Pupils will be working on addition strategies for adding up to 4, 2-digit numbers as well.

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From our Frey Counselor’s:


Frey Counselor’s are hosting a social media presentation on Jan. 22nd.  The link listed below has detailed information about the presentation.

Please share the link on your blogs.



Chris and Sydnie

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December in EIP


First Grade Reading:

Students have been doing a good job with fluency on repeated readings of sight word books. This month students will continue to work on sight words and fluency. Students will also be reading and listening to holiday stories to determine the setting, characters, and to be able to retell the story in their own words.

Second Grade Reading:

Students will be reading fiction books and describe the overall structure of a story, including describing how the beginning introduces the story and the ending concludes
the action.

Second Grade Math:

Students will solve 2 digit addition and subtraction problems within 100, and will be able to explain why addition AND subtraction strategies work using place value AND the properties of

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From Mr. Cathey…




Dear Parents,

As you may know, today the state of Georgia released 2017-2018’s CCRPI scores for each school in the Cobb County School District. The Cobb County School District’s 2017-2018 score of 79.6 makes this past school year the 7th straight year the District has surpassed the state average.

While we celebrate another year of significant success for our students, keep in mind that due to the changes in CCRPI component weights and indicators for the 5th straight year, a year-to-year comparison of CCRPI scores from 2017 to 2018 is impossible. As you review the data for your school, it may also be helpful to remember that the Georgia Department of Education implemented the changes to CCRPI in February 2018 — three months before the end of the school year. This means our school and our students spent the first 6 months of the school year teaching and learning under one CCRPI formula only to discover CCRPI would be calculated using a different method.

We are proud of our students’ success and will continue to focus on what our students know, what they need to know, and what we can do to help them achieve their goals. More information about the Cobb County School District and this year’s CCRPI reports can be found at or

Click this link for a Cobbcast artice that shares more:


Jason Cathey



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Friday on a Saturday


From Mr. Cathey:

Hello Frey families,

It’s time to plan to be a part of our 5th Annual “Frey-Day On A Saturday” on October 27th from 9am until noon!

This is a great opportunity to show your students what it means to contribute to their community.

Here at Frey we have a beautiful 80-acre campus that is always open to the public.  In addition to our immediate surrounding campus that includes the full-sized track and field along with three playscapes and beautiful landscaping, we also have over 2.5 miles of nature trails with 12 outdoor classroom settings.  This takes some work to maintain, and many hands make light work.  Last year we had literally hundreds of volunteers with equipment, trucks, and tractors show up.  We are hopeful for that same type of response to get our campus looking great for Fall Festival on November 2nd.  Please plan to spare a couple of hours to come out with the family and contribute.  Please click on the link below to sign up and share resources!

(Don’t worry…You could come help out and still be home in plenty of time for the big college football games!)


Jason Cathey


Frey Elementary School

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October in EIP


First Grade Reading:

Students will be practicing sight word recognition and reading books that contain sight words and rhyming text to help with reading fluency.

Second Grade Reading:

Students will be reading fiction books and determining the problem and solution in those texts. They will reread the same book for 3 days in order to build up fluency when reading aloud.

Second Grade Math:

After completing a review of place value to the hundredth place, students are now comparing and ordering numbers up to 1, 000. The next standards that will be covered will be balancing equations by determining the missing numerals. For example:

              How can you balance the following equation?         ___ +  8  =   20 –  4


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