Kincaid Elementary participates in the county-supported bring Your Own Device program in grades 3-5.  Here are the policies we follow on campus:

  • Electronic devices may be used in class only with permission of the teacher.
  • Devices will be used for learning purposes only.
  • Students will only access websites and apps that teachers have approved.
  • Students will follow all guidelines in the Internet Acceptable Use Policy for the school system.
  • Students that have not turned in a parent-signed BYOD permission form may not bring devices to school. They also may not use other student’s devices.
  • Devices may not be used at lunch, in the hallways, on the playground, in the bathrooms or on the bus.
  • Students may not share their devices.
  • Any student using their device inappropriately or taking other students’ devices will receive consequences decided by the school administrators, homeroom teacher, and Cobb County School System per the Student Code of Conduct.

Want to know how to connect when you are on campus?
Go to the CCSD Wireless page available on the Intranet (to system staff only).

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