Starting March 1, you will start to see little treasures hidden in the Learning Commons.  Mrs. Rausch’s art students are creating very special weaving and hiding them in the shelves.  They have taken weeded and discarded books and turned them into looms.  They then used string, pipe cleaners and tissue paper to weave a three-dimensional art piece with a little bit of paper folding mixed in between.  We love showcasing student art in our Learning Commons!


Would you like to help us spend the book fair profits? Our first and most important goal is to buy beautiful new books for the Lindsey Learning Commons. And you can help! Remember, everything you shop for provides us with a monetary profit that we will use to directly benefit your child!
Students, parents and teachers can vote for their favorite author here:
You may have to sign in your Google account to take this survey.
If it doesn’t work, try this same survey on Survey Monkey.
The survey will close Friday, March 16 at 12:00 PM. We will share the results on our Facebook page.



New interns begin February, 2018.   We will put out applications when we return from holiday break. Students that have served in the fall may apply again.  They will have their own applications.  Jobs include:

  • Morning Interns: Arrive in the library no later than 7:30 AM
  • Class Interns: Work during your classes scheduled checkout time.


All interns are invited to stop by the Lindsey Commons on Wednesday, December 20th in the morning to get your winter treats!  We appreciate everything you do and would like send you home with a treat from our Make-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar and hot chocolate packets to go!  Please come before 11:00 that day!  Be prepared for warm hugs and well wishes!  See you in January!

~Love, Mrs. P and Miss Leslie

Book Fair Preview Video

We will be looping the K-3 Book Fair Preview all day on Thursday, October 12.  We will run the 4-5 video all day Friday, October 13.  Some items in the 4-5 video may not be appropriate for our K-1 crowd.  Check out the videos on IPTV Channel Kincaid Broadcast.


The Scholastic Book Fair is here! Previews are Tuesday and Wednesday. Donuts for Dads is Friday morning and daily sales start Monday! Come check out the new books, pardner!

She Died!

Poor Miss Floyd! In our discussion of historical fiction during one of our genrefication mini-lessons, we took a little trip back in time and played an online version of the original Oregon Trail.  Fifth grade teachers were on the wagon team going west. First, Mrs. Reid contracted measles. Then, Miss Floyd got sick with typhoid. As supplies ran down and water quality got worse and worse, everyone suffered. Just as Miss Floyd came to pick up her class, her virtual self died. We will mourn her passing, and so will she. ;0)