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She Died!

Poor Miss Floyd! In our discussion of historical fiction during one of our genrefication mini-lessons, we took a little trip back in time and played an online version of the original Oregon Trail.  Fifth grade teachers were on the wagon team going west. First, Mrs. Reid contracted measles. Then, Miss Floyd got sick with typhoid. As supplies ran down and water quality got worse and worse, everyone suffered. Just as Miss Floyd came to pick up her class, her virtual self died. We will mourn her passing, and so will she. ;0)

The Digital Library is Open

The Cobb Digital Library at Mackinvia is the online library resource for Lindsey Commons users. The digital library is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you haven’t visited before, stop by the Commons or the Parent Page on this site to find out how to log in. We have made a few updates and additions to the Groups section. It should help you find exactly what you need for reading and research. And, we will be adding new eBooks and Audiobooks this year! Stay tuned! Continue reading The Digital Library is Open

New Wireless Network

There is a new wireless network in the school system for personal devices.  Stop by the library for assistance in logging in, schedule Mrs. Perisino to come to your class and assist with BYOD, or read through the resources put out by the system technology department to help with the transistion.


No time or way to make it to the public library for books?  How about a new selection of fun books to read on your computer, laptop, tablet, gaming system or smart phone?  Check out the eBooks page on the right or visit these amazing summer resources below to find something new to read.  MRS. PERISINO LOVES CAPSTONE!




MyON Limited Release: Summer 2017 Only!

Free access to MyON will be available again this summer through the Get Georgia Reading program! Learn more about MyON here.

  • Go to and click Log in now.
  • ​School Name: Get Georgia Reading ( Note: Do not cut and paste, instead start typing “Get Georgia” and select from the drop down menu)
  • Username: cobbcounty   
  • Password: read  
  • Click the Sign In button and select a book to start reading!




To get started with Capstone:

  • Go to and click Log In.
  • Username: gasummer17  
  • Password: reads  
  • Click the GO button and select a book to start reading!