FactCite is a fully searchable online information resource brought to you by The Lincoln Library Press. It includes the following resources databases listed below. All have audio read-along capabilities (icon in the upper left corner), can be added to Google classroom (icon in the upper right corner), and MLA 8 citations available (bottom of every entry).  To access your preview, go to Contact Mrs. Perisino or check the Media News bulletin board for login information.


-FactCite 123 (for primary grades)

-Biography for Beginners

-Sports Champions

-Shapers of Society

-U.S. and World Biography


-American History


-Essential Information

-Countries and Cultures

-Defining Moments in American History

Check Your Understanding at Check123

We are adding a link to a new resource- Check123- in Mackinvia in the Videos and Sounds file.  It is a cool free video encyclopedia website!  What’s cool about it:

  • You can view the videos on the site without logging in.
  • There is no advertising like YouTube.
  • Most of the videos are under 3 ½ minutes and have been curated by experts.
  • Educators can sign up for a free account and collect videos into Lessons to share out.


Go to Scholastic Go!

The Kincaid Learning Commons has a free 3-month subscription to Scholastic Go that you can use.  The address to the site is:

Ask Mrs. Perisino in the commons or your child’s teacher for the login and password.

To learn more about this resource,




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This Month in 4th Grade

We will be starting a special mini-series on Digital Citizenship which will go for 2-4 lessons, depending on the teacher’s needs.  For December, we are learning about property rights.  All materials will come from a nationally acclaimed program, Common Sense Media.  Check out their website for more information, especially if you are a family!


Are You Using GALILEO?


If you aren’t using GALILEO or GALILEO Kids for your one-stop research and homework helper, then you should be! If you access the sites from home, grab the Cobb password from Mrs. Perisino or Miss Leslie in the Kincaid Library.  Or even better, log into the Cobb Digital Library with your student computer login (School: Kincaid Elementary, L: student ID #, P: student ID #).  If you do not know your child’s student ID #, they will know it if they are in grades 2-5 because it is the same as their library #!  You can always log into ParentVue (grades 4-5) or email your child’s teacher.  We will be sharing more in the future about the great resources you can locate there!

She Died!

Poor Miss Floyd! In our discussion of historical fiction during one of our genrefication mini-lessons, we took a little trip back in time and played an online version of the original Oregon Trail.  Fifth grade teachers were on the wagon team going west. First, Mrs. Reid contracted measles. Then, Miss Floyd got sick with typhoid. As supplies ran down and water quality got worse and worse, everyone suffered. Just as Miss Floyd came to pick up her class, her virtual self died. We will mourn her passing, and so will she. ;0)

Want to Find New Chapter Books Based on YOUR Likes?


To accompany our move to Genrefication, we are encouraging students to explore chapter books based on their likes.  There is a website free to us call Novelist K-8 that is incredible in helping you search!  All you have to do put in the title of your favorite book and then follow the links down the rabbit hole to a bunch of new books to try.  You can even find the next book in your most favorite series EVER! You are guaranteed to find something you love!

Visit Novelist K-8 at GALILEO today. Here’s how to get there:

  1. Log into the Cobb Digital Library with your student ID for the login and password.
  2. Ask for the GALILEO password from Mrs. Perisino or Miss Leslie.
  3. Look for the GALILEO password on the Lindsey Commons News Board.

QR’s are Cool!


What are QR Codes?  You are seeing them everywhere! QR Codes are machine-readable arrays of black and white squares which store URLs or other information for eading by the camera on a smartphone or tablet.  QR Codes can be displayed and accessed anywhere.  Anyone can generate their own QR Code. We like to use because it is super easy and free. You can keep up with this blog by scanning the QR code on the Lindsey Commons News Board.  If you would like to download a QR Code reader app for Apple or Android, check out the list here.  We recommend I-Nigma because it is fast and simple.  Practice with them.  They are great tools for advertising and marketing, flipped learning, tours, videos and other interactive activities.

The Digital Library is Open

The Cobb Digital Library at Mackinvia is the online library resource for Lindsey Commons users. The digital library is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you haven’t visited before, stop by the Commons or the Parent Page on this site to find out how to log in. We have made a few updates and additions to the Groups section. It should help you find exactly what you need for reading and research. And, we will be adding new eBooks and Audiobooks this year! Stay tuned! Continue reading