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This Month in 4th Grade

We will be starting a special mini-series on Digital Citizenship which will go for 2-4 lessons, depending on the teacher’s needs.  For December, we are learning about property rights.  All materials will come from a nationally acclaimed program, Common Sense Media.  Check out their website for more information, especially if you are a family!


The Snake Eggs Winner!

Gabriel C. In Mr. Long’s fifth grade won the free poster guessed 2122 snake eggs in the jar. There were actually 2121! What an amazing guess! We know that poster will look great on your bedroom wall!

Stay tuned for photos of Saad Syed, the winner of Principal Sheriff for the day! His name was drawn from the students who were Caught Reading by Ms. Blake.

How Many Rattlesnake Eggs?

One of our fun contests for the book fair is “Guess How Many Rattlesnake Eggs?” If you guess the right amount, you get to be the Deputy for a Day for Mrs. Blake! You’ll wear a badge and scarf and will assist with keeping the cow wrestlers under control! Fill out the slip and put it in the jar. One guess limit.


As we move books off the shelves and put genre sets back up, look for the yellow caution tape. Don’t take books off these shelves until we have had a chance to change them in the catalog. Then they’ll be ready for you!

The Digital Bookmobile

All aboard at the Switzer Library! We visited the Digital Bookmobile from Overdrive today in preparation for our push into the use of virtual libraries. We learned how to download the Libby app by OverDrive and log in with our Cobb County Public Library card number. Then, we got to browse and check out electronic books and audiobooks! We did all of this to get ready for our mass push to BYOD. We want to get you on the network at school and teach you how to use our campus ebooks and free community resources. We are very excited! If you don’t have a Cobb library card, no worries! Pretty soon you won’t need to have a library card to use the public library online resources! Your student number will be your P.A.S.S. to tons of digital materials provided by our amazing local library!