Collaborative Projects

Project 1: Research with 3rd Grade Using Office365 and PowerPoint

Participants-  Leigh Perisino, LMS; Mrs. Gatlin’s, Mrs. Powell’s, Mrs. Pennell’s, Mrs. Pennington’s and Mrs. Hitt’s 3rd Grade Classes

Description-  Through heavy differentiation and support, all 3rd graders will research topics, follow a research model, collect and synthesize information, and share their findings using PowerPoint in Office 365.

Product-  Each 3rd grade student will have a final PowerPoint presentation to share with teachers, students and parents.

Project 2:  Arts Integration with the Pod A Players

Participants-  Leigh Perisino, LMS; Mr. Starapoli’s 3rd-5th Graders, Mrs. Sproat’s K-2nd Graders, Ms. Brooks’s K-5th Graders

Description-  Through differentiation and support, the Pod A Players will take part in a year-long integration unit bringing together literature and the arts.


  • Mr. Starapoli’s students will work within a sub-unit called “Monsters!”  We will incorporate literature, art, technology and the design process to create monsters of our own.
  • Mrs. Sproat’s and Ms. Brooks’s students will experience literature through storytelling, music, acting and art with a focus on timeless favorites like Pete the Cat and holiday themes.

Product-  Our units are growing throughout the year.  We will announce our products as we develop them.

Project 3: Infographics with 4th Grade Small Group

Participants- Mrs. Mawn’s Wednesday Small Instruction Group; Leigh Perisino, LMS

Description- Students will learn how to interpret infographics then brainstorm and research self-chosen topics.  They will then synthesize the data they collect into creating a digital infographic.

Product-  Each student will create and share their own infographic.

Project 3: Weaving the Weather

Participants- Mrs. Rausch, Art Teacher; Leigh Perisino, LMS; Mr. Bush, Music Teacher; Mrs. Mawn’s, Mrs. Thompson’s, Mrs. Begerow’s, Mrs. Cohen’s, Mrs. Gillett’s 4th grade classes

Description- Over the course of several months, 4th graders will report the weather in an arts integration project in the Lindsey Learning Commons.  They will use a popular internet weather website to record the type of weather in a journal each day.  When they record the weather, they will weave a corresponding strip of fabric on a large loom.  At the end of the project, Mr. Bush will assist the students in creating a musical piece based on a pentatonic scale where each type of weather will correspond to a note.  The students will publish the piece of the music.  It will be recorded and shared online.  The project aims to depict the weather in a abstract visual and auditory manner.

Product-  The students will have collectively created at large weaving that can be displayed in the school.  They will also publish a musical piece for the work of art.

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