CyberSafety and Digital Citizenship

Student safety on the Internet is important to students in the Cobb County School District.  Recommended topics that will be covered over an expanse of several years in the K-5 experience include:

  • Copyright
  • Laws for Sharing
  • Safe Searching with Bing in the Classroom
  • Website Evaluation
  • Protective Passwords
  • Social Media
  • Cyberbullying



Part 1: Students will learn what occurs at the hear of plagiarism.

Lesson Plan: “Whose Is It Anyway,” Unit 1, Grades 3-5 Common Sense Media

Introduction: Video “Nicole’s Story: Copyrighting Creative Work”

Family Outreach: Take-home flyer

Game Extension: Digital Compass


We will be using a simplified version of Kathy Schrock’s Website Evaluation form to evaluate websites.

Video Resources:

Websites to Evaluate:

  1. Boilerplate: Mechanical Marvel of the 19th Century
  2. Case Analysis of a Historic Killer Tornado
  3. Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
  4. Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Gaming Resources:

Media Resources:

Parent Resources:

Other Resources:

Cyberbullying Resources:

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