The Kincaid Library Community Volunteer and Intern Programs make it possible for our staff and services to function at their most productive level.

  • Students in grades three, four and five can apply for Intern positions August.  If chosen, they either work to check in and out students in the morning or during their class’ checkout day and time.
  • Parents, guardians, grandparents and community members at large are invited to volunteer on a yearly basis.  Volunteers work half-day shifts one day a week.  Volunteers check in and out books, shelve books, assist students, and work on library projects.

Contact Mrs. Perisino if you would like to be Community Volunteer or Student Intern.  We love all of our help!


Interns are hired in August and are re-evaluated and replaced in January if necessary.

Schedule [coming soon]

Morning Checkout Interns: TBA

Class Checkout Interns: TBA



Names: Tracy Plumadore, Jan Carlisle, Flavia Bogo, Kimberly Mauch, Prathibha Govindan



The job that a library intern does is very important to the operation of the library and the serving our student and staff population in a convenient and timely manner.  The added bonus of the program is that students become acquainted with the responsibility of having a job for the first time.   No experience is required, as we will teach interns how to do everything.  Responsibilities include:

  • Checking in and out books
  • Sorting books
  • Assisting students with finding books
  • Shelving books
  • Keeping books in order
  • Starting up computers
  • Logging into Destiny
  • Running errands
  • Assisting with projects

We ask that you commit to coming in one day a week and either report to the library from 7:30-8:00 if you are a morning intern or during their classes assigned checkout time. When interns come into work, they sign in and begin work immediately.  Each intern will also have a section of the library labeled as their own. Each time they visit, whether on or off the clock, they are encouraged to check their section and make sure it is clean and in order.

Good behavior and responsibility is expected of all interns.  They are to model proper behavior in the media center for patrons.  We expected them to be respectful, courteous and helpful in and out of the library.  Interns may not socialize with friends or look for and check out books during their shift unless they have permission from the librarians.  Parents, teachers and the librarians have the final power to remove an intern from their position at any time if they are unable to fulfill their duties.

There are perks for the work.  Library interns can check themselves in and out, and they will be recognized and rewarded at holidays and the end of the school year.

Please note that if you are a safety patrol, peer mediator, or news team member in the morning, you cannot be an intern because the times overlap.

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