AR Million Word Readers



We have more students that have achieved 1 Million Words in AR!  In order from the highest to lowest million words as of November 27, 2018, our readers are:

  1. Adelyn H.
  2. Zerar P.
  3. Sophia W.
  4. Donaca T.
  5. Robert W.
  6. Neil W.

We have some more pictures to take!


Accelerated Reader “is a computerized program that tests reading comprehension. Students select books on their reading level, read independently, and take an independent comprehension test on the computer. Each book is worth a certain number of points based on its length and reading level.”

Our subscription to Accelerated Reader (AR) is supported by our PTA and the Kincaid Foundation. Teachers have the choice to use the program to influence independent reading behaviors in their classrooms.  They are encouraged to use it as just one option in a variety of reading instruction tools.

Cobb County Schools has put forth an official recommendation regarding Accelerated Reader here.  Along with the CCSD recommendation and research (see links below) on how to improve student reading, the Lindsey Commons chooses to recognize students that reach a goal of reading more than one million words as recorded by the AR program.  We feel that tracking Words Read is an approximate indicator of the amount of time students are independently reading texts or the amount of time students are exposed to texts.  Spending more time reading is but one of the multitude of ways literacy can improve and easily tracked with the AR program software.

This year, we are setting a goal for thirty students to reach one million words read measured in AR.  If we reach this goal, Mrs. Perisino will do something outrageous (TBA and suggestions are welcome)!  We will also recognize the top word readers for grades K-3.  We will update these statistics at the end of every quarter.


One Million Word Readers


  1. Student Name
  2. Student Name
  3. Student Name
  4. Student Name
  5. Student Name
  6. Student Name
  7. Student Name
  8. Student Name
  9. Student Name
  10. Student Name
  11. Student Name
  12. Student Name
  13. Student Name
  14. Student Name
  15. Student Name
  16. Student Name
  17. Student Name
  18. Student Name
  19. Student Name
  20. Student Name
  21. Student Name
  22. Student Name
  23. Student Name
  24. Student Name
  25. Student Name
  26. Student Name
  27. Student Name
  28. Student Name
  29. Student Name
  30. Student Name

Top Word Readers for Grades K-3

  • Kindergarten:
  • First Grade:
  • Second Grade:
  • Third Grade:

Two Million Word Readers

  1. Student Name
  2. Student Name

Support for reading more:

Richard L., A. (2014). How reading volume affects both reading fluency and reading achievement.International Electronic Journal Of Elementary Education, Vol 7, Iss 1, Pp 13-26 (2014), (1), 13.

Allington, R.L. (2002). What I’ve learned about effective reading instruction from a decade of studying exemplary elementary classroom teachers. Phi Delta Kappan, 83(10): 740-747.

For a way to enhance Accelerated Reader participation see:

Reutzel, D.R., Fawson, P.C., & Smith, J.A. (2008). Reconsidering silent sustained reading: An exploratory study of scaffolded silent reading. Journal of Educational Research, 102(1), 37–50.

Updated August 13, 2017

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