She Died!

Poor Miss Floyd! In our discussion of historical fiction during one of our genrefication mini-lessons, we took a little trip back in time and played an online version of the original Oregon Trail.  Fifth grade teachers were on the wagon team going west. First, Mrs. Reid contracted measles. Then, Miss Floyd got sick with typhoid. As supplies ran down and water quality got worse and worse, everyone suffered. Just as Miss Floyd came to pick up her class, her virtual self died. We will mourn her passing, and so will she. ;0)

And We Already Have Some Million Word Readers!

Hey kids!  We already have two students that have reached One Million Words in AR!  How excellent is that!  Congrats to these two fifth grade readers-

  1. Adelyn H.
  2. Sophia W.

They have read books and successfully taken AR tests on chapter books.  We love that they are challenging themselves with good books!  These students all have between 500,000 and 999,000 words.  We expect them to go over the One Million mark very soon!

  • Donaca T.
  • Sydney M.
  • Will M.
  • Lauren K. (our top Summer Reader for 2017!)

Reese F.,  Daniel D., and Ethan P. keep up the hard work!  You aren’t very far behind half a million!

If we have more readers move towards making One Million Words, maybe we should set up a challenge!  Stay tuned!   😉


As we move books off the shelves and put genre sets back up, look for the yellow caution tape. Don’t take books off these shelves until we have had a chance to change them in the catalog. Then they’ll be ready for you!


Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Kincaid summer reading program!  Everyone that could show they read over the summer will receive a goodie bag and certificate on Monday, September 18.    You can see a master list of everyone that will receive a prize on the summer reading page above.  The top readers that will also get a Barnes and Noble gift certificate were:

  • First Grade- Rohan Raj. 2930 minutes
  • Second Grade-Chloe Landell, 1840 minutes
  • Third Grade-Malcolm Forte, 2274 minutes
  • Fourth Grade-Lauren Kiesel, 3670 minutes
  • Fifth Grade-Donaca Tamayo, 1725 minutes

Congratulations to LAUREN KIESEL! She was the top reader overall and will receive a $10.00 Barnes and Noble gift certificate!

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