How Many Rattlesnake Eggs?

One of our fun contests for the book fair is “Guess How Many Rattlesnake Eggs?” If you guess the right amount, you get to be the Deputy for a Day for Mrs. Blake! You’ll wear a badge and scarf and will assist with keeping the cow wrestlers under control! Fill out the slip and put it in the jar. One guess limit.

She Died!

Poor Miss Floyd! In our discussion of historical fiction during one of our genrefication mini-lessons, we took a little trip back in time and played an online version of the original Oregon Trail.  Fifth grade teachers were on the wagon team going west. First, Mrs. Reid contracted measles. Then, Miss Floyd got sick with typhoid. As supplies ran down and water quality got worse and worse, everyone suffered. Just as Miss Floyd came to pick up her class, her virtual self died. We will mourn her passing, and so will she. ;0)


We are deep in the midst of fall and in the middle of a couple of major projects and units in the Commons.  See you this month for:

  • Kindergarten: Where Books Live-Position of Books on Shelves, ABC Order of Authors
  • First Grade: Non-fiction Text Features Unit- Focus on Table of Contents “How do I use them to find the information I need?”
  • Second Grade: Learn the Commons Unit-More About Destiny (Practice using Destiny to locate nonfiction books and finding Ebooks vs. print books in Destiny)
  • Third Grade: Collaborative Unit- Office365 and PPT (2nd week, Individualized Class Instruction)
  • Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade: Genrefication Project- “Suspension of Belief” (Subgenres of Fantasy, Horror, SciFi and  Sketchnoting)
  • Fourth Grade Small Group Talented: Continuing with  “Creating Infographics”
  • K-2 MID/SID Even Monsters Need Haircuts “Monster Hair” Halloween Art Project
  • 3-5 MID Even Monsters Need Haircuts “Monster Hair” Halloween  Art Project

Want to Find New Chapter Books Based on YOUR Likes?


To accompany our move to Genrefication, we are encouraging students to explore chapter books based on their likes.  There is a website free to us call Novelist K-8 that is incredible in helping you search!  All you have to do put in the title of your favorite book and then follow the links down the rabbit hole to a bunch of new books to try.  You can even find the next book in your most favorite series EVER! You are guaranteed to find something you love!

Visit Novelist K-8 at GALILEO today. Here’s how to get there:

  1. Log into the Cobb Digital Library with your student ID for the login and password.
  2. Ask for the GALILEO password from Mrs. Perisino or Miss Leslie.
  3. Look for the GALILEO password on the Lindsey Commons News Board.

Access to Information and Resources 24/7

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