**Summer Reading 2019**

Summer Reading is here! There are several ways you can participate, so there are no excuses for not reading!  The program runs from May 20 through August 9, 2019.

Which option for the summer reading program do you prefer?  Click on one to get more information.

Need stuff to read?  Look no further than these links:

Need some help?  Lost your forms?  Choose one of these to get you on the right track!


Updated June 4, 2019

  1. Linley E.W.- 1,300 minutes, 5th
  2. Rohan R.- 958 minutes, 3rd
  3. Avery G.- 597 minutes, 1st
  4. Joshua I.- 483 minutes, 4th
  5. Lauren K.- 359 minutes, 5th
  6. Christopher P.- 345 minutes, 1st
  7. Raani S.- 320 minutes, 3rd
  8. Cailin B.-270 minutes, 2nd
  9. Jonas S.- 260 minutes, 2nd
  10. Katelynn S.- 200 minutes, 2nd
  11. Finnegan W.- 195 minutes, 4th
  12. Holden P.- 120 minutes, 1st
  13. Anabelle D.- 95 minutes, K
  14. Tennesee J.- 90 minutes, 2nd
  15. Caden L.- 68 minutes 3rd
  16. Gerald K.-49 minutes, 4th
  17. Bryson K.- 40 minutes, K
  18. Hannah H.- 36 minutes, 2nd
  19. Noah K.- 35 minutes, 2nd
  20. Emily B.- 20 minutes, 5th


Option 1: Log your minutes into Biblionasium! The county challenge is to read 1500 minutes, but we will reward you for more than 400!  Here’s how you do it!


    • Visit biblionasium.com and choose “Log in With Destiny.”
    • If prompted, enter the state of Georgia and Kincaid Elementary.
    • Students use their student ID number for the login and password. It’s the same as their computer login and library number.
    • Students add books to their Biblionasium bookshelf and then log minutes in the Reading Log.
    • Fill out the bottom of this page to turn in at the end of the summer.

What is Biblionasium?  It is a subscription website that K-8 CCSD students have access to all year.  It will replace Accelerated Reader at Kincaid Elementary in the fall.  Students can use Biblionasium to keep track of minutes, pages and books they’ve read. They can even create a list of books they want to read and share and review books with other students!


Option 2: Read six books of your choice! 

You can read to someone, with someone, or by yourself.  You can even listen to an audiobook!  Log the titles on this brochure and turn the log into your new teacher before August 9, 2019.

Is there a suggested book list?  A key factor in cultivating lifelong reading is being able to choose what to read, so students are free to read books they choose. At Kincaid, we encourage students to read whatever they want to during the summer.  That’s the fun part!

What if I need help?

Call the CCSD Customer Care Center at 770-514-2500, M-Th 7am-5:30pm, starting May 28th for Biblionasium login help.

You can also look at the login help resources on the Cobb Summer Reading Website at https://www.cobbsummerreading.com/reading-resources.html

Forget your student ID#?  Your parents can log into ParentVue to look it up.  It’s in MyPaymentsPlus if they use it to pay for school lunches and ASP.  They can also call the Kincaid Elementary front office to see about how else to get it.

If you like to use Biblionasium but don’t have access to the Internet, use the Biblionasium Log attached to this brochure and we will help you log in your minutes when you get back to school in the fall or…….

Meet Me @ the Library

Come see Mrs. Perisino at these Cobb libraries at these dates and times.  She will help you log into and use Biblionasium, find books to read, use your Cobb County Library P.A.S.S. account, or get a library card if you want one!  The Cobb Library has their own activity page for the summer, too!  Bring it with you when you visit the library to earn free books! We’d love to see you there!

Mountain View Library

  • Tuesday, June 4, 4:00-7:00 PM ~CHANGED TO MONDAY, JUNE 3 AT THE SAME TIME~
  • Saturday, June 23, 1:00-3:00 PM
  • Wednesday, July 17, 4:00-7:00 PM

Gritters Library

  • Wednesday, June 12, 4:00-7:00 PM
  • Tuesday, July 9, 4:00-7:00 PM






What is a P.A.S.S. Account?  

All Cobb County students automatically have a library account called P.A.S.S. at any Cobb County Library.  Your student number is also your Cobb County Public Library card! Simply stop by any CCPL branch and check out up to 5 print books using your student number and 4-digit birthday (2-digit month and 2-digit day). Students may also check out digital materials such as ebooks.

How do I get a library card?  Visit for more details!



(You must be able to open PDFs on your computer.)


Mrs. Perisino has curated collections in Mackinvia just for your summer reading enjoyment! Even if you never visit a library, you can use your technology to read exciting ebooks all summer long.  Directions:

  1. Go to http://cobb.mackinvia.com
  2. Log in as Kincaid Elementary.
  3. Use your student Office365 email address or student ID# for the login.
  4. Use your student ID# for the password.

There are also suggestions for sending your reading into outer space at the CCSD Summer Reading Webpage. https://www.cobbsummerreading.com/

AND….. your P.A.S.S. account with the Cobb County Public Library gets you into their digital resources such as:


We have a summer subscription to Capstone Interactive and MyOn through the Get Georgia Reading Program!  Parents help your child follow these instructions for MORE FREE BOOKS to read!

To get started with myON ebooks:

  • Register at  renaissance.com/getgeorgiareading.
  • After you register, you will receive your username and password via email.
  • Log in at myON.com/login/index.html and enter your log-in information
  • School name: Get Georgia Reading (Type the first few letters and select your school from the drop-down menu.)
  • User name: provided in your login email
  • Password: provided in your login email
  • Click on the Sign In button, select a book, and start reading!





To Access Capstone Interactive ebooks:



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