Reading Challenges


We are trying out a new web service called Biblionasium.  Mrs. Perisino is going to use it as her book club and will include grades 2-5 this year.  Participation is optional,  but we encourage kids to visit the website and play around.  The address is

Sign in through the Destiny link at the top.  Here’s what you choose to get in:

  • Location: Georgia
  • School: Kincaid Elementary
  • Username: student ID#
  • Password: student ID #


The window for turning in your summer reading logs closed on Friday, August 10.  We have collected the names and are ordering the  certificates and prizes.  Look for the final list of names here when we make the final order and on the bulletin board next to the Commons.   Great job reading, kids!

Here are our winners that will be receiving prizes the first week of September:

First Grade———————–

Adomas M

Logan P

Aidan L

Harper H

Jackson M

Lucy M

Emersyn J

Jana A

Jonah V

Grant S

Xander F

Dylan C

Beatriz D-S

Alexander C-C

Mateus A

McKenna H

Bryce Jones

Teni O

Hannah H

Juliana C

Hannah C

Avery G

Sadie J

Christopher P

Grant S

Lily V

Second Grade———————–

Katie S

Lucas M

Naoki B

Taylor M

Cooper M

Tennessee J

Claire S

Nora H

Shahan K

Ben C

David F

Ian B

Emily K

Maggie B

Jonas S

Olivier N

Elijah F

Annie M

Kaitlyn C

Maxene T

Ansley M

Eric W

Connor B

Casey F

Evan D

Yash G

Hannah H

Kyle P

Nandi S

Sophia S

Third Grade———————

Kaimi T

Annie P

Madeline F

Naomi S

Marc C-C

Natalie R

Chase S

Brayden J

Nathan A

Jericho B

Bennett S

Natalie M

Jonas V

Will B

Logan C

Shakthivel D

Sonal P

Wyatt C

Campbell P

Ari F

Riley A

Chloe L

Colin P

Kelan W

Violet R

Neriah A

Julia B

Jude-Evan G

Trevor-Luke G

Quinn M

Sydney P

Rohan R

Raani S

Fourth Grade————————

Kenny C

Malcolm F

Isobel B

Caroline E

Hudson S

Luke B

Olivia A

Scarlet A

Zoe A

Eli S

Jackson B

Caleb F

Leah A

Emeya I

Leah A

Ryan H

Gerry K

Alex M

Fifth Grade——————

Jack D

Cristian R

Deanna F

Cailin B

Linley E-W

Lily G

Lauren K

Zachary P

Jacob S

Mela V


As of Saturday, July 28, the Kincaid Summer Reading Challenge has ended!  We will be rewarding students that participated via the reading log or online at Biblionasium.  All paper logs are due turned into the purple box in the Learning Commons by Friday, August 10.  Late logs will not be accepted as we will only be ordering the exact amount of supplies we need for the rewards.  We posted a list of students that participated in the Biblionasium challenge on the library bulletin board.  They will automatically be included in the reward list and don’t have to do anything else.  We will be giving out rewards before the end of the month.  Great job everyone!


As of Monday, May 21st, the Kincaid Summer Reading Challenge is open!  We will be rewarding students that participate by either:

  1. Reading five books and logging the titles
  2. Completing a 400+ minute challenge in Biblionasium


To reward our Kincaid Readers, we will follow the Cobb County Library challenge window of May 21 to July 28, 2018.  Paper Logs are due to homeroom teachers no later than Friday, August 10 to receive the prize.  We will be able to see if students participate in Biblionasium, but fill out the back of the paper log and turn it in anyway, and we will make sure we don’t miss rewarding you, too.

Important Links:


While the Kincaid Elementary Learning Commons won’t be open this summer, we encourage you to visit your local Cobb County Library.  Check for your closest location here and take what you need to get your free library card!  Students CAN have their own cards with the permission of a parent or guardian!

Digital Books

Want new selections of electronic books to read on your computer, tablet or smart phone?  Books-on-the-Go we call them.   Start here.

Websites to Help You Find Books

We Lost Our Papers! 

Here is the original document we sent home with students in May.

It will give you all the directions you need but not the student’s ID number.

If you forget your child’s Biblionasium login, call the Cobb County School District Customer Care Center at 770-514-2500. Hours are Monday – Thursday, 7 am – 5:30 pm, from May 29th through July 27th.

Happy summer reading!

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