**The Digital Library**


Cobb County digital resources: Login with the Fast Pass – ask Mrs. Perisino or a friend the login and password!  Or, log in with your student ID # and the password student to use your Backpack.  Explore all of the great databases in the Cobb Digital Library in this printable pdf- Mackinvia Databases Pathfinder




Lindsey Commons Discover Catalog: Log into Discover with your student ID #.





The Follett Shelf login and password are the same as Mackinvia.  If you log in with your student ID number, you can save eBooks to your account that you can go back and read to finish.



No login needed if you are in a Cobb County School or are accessing through the Cobb Digital Library.  If you are using GALILEO from home, the password is “pulse” active from 8/3/17-1/5/18



No login needed if you log into a Cobb County computer with your student ID#.   The login, if you access it from home through the Cobb County School System website, is your student ID number for the username and password.

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