Quaver mobile tips

You can now enjoy Quaver on any mobile device .

Quaver uses Flash Player, which can cause issues with iPhone and iPad devices. Here are some trouble shooting steps to help you get started the first time.

1. Download Puffin Academy browser app

2. Open Puffin Academy app (click the Puffin Academy app)

3. On the top right, type Quavermusic.com in the search bar and press the magnifying glass icon to search

4. Click the Quaver Music icon that appears

5. Click “install” and the Quaver icon appears on the Puffin Academy start page

6. Click the Quaver Music icon and off you go!

7. Next time, just go to your Puffin Academy app and click the Quaver icon to begin.

Thanks to Dr. Bernard for this info!

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