What are we learning in Kindergarten?

Reader WorkshopWe are learning how to read with a partner and how to read privately. Students are also learning as readers… we can look, we can think, we can read, we can learn.  These are the beginning steps of becoming a super reader.

Ways to help at home:  When reading at home, have your child use their finger to locate the top and bottom of the bottom, use directional left to right movement with return sweep.

Sight Words: a, I, red, see, blue, & to 

Ways to help at home:  Start looking for sight words everywhere you go. Look around and have your child read environmental print.

MathWe are reviewing numbers to five. This week, we will continue with numbers 3, 4, & 5.  We have started learning the correct way to form numbers. One new topic we are working on is subitizing. Subitzing  is the ability to see a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. For example: Rolling a die being about to recognize that number without counting.

How to help at home:  Have your child count to 50 with you, without skipping a number.

Writing:  We completed our pre-narrative writing, pre-opinion writing, pre-informational and our GKIDS writing assessment. Students need to be able to draw a picture and copy letters and /or numbers to communicate. As writers we are learning when you are done you have just begun. We have are practicing the proper pencil grip and posture, letter formation, and top to bottom directionality.

Social Studies: We are learning ways to be a good citizen at school, home, and in the community. We are also learning the Pledge of Allegiance.

It’s important to review Frey’s Big 3. Do your best, be kind, and make good choices.   Please review the importance of making good choices at school.

Important Dates

Tuesday, August 20   Zaxby’s Spirit Night

Thursday, August 22       Picture Day (information will be going home in your child’s folder soon)

Wednesday, August 28       Early Release (students dismissed 2 hours early)

Thursday, August 29          Reflection Kick Off