British Literature

British Literature

Feb. 12-16, 2018

Brit plans for Feb 12-16-qzqnln


What am I learning today?
Language – Learning Goal: Demonstrate the correct use of vocabulary and grammar in my writing. (ELAGSE12L1-6)
Literature/Composition – Learning Goals: Analyze a visual text using the OPTIC strategy, incorporating the precise language of photographic images. Write an analytical interpretation of the composition of an image. (Standards: ELAGSEW11-12.2 ELAGSEW11-12.2a. ELAGSEL11-12.6)

What am I going to do today?
Unit 1 Perspectives – Activities 1.6 & 1.7 – Visual Perspectives
Activity 1.11 – PPT Visual Rhetoric
Review EA 1 – see samples – Partners optional- In lab 113 Tuesday-Thursday to create argumentative photo essays

What will I do to show I learned it?
EA 1 – Argumentative Photo Essay

Tuesday – Thursday

Lab 113 – Work on Photo Essay – Due

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Harvey Evacuees Return Home-1mv98xq





What am I learning today?
Writing – Learning Goal: Identify and analyze elements of good writing; engage the reader by including these elements in your own writing. (ELAGSE12W3, 4, 5)
Language – Learning Goal: Demonstrate the correct use of vocabulary and grammar in my writing. (ELAGSE12L1-6)
Reading – Learning Goals for Research: Read/analyze to incorporate primary source quotes and begin to develop su!Zumbach_Badstubner_Photo_Essay-175l23ypport for the thesis in my research paper. Identify evidence of literary techniques and structures as a basis for interpreting my research novel: CEI = Claim, Evidence, Interpretation. (ELAGSE12RL10: Read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poems, independently and proficiently.)
What am I going to do today?
SSSHHHH!! Silent Independent Reading – Novel for Research!! Whether or not we continue to have these “work days” for the research paper depends on how well you work/read today.
What will I do to show I learned it?
You have ten (4×6) primary source quote cards due by the end of class TODAY.


Feb. 5-9, 2018


  • Vocabulary Journal #1 due Tuesday 2/6
  • Grendel/Beowulf Perspective due Wednesday by end of class.


  1. Beowulf Review ppt  Beowulf Review-1jmz02q
  2. Complete Beowulf text reading
  3. Start working on Grendel/Beowulf Perspective writing assignment (partners optional) – due Wednesday by end of class
  4. Work on Vocabulary Journals

Tuesday – Wednesday

  1. Lab 113


  1. Share Narratives
  2. Read Grendel for opposite perspective


  1. Reading Day

Jan. 29-Feb 2, 2018


  • Vocabulary Journal #1 – Have finished by Friday but turn in on Tuesday. Vocab Notebook Brit-14u5dmw
  • You MUST have your novel with you this Friday for reading day

Monday – Tuesday

  1. Media Center – Thesis statement due by the end of the day and checked off by me before leaving on Tuesday (25 points)


  1. Finish Vantage Point
  2. Springboard
    • Activity 1.3 – Page 7
    • Graphic Organizer Chart on Page 8
    • Groups of 5


  1. Beowulf Introduction
    • Anglo Saxon Power Point
    • Beowulf Intro Power Point
    • Literary Devices tracking handout
  2. Reading “The Wrath of Grendel” in lit book


  1. Reading Day
  2. Work on Vocabulary Journals – due Tuesday


Jan. 22-26


  • Have your novel in hand by Wednesday for first reading day.

  • Wednesday is Reading Day #1.  Graded Day

  • Lab 113 Thursday and Friday for Narrative Story typing

Monday, Jan 22

  1. Novels – Reading day 1 is Wednesday, Jan 24
  2. Have novel in hand by tomorrow or you will receive a 0
  3. Go over directions for “Vocab Journals”
  4. Show not Tell lesson plus activities with Narrative partner
  5. Work with your partner to brainstorm/create ideas for your Narrative for this week.
    1. Narrative will be due on Friday by the end of the day.
    2. Printed and handed to me.
    3. Lab days for Narrative will be Thursday and Friday 1/25 & 1/26.

Tuesday, Jan 23

  1. Introduce SB textbooks
  2. Look at Unit 1 – Unpack EA 1 – Discuss perspective – p 4
  3. Optical Illusions PPT with S.B. Activity 1.2 – pp 4-5
  4. Begin viewing Vantage Point

Wednesday, Jan 24

  1. Complete primary source bib card as a class
  2. SSSHHHH!! Silent Independent Reading!! Whether or not we continue to have these “work days” for research depends on how well you work/read today.
  3. Formulate claim argument by Wednesday, Jan 30th
  4. Remember to search and locate words for you Vocabulary Journal as you read.

Thursday – Friday, Jan 25,26

  1. Lab days to compose narratives
    • Writing – Summative Assessment – Compose a narrative (600-700 word maximum) – partners optional – fiction or nonfiction employing literary techniques reviewed/discussed – due at end of lab time on Friday, Jan. 26.




British Literature
Jan. 8 – 12

– Have signed syllabus by Monday

Monday, Jan. 8
Standards: RI1-6, RI10, W2, W4, W5, W10, L1-5

  1. Collect signed copies of syllabus.
  2. Explain how to complete Array Inventory (Array Interaction Inventory 2-sided.doc) and allow students time to complete.
  3. Comma, part of speech, part of sentence pre-assessment (Grammar Foundational Concepts Pre-Assessment.docx, Grammar Foundational Concepts Pre-Assessment Answers.docx).
  4. GUM Review: DPG Sent. 1. Fix GUM, identify parts of speech and parts of sentence: i like the movie clueless its based on jane austens novel emma
  5. Go over basic sentence structure.

Tuesday, Jan. 9
Standards: RI1-6, RI10, W2, W4, W5, W10, L1-5

  1. Go over how to decode the Standards (Decoding the GSE.pptx).
  2. Unpacking the standards for Unit 1.
  3. GUM Review: Verbs, Action and Linking (5 Action Linking Verbs 12GE1705.pdf and 6 Action Linking Verbs 12GE1706.pdf)

Wednesday and Thursday, 11th and 12th 

  1. Field Test, EOC – Lab 208
  2. Springboard Sign Up.  Follow the directions EXACTLY  SpringBoard Instructions for First Time Login-163uox9
  3. Read “In Search of Adventure” on page 3 of Writing Workshop 1
  4. Complete SOAPSTone questions on page 4

Grade 12_Writing Workshop 1_CC2018_SE Writing Process-2c51kc6


Friday, Jan. 12

Standards: RI1, RI2, RI4, RI5, RI6, RI10, SL1, SL3, SL4, SL6, L1, L2

  1. PEP RALLY 1/12/18
  2. GUM Review: Verbs, Transitive and Intransitive (7 Trans Intrans Verbs 12GE1707.pdf and 8 Trans Intrans Verbs 12GE1708.pdf).
  3. Discuss “Check Your Understanding” p. 5.
  4. Finish group discussions of questions on WW1, page 4.
  5. Groups present responses to questions and class discusses text.
  6. WW1, page 5, read aloud Stage 1 quotation. Individuals complete #1; then, groups complete #2. Individuals complete #3.
  7. WW1, Prewriting, page 5. Read aloud quotation. Groups discuss quotation, then individuals, with the group’s assistance and feedback, complete SOAPSTone for chosen topic. Hand in individual SOAPSTone at the beginning of next class.