8th Grade Reading

Week of Sept. 17-21

As we continue our novel study, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, students will demonstrate an understanding of Dystopian societies and find textual evidence to support characteristics. (handout 2)

Vocabulary quiz scheduled for Thursday.  10 words chapters 1-2.

Vocabulary words ch. 1-2 The Hunger Games-12liayo


Multi-sensory instruction of chapters 3, 4, and 5.  Stopping to discuss new vocabulary, textual evidence of dystopian society, and characteristics of the protagonists in our story.  Students are also finding the Notice and Note signposts and asking deeper anchor questions, such as:

Why would the character act and feel this way?

How might this moment change things?

What does this question make me wonder about?

What’s the life lesson and how might it affect the character?

Why might this memory be important?

New vocabulary: Ch. 3-5 Irony, justice, peacekeepers, apothecary, mercifully, opulence, deteriorate, obscenities, indulgences, cornucopia, grandeur, complementary, tangible, flamboyant

Dandelions as a symbol?  Students will look for symbolism and interpret the meaning.


8th Grade Reading

Week of Sept. 10 – 14

Students will complete the vocabulary lesson 2 and check answers Monday.  An assessment will be Thursday, 9/13.  Study your packet and the quizlet link below.  Make flashcards as described in class.


Students begin an introduction/background knowledge to Suzanne Collins author of The Hunger Games.  We will read and discuss chapters 1-5 this week, including vocabulary acquisition, notice and note signposts, and comprehension questions.

We need items for our STEM activities:

Q Tips (5 per student)                                  Dental floss (in container)

toilet paper tubes  (2 per student)             12 inch balloons

bag of marshmallows                                    pom pon balls (any color)

felt scraps                                                        cotton balls  (10-12 per student)

plastic bag fro Publix or Kroger                  yarn, twine, or kite string

liquid glue

8th Grade Reading

Week of Sept. 4-7

Tuesday – Review Clean Sweep focusing on sequence of events and comprehension questions; introduced Notice and Note Signposts for Fiction: contrast & contradiction and tough questions.

Wednesday – Vocabulary word list 2; complete exercises 2A and 2B

Thursday – Vocabulary complete exercises 2C, 2D, and the reading passage The Frozen Man

Friday – Complete 15 comprehension questions relating to the passage.  Vocabulary test on Tuesday.

8th Grade Reading


Week of Aug. 27 – 31

I am excited to tell you, students and parents, that we will soon have enough copies of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins to begin our unit!  We have received a few book donations (thank you parents!) and I purchased a few also.   We have even received a gift card from a retired Dickerson Middle School educator to make a purchase with.  Big thank you to Mrs. Julie Melton.  

Monday – Ms. Inman is leading us in a new Break Out lesson which will be on Media Center use and Literary Genres; catch up on any incomplete assignments for reading; students will have time to check out a new independent reading book also.

Tuesday – Types of Conflict; plot diagram; and inferences.  Maybe a POP quiz.  Conflict cards

Wednesday – Mini lesson on flashback and sequence of events

Thursday  and Friday – Practice & apply conflict and sequence by reading Clean Sweep by Joan Bauer in our 8th grade Literature texts pgs. 64-72;  use visual organizer to sequence the plot; Comprehension questions – Recall, clarify, and summarize.

pdf for Clean Sweep   https://www.coachdanner.net/uploads/4/8/7/7/48772993/clean_sweep_se_pages.pdf



Week of Aug. 20 – 24

8th Grade Reading


Monday – students will review for the vocabulary test on Tuesday; visit media center for book check out;

Tuesday – students will complete the multiple choice vocabulary test and begin silently reading Raymond’s Run

Wednesday & Thursday – Students click on the link below to join edpuzzle.com


Students will listen and read (multi-sensory approach) Raymond’s Run by Toni Cade Bambara from our edpuzzle.com class and using the 8th grade literature textbook.  Answer questions 1-4 citing the page number, and use words from the text as evidence.  Or you can find it online   https://my.hrw.com/la_2010/na_lit/student/ebook_gr8/osp/data/u1_raymond_run_toni_se.pdfAlso listen to the Raymond’s Run video which is a short 5 min. discussion about allusion and how it is used in our story.  Answer the 1 question that follows.  Discuss/review plot diagram – Complete a plot diagram for Raymond’s Run.

Friday – Review answers from edpuzzle.com and plot diagram; Begin Inferencing Investigations 1 & 2





This Week in 8th Grade Reading

We are looking for 25 copies of the Hunger Games so that we can began our novel study and problem based learning literacy (PBLL) assignments!

Week of Aug. 13 – 17

Students will begin a series of lessons focusing on improving students’ vocabulary by introducing new words and concepts.

Monday – Media Center Visit; Introduction of word lists (15 words) and facilitate discussion of words to include synonyms and antonyms; Homework complete exercise 1A Finding Meanings – Students should pick 2 of the 4 phrases to form a sentence that makes sense.  Write the sentence on the line provided.

Tuesday – Check homework; Discuss and complete exercise 1B Just the Right Word; Discuss and complete exercise 1C Applying Meanings – be careful- this task requires application of skills and more than one answer can be correct.

Wednesday – Check classwork; Discuss and complete exercise 1D Word Relationships –

Thursday – Check classwork; Discuss and complete exercise 1E Narrative – A Poet of the People; Read and discuss narrative; answer questions 1-15; follow directions exactly!

Friday –  Review for TEST;  Our scheduled test days are  currently Tuesday and Thursday.  Students are have a SAT vocabulary test on Tuesday in their Language Arts class.  We will vote on taking the test Monday or Tuesday (as planned).



This week in 8th Grade Reading 8/6 – 8/10

Week of August 6-10

Thank you students for your excellent behavior and participation during our fire drill on Monday afternoon!

Monday – Students reviewed syllabus and grading procedures; visited media center to check out books (an independent reading book is required EACH day in class); BYO Desk article

Tuesday – Students went to the 8 COM Lab and completed the Reading Inventory; silent read with time remaining

Wednesday – BYO Desk article; Read; annotate article; discussion; work with clock partner to complete responses after reading.

Thursday – Begin vocabulary unit 1; introduce words and discuss their use, synonyms/antonyms, etc; begin exercises 1A & 1B;

Friday – Check answers from 1A & 1B; begin exercise 1C and 1D

Looking ahead:  Do you have a copy of The Hunger Games you could borrow for 4-6 weeks?  Ask a brother or sister or maybe a neighbor.



8th Grade Reading

If you did not complete covering the front of your composition book today in class, it is homework to be finished over the weekend.  Students should cover the composition book with pictures of themselves, hobbies, family, pets, etc.  This is a graded “Getting to know you” activity.