Oct 9 ~ 13

We are learning about different types of weathering. Vocabulary to know…

Weathering, erosion, deposition, gravity, Chemical weathering, oxidation, acid precipitation, Mechanical (Physical) weathering, biological weathering, ice wedging, abrasion, iron oxide.

weathering-study-guide-week 10-17s27ju

Social Studies:
We can connect chemical weathering (science) with Acid Rain. We are learning about environmental issues in different regions of the world.

AWESOME reading of environmental issues around the world 2015 SPANISH HELPER

Environmental Issues 2015

Oct 2 ~ Oct 6

This week in Science we are continuing our unit on Metamorphic Rocks and what processes Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks go through in the Rock Cycle.

In Social Studies we are learning about environmental issues

August 21 ~ 25

Whoa! Are you as excited about the total eclipse as I am? Feel free to comment what you thought of the experience whether you saw it live in a classroom, or you experienced the eclipse outside with your teacher.

This week in science we will be learning more about mineral identification.


Mineral Property Powerpoint 2017 week 4-1npn6ud

Some useful information:

Mineral Study Guide 2017 week 4 COMPLETED-pfrg4f

In Social Studies we will be learning about the different types of government and citizen participation for our regions.

August 8 ~ 11

We made it to week 2!

This week in Social Studies (Clark) we are reviewing continents, oceans and cardinal directions. Students are learning map skills that will prepare them for Middle School and beyond.

Students will begin working in stations. Students will learn what is expected when they are working cooperatively in groups. We believe in movement while learning.

In Science (Bonner) students continue to learn about lab safety, the scientific method and later in the week we will begin studying rocks and minerals.

7/31/17 ~ 8/4/17 WELCOME TO 6TH GRADE!!!

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful summer break. I wanted to introduce myself and the resources on my blog. I am Mrs. Knox and I co-teach with Mrs. Clark (Social Studies) and Ms. Bonner (Science). I like to keep my blog simple, but useful. I post resources to help make you successful in 6th grade. You can visit my blog weekly for videos and study materials. Please use your Science or Social Studies teacher’s blog for daily updates and assignments. Feel free to message me on my blog if you have questions relating to assignments, assessments and projects.

I look forward to working with you this school year.