3rd Grade Block Party

We will be having our 3rd grade block party tomorrow. We will be having pizza and treats for the kids so no need to bring  a lunch unless they want something else. We will have both regular and gluten free pizza. Students may bring their yearbooks to be signed by friends in other classes, a towel, outdoor games like: (football, soccer ball, wiffle ball), and board games. In the event it rains we will be having our block party in the hallway:) We are excited to celebrate the end of the year with everyone together!

Super Star News Week of May 7th – 11th

We had a great week! Field Day was awesome and we all had a great time!!! We loved watching everyone in the marathon and the kickball game. We ended the week with our Fairy Tale Ball with our book buddies. It was so much fun! Thank you to all who contributed and were able to come in to help.

Reading Workshop – We spent a few days researching our second animal for book clubs. Next week we will be planning our animal presentations.  We also started our individual reading assessments.

Writing Workshop – We started publishing our Fairy Tales. We will be continuing to work on them next week.

Math – We spent time reviewing 2 step word problems using all 4 operations. We only did one multiplication drill this week due to filed day. We will continue our Wednesday/Friday schedule next week.

Science – We finished up our unit on heat and took our heat test on Friday.

REMINDERS  for next week:

Habitat Play – Please have all costumes in by Monday if possible, Tuesday the latest.

Wednesday, May 16th – We will be  having our Super Star celebration at 8:30 in the classroom. You will be receiving tickets for the number of people you have coming so you do not need to sign in. You will need your ticket to get into the building.

Friday – We will be having our 3rd grade block party. Students will not need to bring or buy lunch that day unless they choose to do so. We will be providing pizza (regular and gluten free), sweet treats, juice and water.  Students may also bring towels, outdoor games (soccer balls, wiffle ball, etc.)

It’s hard to believe the end of the year is here! I’m looking forward to these last few weeks with the kids! Have a great weekend!


Field Day Tomorrow!

Dear Parents,

I am sorry to be writing so late, but it has just been one of those days:)  If your child would like to bring a towel or blanket to school tomorrow we will be eating lunch outside. Also, I suggested to them today they may want to bring a change of clothes in the event they get wet at one of the water stations., especially if they dunk me:) Again, I apologize for the late notice, but wanted to at least get it out there. Thank you for understanding!





Marathon and Kickball Game

Please have your child bring a beach towel or blanket to sit on for the marathon tomorrow and the teacher vs. fifth grade kickball game on Thursday. We will be enjoying popsicles while we cheer  on our East Side students and staff in these fun end of year events!

Thank you!


Super Star News Week of 4/30 – 5/4

We had a great week! It started with our fabulous trip to Mercedes Benz Stadium. We got to see the Falcons locker room and even got to play on the field! It was an awesome trip! Please note some upcoming important dates:

Wednesday May 9th : Field Day

Wednesday May 16th : Super Star End of YearW Celebration 8:30 – 9:30

Friday May 18th : 3rd Grade Block Party (details to follow)

Here’s a look at what we did this week:

Reading Workshop: We continued with our research clubs and finished up our research on our first animal. Mini lessons included:

  • Readers develop ideas by studying subjects the same way they study characters through traits, motivations, and struggles
  • Readers talk and think in response to texts by revisiting notes and asking questions
  • Readers look at the Informational Reading Progression to help set goals for their next study

Students worked in clubs to create new goals and choose a second animal to research.

Writing Workshop:

We continued with our Fairy Tale unit of study. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers of Fairy Tales use narration to introduce the story, switch scenes, and to end the story
  • Writers create scenes including details and dialogue to show character’s actions and thoughts/feelings
  • Writers develop strong endings to fairy tales

Grammar – We reviewed simple sentences with subject and predicate.  We also learned  about compound sentences, which are 2 simple sentences put together using a conjunction.  Conjunctions are connecting words. We use FANBOYS to help us remember our conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so ).  We will discuss complex sentences next week.

Science – We started our unit on heat. We learned vocabulary including: heat, temperature, thermal energy and transfer. Students read in our science text about how quickly particles move with heat and how once the temperature drops, they move more slowly. We also watched some Brainpop videos on heat and temperature. Students created word splashes in their notebooks to talk about how our content vocabulary is connected.  We also spent time working on our Georgia habitats play. We will continue with heat next week.

Math: We reviewed 2 step word problems using all 4 operations and  also started some extension activities. Students got to choose between several problem solving tasks reviewing concepts from the year. Activity choices included: The Key to Atalanta (planning a trip for a family visiting Atlanta), Secret Destination (measuring using inches, feet and yards, writing directions and crating a map), and Measuring the Zoo ( area, perimeter, measurement using cm. and inches). We also had our bi-weekly fluency drills. The students are beating their own scores each week – woohoo!!! We also took the Math Inventory for the county on Friday.

I hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend. Enjoy this beautiful weather!


A few things to note:


Please remember to have your child wear his/her class t-shirt on Monday for our field trip. We will be eating lunch there so please pack your child  a brown bag lunch if it is not being purchased here at school.

Also, please note we will be starting to have multiplication fluency drills twice a week. Students will be given 5 minutes to complete 100 problems. These drills will be on Wednesdays and Fridays so please ensure your child studies his/her facts as this is one of our standards for this last quarter.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,



Super Star News Week of April 23rd-27th

We had a good week and are working hard to get through this last quarter . We have a lot coming up and packed into our schedule. Just a reminder our Mercedes Benz  field trip is on Monday, April 30th. I have heard from some people, if you plan on attending please let me know. We ended our week with book buddies celebrating National Super Hero Day. It was so fun to see what our kindergarten book buddies super powers would be! Take a look at what we did this week:

Reading Workshop: We continued with our research club unit of study. The kids are doing a great job working in their clubs and researching their animals. I am so proud of them! Mini lessons included:

  • Readers search for information as if their digging for treasure
  • Readers regroup articles and books as they add resources to their collection
  • Readers synthesize information across texts
  • Readers use “lingo” about a topic and create their own word banks and glossaries

Writing Workshop: We are loving this Fairy Tale unit and writing our own fairy tale adaptations! The kids have been acting out, planning and started writing scenes. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers draft plans for fairy tales by breaking them in 2-3 scenes or small moments
  • Writers rehearse writing so their story comes to life
  • Writers can story tell and act out scenes as they draft
  • Writers draft their first scene including initial change for adaptation

Grammar: We reviewed sentence types – simple and compound sentences. We also went over our coordinating conjunctions again FANBOYS – for, and, nor, but, or, yet and so). We discussed subjects and predicates in sentences as well.

Social Studies – We completed our unit on government. We used our Georgia Studies Weekly Newspapers to learn more about our state government. We focused on political parties, the levels of government, the Georgia state flag and seal, and completed a review for our assessment. We took our assessment on Friday. Next week we will be starting our last science unit on Heat.

Math – We completed our unit on geometry. We spent the week talking mostly about the attributes of polygons. Students completed riddles where they had to figure out the shapes based on the given attributes, completed an attribute sort, and reviewed sides, angles, and attributes for our assessment which was on Friday.

We had a busy week, but it was a good one. We are working hard to complete all of our standards so we can look forward to some fun end of year activities.

REMINDER: Our end of year performance and Super Star celebration will be on May 16th from 8:30 – 9:30. We hope everyone can make it!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Super Star News Week of April 16th – 20th

We had a good week. We finished up Milestone testing  on Tuesday and were able to get back into a normal routine for a few days. We ended the week with a fun grade level STEM activity. The kids researched thermal energy and learned about how to make ice cream. Their challenge was to make their own ice cream churn!  It really was a fun one and they did a great job. Our homemade ice cream just didn’t quite taste like the “real stuff!” Take  a look at what we did this week:

Reading Workshop: We started our lats unit on Research Book Clubs. Mini lessons included:

  • Readers choose animals of interest, create clubs, and set rules
  • Readers rev up for research projects by creating a club plan
  • Readers organize books/ articles by level of difficulty before researching
  • Readers look for subtopics within their big topics when reseraching

Writing Workshop: We also started our Fairy Tale unit. This is such a cool unit as the kids get to write their own versions of a favorite fairy tale. We spent time reading several fairy tale adaptations. These included Prince Cinders, Goldi Rocks, The Rough Face Girl, and Jack and the Stinky Bean Stalk. The students also had time to do an inquiry of original fairy tales and fairy tale adaptations to see what real authors do in stories like this. Min lessons included:

  • Writers inquire about how authors write fairy tale adaptations
  • Writers plan fairy tale adaptations by doing 2 things: 1. Decide on a change 2. Let that change lead to others so the story flows
  • Writers draft plans for fairy tale adaptations

Social Studies: We continued with our unit on government. We reviewed the 3 branches and what each one does. Students also learned about  democracy, checks and balances,  and our government’s responsibilities at that state level. We used our Georgia Studies Weekly Newspapers and our government tree resource to help us understand how our United States government works. We also watched a Brainpop video on the 3 branches  and a few other short videos about Democracy. We will test on this next week.

Math – We continued with our unit on geometry. We reviewed polygons and quadrilaterals, angles, and describing shapes using attributes. Students completed activities such as Monster shapes, and Geometric Masterpiece,  where they had to use and identify shapes to create a picture. In our Geometric Masterpiece each shape was  assigned a price and students had to add up what their masterpiece would cost. They also did Geometry Match Up, which was a vocabulary activity.

REMINDER: Our Mercedes Benz field trip is on Monday April 30th. We are very excited!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!




Super Star News Week of April 9th-11th

This week was filled with testing and review. The kids rocked their test and all tried their best.  They did a great job.  We have 2 more days to go next week.  Please continue to ensure your child gets plenty of rest and eats a good breakfast. Thank you to those who have brought in snacks and for all of the positive notes you are sending in. The kids love reading them in the morning before they  start testing. It truly makes their day!

We spent time reviewing geometry, measurement, and constructed response, for math.  We also started a new Social Studies unit on the 3 branches of government. We will continue this unit next week. We are also looking forward to starting our fairy tale unit in writing, and our animal research clubs in reading workshop.

I am so proud of the kids for all of their hard work on testing. I hope everyone has a wonderful  weekend!




Mercedes Benz Field Trip

Dear Parents,

As you know we will taking our field  trip to Mercedes Benz Stadium on Monday, April 30th.  Anyone  is more than welcome to meet us there. Please know that if you do choose to join us,  there will be a $25.00 entry fee at the door. We are scheduled to leave school at 9:00 so are expecting to arrive by approximately 10:00.  If you think you would like to come, please just send me an e mail so I know about how many people to expect and so we can watch out for you. It is suppose to be a pretty great trip and we are all SUPER EXCITED!

Thank you in advance,