Super Star News Week of February 12 – 16

Thank you again for all of your well wishes when I was out sick. I greatly appreciate it. The kids were helpful and very understanding of me coming back this week and still being a bit under the weather. They are wonderful!  Take a look at what we worked on this week:

Reading Workshop: We were excited to finish our unit read aloud Because of Winn Dixie. We loved the happy ending and following, the main character, Opal along her journey. The other characters also taught us many important life lessons. We are excited to be able to watch the movie as a grade level before the winter break. Mini lessons included:

  • Readers notice the roles secondary characters play along a story mountain
  • Readers pay close attention to the climax noticing how the main character is tested
  • Readers note how characters reach the top and then come down the story mountain
  • Readers reflect on their feeling about characters throughout the book  by stopping and jotting

While we finished the book itself we are by no means done talking about these wonderful characters and all of the wonderful things we have learned from them!

Writing Workshop: We are working so hard on our persuasive pieces! We stopped and did a checkpoint to assess where we are as writers. Based on those assessments we developed a new checklist and organizer to help categorize our thoughts. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers stop and look at where they are and where they need to be
  • Writers use a checklist to set new goals for writing
  • Writers create new planners to match their goals
  • Writers identify categories by looking for sentences that go together
  • Writers take their categories and write them long across drafting paper

The kids worked so hard in writing and I am very proud of where we ended the week as writers!

Social Studies: We completed our pollution unit and students started the week by taking their pollution assessment. We started our unit on Colonial America. Students learned about colonization and why the Puritans came to America. They were introduced to the New England Colonies, Mid Atlantic Colonies, and Southern Colonies. We identified each on a map and created a color coded key to identify each colony. This week our focus was on the New England colonies. The students read about Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. We discussed religious freedom, economics, and resources they had in each. We ended the week with our assessment. After the break, we will be focusing on the Mid-Atlantic Colonies.

Math – We continued working on measurement and line plots. We spent the beginning of the week focusing on understanding how line plots are an organized way to show data. We discussed how line plots show the mode (what occurs most frequently) and the range (the difference between the greatest and least). We spent time looking at several examples of data together and creating line plots as a class. Students then worked with partners to collect data for the lengths of everyone’s pencils in the class and created their own line plots. The kids seemed to enjoy it and our assessment went well. We will be moving into 2 step word problems after the break.

I hope you all have a very relaxing and wonderful winter break.  Wishing you and your families all stay well and enjoy!

Mrs. Anderson




Super Star News

We have pretty much gotten back into our routine this week. We are doing our best to sanitize, hand wash, and keep our hands away from our faces. The kids have been great about doing and helping with all of this! Take a look at what we worked on this week:

Reading Workshop: We continued our read aloud of Because of Winn Dixie and it just keeps getting better and better! We also read the book Peter’s Chair by Ezra Jack Keats to tie in with our character work this week. Students also took a formative assessment for the first part of our character study. Mini lessons included:

  • Main characters in all stories travel along story mountains (traveling up the mountain, facing challenges, and coming back down)
  • Readers grow theories about characters in short stories
  • Readers note the purpose of book clubs and choose books worth discussing

Writing Workshop:  We started the week with the task of choosing our seed idea from our notebook entries. These will be the ideas we will bring to full publication for our persuasive unit of writing. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers take their seed idea and create an organizer to plan out their writing
  • Writers write long about their topic convincing others with all they know
  • Writers look at strong pieces of persuasive writing and note a thesis, reasons, examples/supporting details, and a strong organizational pattern
  • Writers create a strong thesis with their first reason and supporting details (we color coded these paragraphs)

Word Work: We focused on prefixes and root words this week. Some common prefixes included: re, dis, un, and non. Students drilled sound cards and learned the meanings of these prefixes. They also learned trick words including: would, should, and could. (NOTE – these are word that do not follow a spelling rule).

Science: We completed our unit on habitats. The students took visual tours through each region and  noted the types of plants and animals that live there. They also noted the locations of each region on the map. We reviewed each region and completed a graphic organizer with fun facts about each. We ended the week with our habitat/region assessment. Next week we will be moving on to pollution.

Math: We spent the week finishing up our unit on fractions. Mini lessons included:

  • Identifying fractions on a number line
  • Identifying equivalent fractions by drawing models
  • Equivalent fractions on a number line
  • How can I solve fraction word problems using unit bars?

Math centers included activities such as Fraction Town, Roll, Slide Cover game, Go Fish Star Wars Equivalent Fractions, and a Problem Solving Task Card Hunt. We ended the week with our assessment on fractions.

We kept pretty busy and also had a chance to visit our new Literacy Lab. We are so fortunate to have so many new books to choose from.

SPECIAL REQUEST: If anyone has any old plastic wind up toys you can donate to the class for our next STEM project it would be greatly appreciated. Please note they will be taken apart!

I hope everyone is staying well. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!



Author Jane O’Connor



Bestselling author, Jane O’Connor is coming to East Side Elementary! Jane will make a presentation to the third grade team on Thursday, February 8th! If you would like to purchase a book to be autographed to your child, please contact: FoxTale Book Shoppe, 105 E. Main St., #138, Woodstock, GA 30188; 770-516-9989, . Fox Tale Book Shoppe will be adding a link to their website this weekend for East Side students to purchase their books through their website!

At this time, East Side cannot accept cash sales for her books, and all books need to be purchased through FoxTale Book Shoppe, and the books will be brought to East Side on February 8th. If you purchase a book online, please let me know.

Super Star News – Week of January 22nd -26th

We are working hard to get back into the swing of things. This week was busy with our Bring on the Snow performance and STEM night. Both were a huge success! A BIG thank you to Mr Matthews, Mrs Field, and Mrs. Gibbon for leading our performance. Also to all those who helped to put on another wonderful night of awesome STEM activities. We have added Breakfast With a Book dates to our Shutterfly site if you would like to sign up. Take a look at what we did this week:

Reading Workshop: We recently started a new unit on Characters. We are loving the book Because of Winn Dixie and really getting to know a lot about the main character, Opal. We can’t wait to keep reading to find out even more about this wonderful little girl! Mini lessons included:

  • Readers use theories about characters to make predictions
  • Readers use what they know about characters to dig deeper and ask “Why is the character that way?”
  • Readers set clear goals by asking “How can I develop even stronger ideas about my characters?”
  • Readers use a learning progression to help them infer about characters

Writing Workshop: We are continuing our persuasive writing unit. The students have been working on gathering entries in their notebooks about problems and solutions, noteworthy people, and trying to convince some one to try something new. Mini lesson included:

  • Writers study persuasive writing and take note of what good writers do
  • Writers consider audience by addressing them directly
  • Writers stop and look to ask “Am I getting better?”
  • Writers use organizers to help them sort reasons and examples to support those reasons

Word Work: We started to work on prefixes, re, un, and dis. We will continue this work next week

Science – We  continued our Georgia Habitats unit. Students learned new vocabulary including: environment, ecosystem, and habitat. Mini lessons included:

  • What are Georgia’s regions/habitats and how can I identify them on a map?
  • What plants and animals make up the Mountains and Appalachian Plateau?
  • What plants and animals make up the Piedmont region?

We also took virtual field trips to these 2 regions and read more information about each in our mini booklets with our partners.

Math: We continued our unit on fractions. We focused on fractions on a number line and equivalent fractions. Mini lessons included:

  • How can I identify fractions on a number line?
  • How can I create a number line to show fractional parts?
  • What are equivalent fractions?
  • How can I sue fraction tiles to show equivalent fractions?

Students also played fraction BINGO, and participated in center activities including Fraction Town, Fraction Farm, and Star Wars Equivalent Fraction Match Up.  We will continue this unit next week.

Sneak Peek at Next week:

Reading: Character Studies

Writing: Choosing a seed idea for persuasive writing

Science: Georgia Regions/Habitats

Math: Fractions and Measurement/Line Plots

Overall we had a good first week back. I’m sure everyone is tired, but they pulled through as always. It was so nice to get back on a schedule. Next week we hope to really be back at it. Have a wonderful weekend!



Stem Camp Opportunity

Please see the email below from our science department.


We are excited to offer our first ever STEM Camp Cobb on Feb. 19th, 20th, & 21st at Daniell MS.  Students in grades 3-8 who attend will be able to select from 42 different sessions being offered during the camp.  Sessions range from Starwars Mission to Mars to 3D printing basics to Drone Flight School.  Lunch and camp t-shirt provided.


Visit for camp details.  Let me know if you have any questions.



3rd Grade Music Performance

As a reminder, our Third Grade music performance is still on for Monday night at 6:00pm. Students should be in their classroom between 5:40-5:45pm. Students who do not have a speaking part should wear jeans and their class t-shirts. Students with speaking parts should bring their costumes to school Monday morning for our dress rehearsal. We will also perform Tuesday morning at 8:00am for the school, so please make sure students have their costumes then, as well. Thank you for your patience!

Also our school wide STEM night is Tuesday evening. We would love to see you all there!


Super Star News Week of Jan. 8th – 12th

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed time with family and friends. It is hard to believe that the second half of the year is here already! We have gotten back into a routine and are ready to tackle these last 2 quarters. Take a look at what we worked on this past week.

Reading Workshop: We took a pre-assessment for our next unit about characters. We started a new read aloud, Because of Winn Dixie. I think everyone is already loving it! Mini lessons included:

  • Readers get to know characters in a book
  • Readers pay attention to what characters say and how they act
  • Readers use what characters say and do to develop ideas about characters

Writing Workshop: We started our unit on persuasive/opinion writing. We took an on demand writing prompt and wrote about something we are passionate about. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers kick off the unit with a writing boot camp
  • Writers see persuasive writing as a thesis statement, reasons, and details/examples
  • Writers brainstorm ideas by seeing problems and imagining solutions

We also spent a day writing New Year’s resolutions.

Science – We started a new unit on Plant and Animal Features and Adaptations. Students learned vocabulary such as adaptation, survive and reproduce. We learned about various plants and animals in Georgia and how they use adaptations to help them survive. Next week we will be starting to talk about the different regions and habitats in Georgia.

Math – We started our unit on fractions. Students learned about fractions as parts of whole and fractions as parts of a set. Vocabulary included numerator, denominator, partitioning, and fraction bar. We did a few Smart Board activities practicing identifying, partitioning, and shading fractions. Math centers included a Fraction Bump Game, Bowling Fractions, and Basketball Fractions.

We ended the week by meeting with our book buddies. We read the story The Mitten Tree and helped our book buddies create mittens that had matching patterns. If you  happen to stop by school look for our Mitten Tree. We will be adding more Breakfast With a Book dates to our Shutterfly page soon!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Anderson


Week of December 18th – 22nd

Dear Parents,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your generosity and the many beautiful gifts for the holiday. We had an AMAZING and fun filled day with our book buddies and each other. Teaching is a gift in itself, but the best part is working with such wonderful families and students. Thank you for all of your support in allowing me to teach your children. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Much Love,


Super Star News Week of December 11-15

WOW! We had a whirlwind of a week as we worked so hard to finish up our units for this quarter.  We are getting there! Just a few more things to finish up and our informational writing. We are getting excited and looking forward to our Polar Express celebration. We read the story with book buddies on Friday and helped them make their bells with a special red bow and BELIEVE tag. They did a great job! Take a look at what we worked on this week:

Reading Workshop: We completed our Reading to Learn unit. Mini lessons included:

  • Readers of narrative non-fiction ASK: what did the main subject learn?
  • Readers read narrative non-fiction thinking of character’s traits, wants, and struggles
  • Readers pay attention to how an author switches lenses in narrative non-fiction

We also took our post unit assessment where students read an informational  text about roller coasters.  We completed all of our individual assessments as well.

Writing Workshop: We spent the week editing and revising o ur informational pieces. Students began working on their final copies. We had a lot of partner work and student-teacher conferences going on. Everyone is working very hard on their pieces!

Social Studies: We completed our unit on explorers with our last explorer being John Cabot. Students also took their assessment on this unit.

Math: We reviewed the Distributive Property of Multiplication and started working on simple area. Students learned that area is the amount of unit squares that cover a surface. They learned you can count square units to find area and also how to find area by using the formula length X width. We will spend Monday and Tuesday finishing this up.

The excitement of the holidays has us all very excited. We are looking forward to a fun filled day next Wednesday to celebrate all of our hard work and enjoy a little holiday fun together before the break as it is much deserved!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!


Technology Competition

Cobb County Regional Technology Competition
Cobb County is hosting the annual regional technology competition on January 27 at Wheeler High School.  Registration is open but closes on December 15, 2018.  Registration and Rules can be found at
Cobb County Regional Technology Competition is a technology competition where students in grades 3-12 compete in a variety of technology categories. Our main goal is to challenge students to become leaders in a digital age.