Super Star News Week of 11/13 – 11/17

We had a great week. We were busy but worked hard to get it all done! Our trip to the Tellus Museum was awesome! Thank you to all who were able to join us. The kids had a blast! We ended the week by watching our book buddies perform their annual First Thanksgiving program. We also did a cool  Thanksgiving Day puppeteer project with Mrs. Field’s class based on the informational text Balloons on Broadway. Take a look at what we learned about this week:

Reading Workshop: We are still working on our Reading to Learn unit. Mini lessons included:

  • Readers lift the level of student talk  – we learn to talk well about texts bu thinking strongly about texts)
  • Readers note the qualities of great conversations
  • Readers of non-fiction texts use their knowledge of how a story goes to organize understanding of a text
  • Readers note key story elements of a biography

Writing Workshop: Students continued to write their informational texts on expert topics. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers think about how connecting chapter sis like paper chains
  • Writers make sure they interest their readers by including facts and ideas
  • Writers don’t just write information from their brains they research for the perfect fact or example

Word Work: We learned the FLOSS (FLSZ) rule. when a word has a short vowel and ends in f, l, s, or z you double the consonant.

Social Studies – We continued to learn about the exploration of Christopher Columbus and started to study Henry Hudson and his exploration. Henry Hudson discovered water passages such as the Henry Hudson River and Hudson Bay.

Math – We learned different strategies for multiples of 10. Students learned to use place value, using repeated addition. We will continue with multiples of 10 in word problems after the break.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday with your families. I am so very thankful have such wonderful students and families to work with. Enjoy the break!





REMINDER: Tellus Tomorrow!

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder, we will be going to the Tellus museum tomorrow. We will be leaving school around 9:15 and returning at approximately 1:00. Students will be having sack lunch from the cafeteria if they do not bring lunch from home. Please have your  child wear his/her class t shirt. We are excited and looking forward to a fun filled day!

Super Star News Week of 11/6 – 11/11

We had a great week and kept busy! We ended the week honoring our Veterans with our annual Veterans Day breakfast and parade. The kids made some pretty awesome signs and flags thanking them for their service. It was a great start to our Friday! Just a few reminders for next week. We will be going to the book fair as a class on Monday, November 13th from 8:55-9:15. We also have our field trip to the Tellus Museum next Thursday. If you  have not yet sent in your permission slip please do so by Monday. Take a look at what we worked on this week:

Reading Workshop: We continued our Reading to Learn Unit. Mini lesson included:

  • To be a great non-fiction reader you need to be a person who finds the world to be a fascinating place
  • Readers read holding conversations in their minds and think in response to texts (i.e. I can picture how this goes, It’s important to notice that, I used to think, but now I’m realizing…)
  • Readers talk back to the author’s ideas by thinking: I see what you are saying, but I see things differently…

We also spent a few days on cross text synthesis. Taking information from a variety of texts and putting it together using our boxes and bullets strategy.

Writing Workshop: We continued with informational writing. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers use checklists to find and set personal goals
  • Writers think of ways they can add more by studying mentor texts to elaborate
  • Writers use an elaboration strategy and write as much as they can for each chapter

Grammar/Orton Gillingham Spelling:

We talked about past, present, and future tense verbs as well as past tense irregular verbs. We also learned about open and closed syllables. Open syllables. An open syllable has 1 vowel that is not closed in by a consonant. The vowel says its long sound. A closed syllable has 1 vowel, closed in by at least 1 consonant. The vowel says its short sound.

Social Studies – We started our  new unit about European explorers. This week we focused on Christopher Columbus. We learned much about his early life, his proposal to explore the New World, his accomplishments, and his relationship with the Natives.  We gathered information from our Georgia Studies Weekly Newspaper, and completed a crossword puzzle to show what we learned about him.

Math: We did our unit on one step multiplication and division word problems. We learned how to break apart a problem with our steps for problem solving, practiced solving problems using our strategies (equal groups, arrays, unit bars, etc.). We also worked problems with partners and did a few SMART notebook activities. Students took an assessment on Friday.

Sneak peek at Next Week:

Reading: Lifting the level of conversation in non-fiction text, Using structure to hold onto meaning

Writing: Revising a table of contents, Different paper structures lead to new chapter choices

Social Studies: Explorers – Henry Hudson

Math: Multiples of 10

Have a great weekend!


Honoring Our Veterans

Dear Parents,


On Friday, November 10th we will be having our annual Veterans Day breakfast and parade in honor of all who have served our country. If possible please have your child wear red, white, and blue or any one of those 3 colors. Also, if your child would like he/she may bring in a small flag to wave during the parade. Thank you in advance in helping us honor our Veterans.



Super Star News Week of 10/30

We had a great week and we had so much fun with our Fall/Halloween Stem Centers. The class had an AWESOME week. We earned double Super Star points on Halloween and even earned 2 eagles at lunch, which we didn’t even realize could happen. We worked hard this week to get everything done. Take a look at what we worked on:

Reading Workshop:  We continued with our unit on informational texts. Mini lessons included:

  • Readers look for pop out sentences to find the main idea of a text
  • Readers identify the theme of a story. NOTE: This was our lesson on Halloween as we looked for the message of the story Spookly the Square Pumpkin. We learned it’s OK to be different and to never judge a book by its cover.
  • Readers become more skilled by setting clear goals and developing clear plans to meet those goals

Writing Workshop: We have such great ideas for our informational texts and are working hard on our chapters. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers try out different structures in order to help them form chapters
  • Writers write chapters long and strong to share information
  • Writers organize and reorganize their Table of Contents to make it even better

Word Work: We did our sound card drills. We also learned about open and closed syllables.

Science – We reviewed for our fossils assessment and created our own flip books about “how a fossil forms. Students had to review the steps using their notebooks or text resources. They wrote each step in their own words and illustrated each step as well. We took our assessment on fossils  and will be going back to Social Studies and starting explorers next week.

REMINDER: October 16th is our trip to the Tellus Museum. Please feel free to join us if you are able to do so.

Sneak Peek at Next Week:

Reading Workshop: Identifying key details in a text, Key details vs. Unimportant details

Writing Workshop: Writing chapters using different structures, Revising table of contents

Word Work: Verb tenses, Suffix ed

Social Studies: Christopher Columbus

Math: Unit bars to show multiplication, Solving 1 step multiplication word problems

Have a great weekend!



Your child received his/her study guide for fossils on Friday, October 27th. We will be having our assessment next Thursday, November 2nd. Have a great weekend!

Superstar News Week of 10/23

We had a great week! Being back to a normal schedule was wonderful for all of us! I hope everyone enjoyed he Fall Festival last week. We will be having our STEM Halloween centers next week and are looking forward to a morning full of fun and learning on the 31st! Take a peek at our week:

Reading Workshop: We continued with our Reading to Learn Unit. Mini lessons included:

  • Readers look for pop out sentences to help identify the main idea
  • Readers identify key details after the pop out sentence
  • Readers gesture to one another by pointing to text and showing charts and diagrams
  • Readers teach others the main idea and key details by using their palm for the main idea and telling key details across 5 fingers

Writing Workshop: We continued our Informational writing unit. The students worked with their Table of Contents on their topics and created various text structures. Mini lessons included:

  • Writers create boxes and bullets to organize information
  • Writers think of pros and cons about their topics
  • Writers use cause/effect to organize information
  • Writers tell similarities and differences within a topic

We will be taking these structures for each chapter and turning them into complete sentences next week.

Word Work: We reviewed digraphs (sh, ch, th, and wh). We learned the ck rule – ck comes at the end of a word after a short vowel is heard. Students drilled sounds and we also did dictation for digraphs and ck.

Science – We started our unit on fossils.  We watched a Brain Pop video on fossils to kick off this unit. Mini lessons included:

  • What is a fossil and who studies fossils?
  • What are the 3 types of fossils?
  • How can I create a cast and mold fossil using clay and glue?

The students created their own fossils using shells and plastic animals. It was so fun! We can’t wait for them to dry! Study guides for fossils will be coming home as our test will be next week.

Math: We spent the week working on the associative property of multiplication and on fact families. Mini lessons included:

  • Reviewing the associative property of multiplication
  • What is a fact family and how can I create one?
  • Multiplication and Division Fact families

The students played a matching game for the associative property. We also reviewed a power point on addition and subtraction fact families. We created several multiplication and division fact families and worked through them together. We also played a dice game to practice working with fact families.

Sneak Peek at Next Week:

Reading: Informational Reading

Writing: Using text structures to create paragraphs

Math: Multiplication patterns and one step word problems

Science – Fossils/ Start explorers

Word Work – prefixes, open and closed syllables

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Super Star News 10/16-10/20

We finally are getting back into the routine of things and the kids had a great week! We had 2 BONUS superstar point days on Thursday and Friday! Thank you to all for joining me for conferences. I greatly appreciate your support, feedback, and teamwork in helping me best meet the needs of your child. Here’s a look at what we did this week:

Reading Workshop: We started our second unit of study Reading to Learn, which focuses on informational text. Mini lessons included:

  • What does a good independent reader of non-fiction look like?
  • How do readers rev up their minds for informational texts?
  • Grasping main ideas in non-fiction texts creating a boxes and bullets organizer

The students also shopped for informational texts in the media center so they are able to apply our mini lesson strategies to their independent reading. Please note I will be sending home sample responses for our informational reading response homework on Monday. There are 2 sections for summarizing this quarter as I feel the kids need significant practice as that is a tougher skill to develop.

Writing Workshop: We started a new unit The Art of Information Writing. This quarter the students get to “show off” their expertise on a topic they love and know a lot about. They will be writing as teachers in order to teach readers all they know about a topic of their choice. Mini lessons included:

  • Informational writers choose topics and rehearse their writing teaching others across 5 fingers
  • Informational writers write long getting down as much as they can about a topic
  • Informational writers look at their writing and organize their thoughts creating a table of contents

Math: We started learning about the Properties of Multiplication. Students learned about the Zero and Identity Property. They also learned about the Commutative and Associative Properties. Zero – any number times 0 is 0. Identity – any number times 1 is that number. Commutative – no matter what order you multiply the factors the product is always the same. Associative – you can group 3 factors differently (3×3)x2 = 3x(3×2) and still get the same product.

Science – We spent a little more time on our weathering and erosion unit that ties in with soil from the 1st quarter. The students read informational text about both and are in the middle of conducting a “Growing Ice” experiment.


Reading: Main Idea, Becoming Text Experts, Setting Goals as Informational Readers

Writing: Organizational Structures for Writing: Boxes and bullets, Cause/effect, Problem/Solution

Math: Associative and Distributive Properties of Multiplication

Science: Weathering and Erosion, Fossils

PLEASE NOTE: Next week is Red Ribbon week! Your child will be bringing home detailed information on about this in his/her Monday folder. MONDAY is school spirit day. Wear your favorite school shirt of colors.

Enjoy the Fall Festival and have a great weekend!






We are so fortunate here at East Side and have more than enough supplies for our STEM projects. We want the students at Brumby Elementary to experience STEM without limitations. This month each grade level team will be in charge of collecting specific items for Brumby’s STEM. Please send in the following items through October 31st! Thank you in advance for your support!!!

Items 3rd grade is collecting are: various sizes of metal washers, bobby pins, boxes (bar soap, toothpaste, baking soda), lifesavers candies

Thanks again for your support in this project!