Friday, February 15

It’s time for another break! Please remember there is no school Feb 18-22 and we will be back on the 25th.

An important date to remember is February 27th. The students will be going on a field trip to the Safety Village. Permission slips and information have already gone home and most have been returned. Thank you!

When we come back we are going to switch from Social Studies to Science. We are going to be looking at light and how it interacts with different materials. We will also continue working on drama’s in reading and informational writing in ELA. The students have done such a good job on their country research papers! Math will focus on the connection between fractions and decimals and also review simplifying fractions to the smallest terms.

Don’t forget the Read to Succeed logs are due back on the 25th!

I hope everyone has a great Winter Break!

Friday, February 8

Only one week before Winter Break!

Next week is incredibly busy. We are going to cover multiplication and fractions again. Students are in the middle of writing a research paper based on a country of their choice, research is being done at school as well as home. In reading we have started to cover drama’s and how they are structured. We’ve had fun putting on a history play in our classroom! Students will continue to practice the structure of drama’s and identifying themes. In social studies we are going over the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears. Next Friday students will have a test on these ideas and how the effected American Indian lives during Westward Expansion.

Next week is the spelling test, so students need to continue studying their words.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 1

It seems that January flew by. We’re already in February!

Next week we have Picture Day on Feb. 5, the packets for this have already been sent home.

In reading we are continuing to look at perspective and finding evidence for our answers. The students will use this skill in writing as well as they continue informational writing. In social studies we will continue with Westward Expansion and the lives of Americans after the Louisiana Purchase. Students will have a quiz on this next Friday. Math continues the fraction practice with work on multiplying fractions and understanding their role in repeated addition.

I hope it’s a great weekend. It’s sure to be a busy one with the Super Bowl being hosted in Atlanta!

Friday, January 25

It’s been a cold week and it looks like next week will be colder!

It was a short week but we got so much done. The students are working so hard on their informational writings and have done well with staying on topic and providing details to support their main ideas. We are going to finish comparing fractions and are going to be starting to decompose fractions next week. The science quiz will be on Tuesday and the students have their study guide for that. We will then switch back to social studies where we’ll look at Westward Expansion and the effects it had on different groups of people.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 18

Happy Friday!

It’s a long weekend, so I hope everyone has a great time, whether traveling or staying home. There is no school Monday so I’ll see the students Tuesday!

We are going to look at weather and weather conditions next week in science. Because of the shorter week the quiz won’t be next week, but a study guide will go home Thursday so they are prepared for the following Monday. We are going to compare fractions in math and continue to review equivalent fractions. In reading we are finishing up our unit on differing perspectives and we will continue to work on informational writing.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 11

Happy Friday!

It was a great week back! It’s so nice to be back in routine and working on our new goals. The students will continue working on informational writing this next week and will also continue with perspective and point of view in reading. During math we are going to finish reviewing equivalent fractions and will have a quiz Friday on fractions. Social Studies will be our content focus next week. The students will get a student guide on Wednesday and a quiz on Friday. The spelling test is also next Friday.

Report cards go home today!

Have a great weekend.

Friday, Jan 4

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful winter break.

It’ll probably be a bit of a challenge for students to get back into their routine, but I’m excited to be back in the classroom. We’re going to jump into working with fractions in math. This is always an interesting concept though it can be challenging. Equivalent fractions will be what we are specifically looking at this week. We go back to fiction stories in reading and students will work on identifying themes and looking at stories from different perspectives. This will tie into our informational writing which will look for various ways to present information and how this can differ depending on the sources. Finally in science we are going to be covering the water cycle and starting to look at weather. This is personally one of my favorite science units!

There will be no quizzes or tests this first week back, but they will start up again the following week. Spelling words and math homework will start up on Monday this week.

Have a great final weekend of break and I look forward to seeing the students Monday morning!

Friday, December 14

It’s Friday already and only one more week before Winter Break! Next week will be busy. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be normal days, but Thursday and Friday are early release. Both days we will dismiss two hours earlier at 12:15. On Thursday, the 20th, we will have our class party from 8:00-9:00.

Since the second half of the week will be shorter days, we are going to continue focusing on the same skills. This is division in math, the water cycle in science, informational organization in reading, and the beginning of westward expansion in social studies. The students will have their spelling test next Friday, the 21st.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 7

Happy Friday!

The students have done a great job on their ecosystem projects!

Next week the students will be continuing with Opinion Writing and Social Studies. If we are able to finish the start of the New Nation we will move on to learning about water in Science. In reading we will finish up text structure and the students will start the week with a quick quiz on the five text structures. In math we will have a division quiz on Monday and will then start working on word problems.

There are only two weeks left until Winter Break!

Have a great weekend.


Friday, November 16

Happy Thanksgiving Break!

This quarter is going by so quickly, we’re already over halfway through it. Please note the yellow paper coming home with students that will explain the difference in progress reports for the remainder of the year.

For the next few weeks we’re going to focus on multiplication and division in math, with a 2×2 digit multiplication quiz the Friday we get back. The students took a spelling test today, so there will not be any new lists going out until we return.

Text structures will be our focus in reading; compare/contrast, cause/effect, sequence (chronological), problem/solution, description. We’ll have a short quiz on what each of these mean at the end of the week back. In science we are continuing with Ecosystem and the students have their projects to work on. Remember these are due December 7! In social studies we are looking at how America looked as a new nation and then we will move into westward expansion.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week of break!