Friday, November 16

Happy Thanksgiving Break!

This quarter is going by so quickly, we’re already over halfway through it. Please note the yellow paper coming home with students that will explain the difference in progress reports for the remainder of the year.

For the next few weeks we’re going to focus on multiplication and division in math, with a 2×2 digit multiplication quiz the Friday we get back. The students took a spelling test today, so there will not be any new lists going out until we return.

Text structures will be our focus in reading; compare/contrast, cause/effect, sequence (chronological), problem/solution, description. We’ll have a short quiz on what each of these mean at the end of the week back. In science we are continuing with Ecosystem and the students have their projects to work on. Remember these are due December 7! In social studies we are looking at how America looked as a new nation and then we will move into westward expansion.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week of break!


Friday, November 9

Good afternoon Bells Ferry Families!

It’s been a busy week, especially since we missed Tuesday in school. We have finished working on text features and will start on text structures in reading. In math we are continuing to work on patterns and will have a quiz on Tuesday. We will then move into multiplying numbers 2×2, which students have already started working on. In writing we are still working on opinion pieces and the students will be looking into how to strengthen arguments.

In science we are learning about ecosystems and the students have a project for this. The students are going to be working on exploring an ecosystem -both the living and nonliving organisms in it- and looking into how these have changed over time. The students will have a month to work on this project. The rubric for the project cannot be attached, but one has been sent home with every student. They need to create a model or the system and a report. The report does not need to be an essay, it can also be a PowerPoint or presented on a poster board.

Next week our students are having their Thanksgiving Feast meal on Wednesday at 11:53-12:28. This will be a deviation from our normal lunch schedule. If you would like to join your students you can. The cost for a guest meal is $3.75 and can be cash/check only.

Have a great weekend, only one more week until Thanksgiving break!

Friday, November 2

Happy Friday Bells Ferry Families! I can’t believe it’s already November.

This week we finished up learning about the American Revolution and have started talking about the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. We’ve had some great conversations about the issues the states first faced when they gained freedom from Great Britain. We will be continuing to look into this but will shift our focus to Science next week. We will research and learn about ecosystems. The students will have a short quiz on Friday following a week of work. They will get a study guide Wednesday for this.

New spelling words go home Monday too. We are continuing with opinion writing, but are starting text features instead of main idea in reading. I am going to work on factors and multiples a bit longer with the students and then we will look into patterns. They are making so much progress!

Have a great weekend!