Friday, March 22

Only one week left until Spring Break!

This coming week we are going to continue the skills we have started. In math we are going to work on geometry and finding angles using protractors. There will be a test on Friday. The students will also have a social studies test on the causes of the Civil War. In reading we are going to be working on constructed response answers and using evidence from the text. This is an important skill, especially with the Milestones around the corner. In writing we will continue reviewing narrative, informational, and opinion essays. Looking ahead, the students should be practicing typing whenever they can.

On Friday the 29th students will be having a relay recess. This is a 90 minute event that costs $2 for the student to participate in. The funds raised go towards Relay for Life. Students can bring additional money for an ice pop or bottled water (each $1).

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 17

I hope it’s been a good weekend.

We’re back to a normal week and are going to start looking at our 4th and final quarter! In math we are switching to geometry and 2-Dimensional shapes. This is a fun standard and something always love exploring. In reading we are going to finish up our look into different perspectives and how they shape what is written. We are looking more at researching in writing and will continue to practice typing. This is an important skill that students need to learn. We are starting out look at the American Civil War by looking into differences in the economies and politics of the Northern and Southern states at the time.

Report cards will be sent home Friday, March 22.

I hope the rest of the weekend is relaxing!

Friday, March 8

Good afternoon!

What a great week of learning we’ve had! We covered so much about light and decimals. It’s been so much fun to explore these topics with the students.

Next week we are switching gears and looking at social studies. We will finish up Westward Expansion and have a short quiz on Friday. In reading we will be reading to shape our opinions, specifically looking at the Revolutionary War and the information available to the Colonists. After this we will focus on Word Problems in math. Two step word problems are often a challenge so we’ll be looking at strategies to help identify these. In writing we will have our last week focusing on informational writing.

Please note that Wednesday, March 13, is an early release day. We will be doing STEM work all morning and the students will dismiss two hours earlier than normal.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 1

It was a great week with both Read Across America and our field trip to the Cobb  County Safety Village!

Next week is a normal schedule. Students will be working on informational writing still and we are going to be reading more about dramas and how they are structured. In math we will continue decimal work with a quiz at the end of the week. In science we will continue learning about light and its properties. There will be a test at the end of the week, a study guide will go home on Wednesday.

There will be a book fair all of next week! A flier has gone home with students about this.

Have a great weekend and Happy March!