Friday, March 22

Only one week left until Spring Break!

This coming week we are going to continue the skills we have started. In math we are going to work on geometry and finding angles using protractors. There will be a test on Friday. The students will also have a social studies test on the causes of the Civil War. In reading we are going to be working on constructed response answers and using evidence from the text. This is an important skill, especially with the Milestones around the corner. In writing we will continue reviewing narrative, informational, and opinion essays. Looking ahead, the students should be practicing typing whenever they can.

On Friday the 29th students will be having a relay recess. This is a 90 minute event that costs $2 for the student to participate in. The funds raised go towards Relay for Life. Students can bring additional money for an ice pop or bottled water (each $1).

Have a great weekend!

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