Sunday, May 12

Wow, it’s our last full week of school. This week we are going to review some of the key math and reading standards from this school year. We are also going to finish up our last science unit on forces in motion. There will be a test on Friday to wrap up the final unit.

I can’t believe the end is almost here. It’s been an amazing year, we’re going to finish it strong!

Friday, May 3

Only two more days of testing!

We take the Math Milestones Monday and Tuesday and then we are finished testing! Next week is a busy week with Cultural Arts Day on May 8th and Field Day on May 10th. Information about field day has been sent home but please let me know if you have any questions. We could also still use volunteers!

We will focus more on Social Studies next week and complete our last unit. The students will take a test on Friday and that will be it for that subject! We’ll then focus on Science. In the last couple of weeks we are going to be reviewing reading, math, and writing skills that still need some practice. This might look different for each student depending on what we focus on.

I hope you have a great weekend!