April 24

Today we continued reflections over the x and y axis.  Homework depends on how far you got in class.  Some are finishing the graphing from class and some are working on a graphing worksheet.

We will work on the study guide in class tomorrow.  You need to be up to #20 before Thursday.

Unit 7 test is on Monday, April 30

April 23

Today we reviewed reflecting points over the x and y axis.  Hw:  p. 893  20-30

unit 7 test will be Monday, April 30  Study guides will go home tomorrow.

April 18

Today we reviewed plotting points on the coordinate plane.  We discussed the four quadrants and how now we are using negative and positive numbers for our ordered pairs.

HW:  The students are plotting points on a coordinate plane to create a picture.  Please finish for homework if you did not finish in class.


April 17

We ordered the absolute values of numbers.  We also discussed inequalities of absolute values and integers.

HW:  Finish above and below for those who did not turn it in today.  They will turn in tomorrow for a late grade.  There is also a worksheet to be completed.

April 16th

We discussed absolute value and how distance can not be negative.  The students worked on the above and below project and will be turning this in for a quiz grade.  It needs to be neat and colored.

HW:  Finish above and below project.