December 18-20

Today we discussed inequalities and how there are multiple solutions.  We took notes in our MSG.

HW:  p 537 1-8


Tuesday:  We will continue with inequalities and how to graph them on a number line.

HW: p 545 1-8


Wednesday:  We worked on a holiday math sheet to review previous skills learned.


Happy Holidays!! Enjoy your winter break!

October 27

The Unit 2 tests were handed back. Students can make test corrections and return the test on Monday.

We will have a quiz over exponents and order of operations on Tuesday.

Oct 16-20

Monday:  We reviewed coordinate plane and how to plot ratios on the plane.

Hw:  study guide 14-16  Unit 2 test on Thursday

Tuesday:  We will convert standard measurement.  We will complete a MSG page.

Hw: Finish study guide

Wednesday: We will review for our Unit 2 test

Hw:  study for test using study guide

Thurs and Friday:  We will take our test.