August 15

Hw:  Study Guide part 1

I sent home the computational challenge we took yesterday.  The students were able to use a calculator to help show their work.  Please look it over and practice the problems that were missed.

Here is the answer key to the study guide to check your answers.

August 13

Open House is tomorrow starting a 6:00.  Hope to see you there.  There is a test over adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals on Friday. The students are able to use their notes on the test.

Hw: p 49 2-10 even

August 10

We took our first quiz today!  Next Friday we will have our first test over adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.

HW:  Have a great weekend.  Remember Open House is Tuesday Night for 6th grade.

Also if you did not turn in your music permission slip for chorus, band, and orchestra you need to bring them on Monday.

August 7

Hw:  Math textbook p 11   1-9 All

IF you forgot your book the log in to the online textbook is above on the blog.

Below are notes from class.

Welcome Back!!!

Today was an awesome day.  If you could check your child’s first day folder and fill out the clinic card and sign the student code of conduct. If your student could bring there supplies on Friday.  Make sure they have glue sticks and their composition notebooks.  Also, if they have their binders and dividers they can bring them on Friday.

April 24

Today we continued reflections over the x and y axis.  Homework depends on how far you got in class.  Some are finishing the graphing from class and some are working on a graphing worksheet.

We will work on the study guide in class tomorrow.  You need to be up to #20 before Thursday.

Unit 7 test is on Monday, April 30

April 23

Today we reviewed reflecting points over the x and y axis.  Hw:  p. 893  20-30

unit 7 test will be Monday, April 30  Study guides will go home tomorrow.

April 18

Today we reviewed plotting points on the coordinate plane.  We discussed the four quadrants and how now we are using negative and positive numbers for our ordered pairs.

HW:  The students are plotting points on a coordinate plane to create a picture.  Please finish for homework if you did not finish in class.