October 27

The Unit 2 tests were handed back. Students can make test corrections and return the test on Monday.

We will have a quiz over exponents and order of operations on Tuesday.

Oct 16-20

Monday:  We reviewed coordinate plane and how to plot ratios on the plane.

Hw:  study guide 14-16  Unit 2 test on Thursday

Tuesday:  We will convert standard measurement.  We will complete a MSG page.

Hw: Finish study guide

Wednesday: We will review for our Unit 2 test

Hw:  study for test using study guide

Thurs and Friday:  We will take our test.

Oct 4

We introduced our performance task and worked on one task in class.  If you did not finish that task you need to finish it for homework.  You also need to complete part 4 for homework.  We will be turning it in at the end of class on Monday.