December Information

Can you believe it is already DECEMBER?! This year is flying by. Below you will find classroom information and dates to remember for the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions please let me know!

Class Information/Dates to Remember:

  • Tomorrow is the LAST day of Fall FACT Clubs. We will return to the original form of transportation for students who attended clubs beginning Monday. If you do not remember what we have on file, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will have another survey for you to complete for Spring FACT Clubs in January. Please make a note of the clubs you have signed your child up for including the days and sessions.
  • TPV: There is TPV on December 10th beginning at 11:15. During this time, our students will work on the Giving Bag Donation from our class. Thank you to the everyone who has sent in their donations. If you are interested in helping a family in need, please check out our Shutterfly site. We will need a few items.
  • Buster the Bus: On December 12th, our class will participate in an in-house presentation with Buster the Bus promoting bus safety.
  • Legoland: We will be going to Legoland on December 16th! Students will wear their blue class t-shirts this day. Reminder that lunch is provided for this field trip so you don’t need to worry about packing a lunch that day. Please still pack a snack for your child this day. They will eat their snacks before we get on the bus. They are going to LOVE it!! I will be sure to send tons of pictures!
  • Class Holiday Party: December 18th at 10:30 is our class holiday party! Parents are welcome to attend, but please no siblings. We can’t wait to see and celebrate with everyone!
  • Holiday Traditions Project: The holiday traditions project was sent home earlier this week. We ask that they are returned no later than Wednesday, December 18th so all students will have the opportunity to share their family’s traditions with the class.
  • December 19th and 20th are both early release days. I want to do something engaging and fun with the students. I wanted to do a possible “Grinch Day”. We would do Grinch themed activities and make/enjoy Grinch Mini-Pizzas and Grinch Punch. I would love to have the students enjoy the 2018 animated movie, ‘The Grinch’ (Rated PG), as a celebration of their accomplishments this quarter and to discuss our character anchor trait of Kindness. If you would prefer that your child does not watch this movie, please let me know so I can make alternate plans.

I hope everyone has a relaxing holiday season and enjoys spending time with those who mean the most! As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

October 21-November 1

Hello Families!

It was a pleasure meeting with you all last week and discussing your child’s progress! I am so proud of their gains and can’t wait to see what they achieve in quarter 2! Please see below for some classroom reminders and information. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Dates to Remember/Class Information:

  • STEM Fair: Oct. 22nd 5:30-7:00 p.m.
  • Walton Family Cluster Night: Oct. 30th
  • Patron Drive Ends: Oct. 31st
  • Superhero Day: Oct. 31st (more info to come!)
  • Kindergarten Fall Festival: Nov. 1st 8:30 a.m.
  • I will be sending home the two editions of your child’s math workbooks this week. We are working hard in math to learn and master our kindergarten standards. Please feel free to use this workbook for extension at home. It covers 2D/3D shapes which we have been working on recently, and we will be starting measurement in Q2! It has review material for numbers 1-10. If your child is ready for a challenge, there is also addition & subtraction pages along with composing and decomposing numbers. In class, we are focused on hands-on, real-world applications for students and feel as though you will have more use for the workbook at home to extend/review standards.
  • Patron Drive: Let’s go “all in”! Your donations make a difference!  100% of parents’ donated amount directly impacts Mt. Bethel students’ education everyday. You can pledge and donate directly at: Thank you in advance for your support!

What we are Learning:

  • Reading: We are learning all about our Reading Superpowers! Ask your child what reading superpowers they already have learned about!
  • Writing: We are beginning ‘How-to’ writing! Please be on the look-out on our class Shutterfly account for requested donation items for our how-to projects. We plan on doing some food activities during this unit. If you do not want your child to participate in the food activities, please let me know and I can be sure they omit the tasting aspect of the lesson. Some activities include how to make lemonade, how to make s’mores, how to make pizza, and how to make hot cocoa to name a few 😊!
  • Math: In math, we will begin our quarter 2 standards. We will start by covering our unit on comparing the number of objects. We will also continue working on being able to classify objects into a given category.
  • Phonics: We will be working on our c vs. k rule and digraphs over the next few weeks.
  • Science/S.S./Health: 5 senses and how to keep them healthy

Have a wonderful week! 😊Mrs. Vanderhave

Foundation Patron Drive

Our Foundation Patron Drive is still going strong!  Let’s go ALL IN!!  Thank you to the Mt. Bethel Foundation which has impacted our classroom personally in so many ways! I can’t wait to share some examples with you throughout the month. New this year – The Voyage!


The Voyage is a character education program funded by the Foundation. We spent the month of September learning about COOPERATION. Every week, two kindergarten students from each class who display our character trait are chosen as the “Voyager of the Week”. Check out their celebratory pictures below! Each month a new character trait will be taught!

If you have not already joined the Foundation, please consider participating and help our class have 100% parental participation within the Foundation.

🙂 Mrs. Vanderhave, Mrs. Zenoni and Ms. Lyman

Patron Drive

Hello Families,

Please view the video linked below for ways that your Patron Drive donations directly impact ALL students and teachers at Mt. Bethel! Our class would love to have 100% participation in the Patron Drive and sincerely appreciate all of your support in this goal!

Thank you,

Mrs. Vanderhave

Conference Letters

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Fall Break. It was fun listening to everyone share what they did over the break. They were all full of smiles!

Today I sent home a letter in the red folder with your child’s conference time. Please return it to school as soon as possible, so I may get everything finalized and ready. If the time I provided does not work for you, please write down a few other times that do work for you and I will do my best to accommodate. I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon!

🙂 Mrs. Vanderhave

August 23rd

Hello, Families!

I want to start by thanking our room parents, Mrs. Lasky and Mrs. Petal, for getting our classroom Shutterfly account up and running. You will be able to find classroom sign-ups, Mystery Reader information, pictures, and other classroom information as the year goes on. We have begun math and reading stations and I have been working on finding your child’s independent reading level to begin to send home books from our reading groups!

Classroom Information:

  • Reading Baggies– today you will see that your child is bringing home a blue Book Baggie in their backpacks. These baggies are meant to come home and be returned to school every day. It is important that they come back to school so they can get new books after reading with me in groups. Each child is bringing home 3 books in their baggies over the weekend. These books should be around your child’s reading level. I have not finished all the reading assessments yet so if the books are too easy for your child don’t worry. I want them to just get in the habit of using their reading baggies. Please remind your child to take care of these books at home and to return them daily. I am also including a “whisper phone” in their baggies. These are also meant to stay in the baggies and to be used when they are reading independently. I have also included some parent resources for reading in your child’s red folder.
  • Read-A-Thon: Please help our class by logging your child’s reading minutes and donations/pledges through the PTA toolkit! They are all so excited and want our class to win! Thank you in advance for your support in this wonderful event.
  • Progress Reports: Progress Reports will be sent through e-mail on September 6th if your child is at risk of receiving a one (not meeting the standard) in a subject area or a N (Needs improvement) in their behavior skills. If you do not receive an e-mail regarding progress reports, your child is either on track to receive a 2 or 3 (progressing towards meeting the standard/meeting the standard) in subject areas and P (progressing) or S (satisfactory) in their behavior skills. If your child does receive a progress report, please view it as an area of improvement. Your child will have another 4 ½ weeks to improve in that area before report cards are distributed.
  • RAZ Kids/Moby Max: You will receive information about Raz Kids and Moby Max in your child’s folder today. Both are online resources for your child to use at home.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via Remind or e-mail at

Katie Vanderhave 🙂

August 19-23

Hello, Families! I hope everyone is doing well. I have loved getting to know your child so far. Below you will find some friendly reminders, important dates and classroom information. Please let me know if you have any questions after reading below 🙂

Friendly Reminders/Important Dates

  • If you have not already done so, please complete and return the Performing Arts Permission Form from your child’s red folder. If we are missing yours, another will be in your child’s folder today. We must have this form in order for your child to attend in-house or off-campus field trips.
  • We sent home a permission form for our two in-house High Touch High Tech field trips (September 18th or 19th and November 20th or 21st). The price on the field trip form is for both dates our class will participate in the activities. We will send home another permission form if we are missing yours by the end of next week.
  • Read-A-Thon: Our Read-A-Thon begins on Monday, August 19th. Your child’s Read-A-Thon packet will come home with them in their red folders on Monday. More information and reminders will come through on Remind about the Read-A-Thon!
  • Be sure to sign up for Remind (information to sign up is under the communication tab on our class blog) for reminders and pictures throughout the day! It really is the quickest way to contact me and I love to send pictures and reminders throughout the day!
  • Your child’s log-in information for our PTA-funded home resources, Raz Kids (Kids A-Z) and Moby Max will come home sometime next week. I am working on personalizing your child’s accounts and will send home the information following that.
  • I met with our wonderful room moms today, Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Lasky. Please keep an eye out for emails from them regarding class information and our classroom Shutterfly account.

Classroom Information

  • We have been working hard on our classroom rituals and routines! We have implemented reading stations within our reader’s workshop time. Your child is showing stamina in independent reading and can currently stay in one spot reading books for 7 minutes (WOW!!!)! Within the next two weeks, I will be working on identifying your child’s reading level and will be sending home books on your child’s independent and instructional reading levels (more info on that to come)!
  • We have also began our Writer’s Workshop where the students have learned about drawing 3 star pictures (using colors that make sense, coloring within the lines, and filing in the white space) and labeling parts of our pictures.
  • In math, we have been working on counting objects and have been doing daily number talks. We will begin Math stations next week.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

🙂 Katie Vanderhave

August 9th

Hello, Families!

We have had a wonderful start to our school year! Thank you for all of the supplies and donations that you have sent in already. We really appreciate it!

We are continuing to discuss rules and procedures along with how to be a good friend. As our class earns compliments and makes good choices, we will be earning “brownie points” on our board. When it is full, our class earns a special reward. WE GOT OUR LAST BROWNIE POINT TODAY! The students voted to be able to bring in a small stuffed animal on Monday. Please make sure you are subscribed to our Remind group to be sure you receive notices about things we do during the day and if there is a celebration day! Information to sign up for Remind is on the communication tab of the blog.

The first month of school focuses on teaching the procedures for stations and independent work times. We do a lot of practicing and modeling before releasing them to work on their own. We are also doing a lot of assessments to determine where everyone is in each subject area, so we can create our small groups for instruction. Academic content will not be differentiated until our assessments are completed (which takes awhile!). So everything right now is being taught mostly in whole group. As I am able to assess each child, your child will begin to bring home independent and instructional level books (more info on that closer to that time)!

Friendly Reminders:

  • If you have not already done so, please send in a pencil pouch that has a zipper and 3 holes to put into the daily communication folder for money/important notes.
  • Please remember to sign up for Remind texts. We use this a lot!
  • Fill out, sign and return the Performing Arts Participation Permission form and donation. Your child will not be able to attend field trips without this completed and returned form. This will be in your child’s red folder today!
  • Today we will also be sending home information on how to sign up for SeeSaw. This is an app that teachers and students use to send parents photos and videos of the kids working and enjoying different activities at school. Information to connect to your child’s account is on the paperwork that will be in their red folder.
  • Picture day is on August 15th. If you are interested in purchasing any packages, please be sure to complete and return the picture paperwork that was sent home.
  • Please practice opening snacks/lunch items with your child. It would be amazing if they were able to independently open all items within their lunchbox. If there is a twist top, you could always open ahead of time so it is easier for them to open or snip a corner of items that they have a hard time tearing. That would be a big help to our lunch monitors and Mrs. Zenoni.

As always, if there are any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

The Night Before Kindergarten

Hello, families! Thank you again for taking the time to come to Open House and Parent Night! Below you will find reminders and other classroom information. Make sure to check the posts below for the Welcome and Family picture posts also!


  • If I forgot to grab the Critical Information Forms from you the other day, please send them in with your child on Thursday.
  • Ms. Lyman, our student teacher, is missing a few of her video release forms. If you have yours, please send it in with your child this week so she can turn them in to her supervisor.
  • Please send in a 3-ring zipper pouch for your child’s daily red folder for notes/money.
  • Please send in LABELED over-the-head headphones with your child for technology use.
  • Please be sure to send in a labeled snack and labeled water bottle with your child. Also, if they plan on bringing lunch have them bring that also!
  • Please send in a 5×7 family picture to add to our family wall! (see post below)
  • We will be adding your child’s CCID Number in their red folder for your convenience.
  • THANK YOU so much for taking the donation apples from parent night! I cannot thank you enough in advance! I know I will be able to get some amazing things for our classroom!
  • If you have not done so already, your parent “homework” is to subscribe to this blog, have at least one member from each family sign up for Remind (information can be found on the communication tab on the blog), and to do your very best to allow your child to walk down to the classroom independently. Also, if you have already established your Remind account, can you please send me all of the e-mails you would like for your family. I am working on making a kindergarten 2019-20 group e-mail list and would so appreciate this!
  • When you do sign up for Remind, please be sure to just have your name listed as your name. I can go back on my end and identify which child is yours and label it. It becomes difficult when you identify your child in your name, especially if you have multiple children using Remind. There are a few in which I have a sibling name within the parent username. If you are able to edit that it would be great! If you need help with that, please let me know!
  • Please be sure to place the stickers given out on Monday on your child on Thursday and Friday mornings. This will help our volunteers ensure your child is heading down to the correct room. If you have misplaced these stickers, you may make your own with the information- Vanderhave room 817 on it. If you did misplace them we can send your child home with replacements on Thursday, just let us know!
  • Friendly reminder that there will be no lunch guests until after Labor Day.
  • If your child has a birthday before then you can send in a snack for us to pass out during lunch or you can join us during our snack time in the classroom. Just connect with me if this pertains to you!
  • For those who would like to take a look back at the presentation from Parent Night, here is the link- Meet and Greet & Parent Night

This week, we will…-

  • Establish our rituals and routines
  • Take a tour of the school
  • Discuss our summer vacations
  • Read and listen to books
  • Learn what a good friend is
  • Make charts for our birthdays and dismissal

I am always here if you have any questions or need help in any way. Please do not hesitate to reach out in needed. I know we are going to have a wonderful year!

Kindest Thoughts,

Katie Vanderhave


Family Picture Request

When you are 5 or 6 years old, being away from your family throughout the day can be difficult. Let’s be honest, no matter how old you are it is tough! I want to create a sense of community and a feeling of home beginning right when your child walks through the door of my classroom! I am requesting that you send in a 5×7 family picture for us to add to our family wall. It does not have to be anything fancy, it can be from a favorite trip, holiday or even just hanging out at home. Whatever picture you think your child may glance at during the day or when they are having a tough moment and smile is perfect! I have a sign that says ‘this is our happy place’ in which all your beautiful family pictures will surround. This is something new that I am trying out this year and I think that it will allow your children a little slice of home within our classroom. If you are able to bring in the picture on Monday during either our Meet and Greet or our Back to School Night in the evening that would be fantastic! If that is too short of notice, no worries, whenever you can is perfectly fine! I hope that you are all able to participate in this! If you are unable to get a printed picture, feel free to send it to me via e-mail and I would be happy to get it printed for you! I cannot wait for this year to begin and know it is going to be a great one! Hope to see you all on Monday!

Kindest Thoughts,

Katie Vanderhave

**Please view the post below for my ‘Welcome’ post!**