Figurative Language

  1. Complete color-coding assignment for figurative language.
  2. Begin writing a mini-story about the PERFECT Fall Break! But, use one example of each of the figurative language terms we learned about this week in your story.
  3. Please view the power point below if you need assistance.

18- Figurative Language Writing Assignment (1)-s97bbt


Please check your grades!!! If you are missing anything, please turn it in BY FRIDAY!!!

Independent Reading: The break would be a great time to read a book or two for independent reading. There is a link AT THE TOP of my blog that leads you to the the “Submit Here” link.


Webquest Quiz and Figurative Language

Students reviewed notes for the green Webquest assignment to discuss identities and accomplishments for Sylvia Mendez, Oliver Leon Brown, and Malala Yousafzai before taking a QUIZ. The Webquest handout must be turned in today as well (green).

*If you are absent today, study the websites provided during our research and be prepared to make up the quiz when you return.

Afterwards, students completed a Figurative Language color-coding activity. Due no later than WEDNESDAY.


  1. “Choose Your Own Hero” reports/power points are due TODAY. I will accept them for late credit until Friday.
  2. Independent Reading is due October 10, 2018. There is an a link to the electronic form on my blog. 1 book= 80; 2 books= 100
  3. PLEASE CHECK YOUR GRADES. If a “0” is listed, please turn in the MISSING assignment before FRIDAY for late credit.



Hero Web Quest

Tuesday-Friday: PC Lab 3

Wednesday: Work on Web Quest (green) handout for the entire class period. A copy of the graphic organizer is found on yesterday’s post. The research links that Ms. Harpin presented are on that post as well. Expectation today? To finish research for all three individuals listed and finish tonight if needed.

Thursday: Web Quest (green) handout is DUE at the beginning of class. Once approved, you will receive a Choose Your Own Hero (yellow) handout in which you will research an unknown, research-able person of your choice. This is due Friday.

Friday: Choose Your Own Hero (yellow) handout is DUE at the beginning of class. Once approved, you will create a final product for the new research you have found. Directions will be provided at that time.

Hero Webquest!

Great start to your research today!


  1. In the media center, starting the Hero Webquest
  2. Resources from Mrs. Harpin:
    1. Destiny Collection
    2. Gale’s Biography in Context (will need to login at home)
    3. Britannica’s Biography Resources (free)
    4. Britannica’s Biography Resources (will need to login at home)
    5. ***If you have to login at home, it’s the same as your O365 Log in
  3. This is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, September 13th! We will be in the computer lab Wednesday- Friday.

Task #1: Research the three individuals listed on the green handout. (Due Thursday)

Task #2: Decide on a less well-known hero and complete the yellow handout. Complete a one page report on this individual. (Due Friday)


Real Life Hero- “Soldier home after losing his leg…”

A. Read article from Spring Board-

B. Answer questions 5-8 (provided below)

C. Write a CEI paragraph that answers this question: What is one heroic trait the soldier demonstrated? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.


5. What is the purpose pf the first four paragraphs of this article?

6. The author uses the word “folks” in paragraph 5 to mean family. What effect does this word choice have?

7. Choose a statement made by Segers that expresses the central idea driving Seger’s life now. What facts in the story support this idea?

8. Notice how the language changes as it describes his Army assignment. What is an “elite” infantry unit? What are “personal recovery missions?”


Claim- One COMPLETE sentence that answers the question asked.

Evidence- A quote from the text that supports the claim (According to the article, “…)

Interpretation- These are YOUR THOUGHTS. Explain how the evidence you selected supports your claim.

Evidence- A quote from the text that supports the claim (The text also states…)


Today in ELA…

  1. Completed Q1 Touchstone and entered answers in iRespond to receive final score.
  2. We read “Where I Find My Heroes” by Oliver Stone from our SpringBoard text. Students completed questions 4-8 and 10. The goal is to determine what trait is most important in a hero. A link to the reading is found below. Please read and we will finish the assignment in class tomorrow.




Progress Reports!

Parents- 1st nine weeks progress reports have been posted in ParentVue.  If you are having trouble accessing ParentVue, please email Mr. Gandolfo for assistance ([email protected]).  If you need to set up your ParentVue account you will need to come to the front office during regular school hours to sign a release form.

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