Book Review Project and TEST CORRECTIONS

Complete The Outsiders Book Review Project by Friday of this week. It must show effort, be extremely neat, and exhibit creativity.

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TEST CORRECTIONS: In order to get test corrections graded in a timely manner, they are due THURSDAY for my class. NOT FRIDAY!!! (ALL students were given the option to make corrections to The Outsiders Test)

Please contact me if you have further questions about classwork or grades.



2018 McClure Olympics

2018 McClure Olympics begin on Monday, May 14 with Opening Ceremonies.  Field Events are Tuesday, May 15 (7th grade), Wednesday, May 16 (6th grade) and Thursday, May 17 (8th grade).  Friday, May 18 will be the Closing Ceremonies.  Event volunteers will be asked to help monitor students, crowd control and assist the lead teacher.  You will not be responsible for running the event.   Please consider volunteering for as many slots/days as you can!  To make this week successful we need your help!

All volunteers check-in at the volunteer table inside the front doors of McClure.


Thursday and Friday

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

Thursday– Read Chapter Two and complete Study Questions

Friday– Read Chapter Three and complete Study Questions. You will turn in Study Questions today so that I can check for completion. I will return Study Questions Monday.


The Outsiders

Today in class:

  1. Read chapter one of The Outsiders.
  2. Completed chapter one questions on the yellow Study Questions packet. DUE TOMORROW!
  3. Updated student agendas with important dates throughout the month of May.


Day one of testing complete!! So glad many of you felt good about your performance today.

Membean is NOT required during testing.

You will need the novel The Outsiders by Monday!!

Image result for image of The Outsiders

Today we took a trip back in time to explore the setting of the book The Outsiders. We discussed the music, culture, and important events of the 1960’s!

**Please check your grades. If you have missing work, please turn assignments in immediately! 🙂

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