“Private Eyes”- Argumentative Writing Example

“Private Eyes”- https://dwlawrence.wikispaces.com/file/view/Activity+2.11.pdf

Today, we talked about CLAIM and COUNTERCLAIM. We discussed features of argumentative writing.

Students then completed a Quiz on the concepts of author’s purpose, intended audience, writer’s claim, and counterclaim.


  • Embedded Quotation Packet was turned in today. (lime green packet)
  • Compare/Contrast Essays may be submitted by Friday end of the day. (Check Wednesday’s blog)
  • CEI Redos are due by tomorrow. If you failed any CEI so far, you may redo for full credit!
  • Membean is due in 14 days!!! (Requirement- 9 days, 135 minutes)

Career Day is tomorrow! Please dress appropriately.

Note: I appreciate you and notice the hard work that most of you are putting forth each day. Thank you for trusting me as your teacher. I am truly THANKFUL for each and every one of you.

Essay Production! (Mon.-Wed.)

PC Lab #3 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

MONDAY= Day 1: Complete Graphic Organizer and begin typing

19- Graphic Organizer for Compare Contrast Essay-1l10o0x


TUESDAY= Day 2Typing Directions and Embedded Quotation Information

Typing Essay 3-2cwmhxi


WEDNESDAY= Day 3Works Cited and Color Coding-

Final Day- Essay 3-1yjfrmt       Works Cited Page-1swk7vg

Ready to turn in? Staple in this order: Final Copy, Works Cited, then Graphic Organizer.

Congratulations! Thank you for your hard work. 🙂


****If additional time is needed, you must work OUTSIDE OF CLASS. DUE WEDNESDAY****

Essay Submission:


Wednesday– Full credit if turned in at end of your period; 5 point deduction if received by end of day

Thursday– 10 point deduction

Friday– 20 point deduction

No essays after Friday.


Reminder: Don’t forget to work on Membean!

Also, HB Quiz retakes and Messenger CEI redos are offered this week ONLY!

Essay 3: Comparison/Contrast

The graphic organizer for your essay MUST be complete tomorrow.

A 10 point penalty will be issued for incomplete graphic organizers.


Please attend a Mav Block Session this week that is beneficial to you!-

Essay Help?- See Mrs. Watson

CEI Help?- See Mrs. Andrews


Helpful Links:

“Harrison Bergeron”- http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/harrison.html

Gaza Article- https://www.huffingtonpost.com/rania-al-abdullah/gaza-the-makings-of-a-mod_b_5615260.html




Essay 3: Dystopia vs. Our World

Friday Flashback:

  1. Mini-Lesson on Embedded Quotations and Introduction to Essay #3

2. We began completing a graphic organizer for this essay. Our goal is to compare and contrast traits of a dystopian society to our modern-day world.

Graphic Organizer: 19- Graphic Organizer for Compare Contrast Essay-1l0yvby

Use textual evidence from the following class studies:

“Harrison Bergeron” page 113

“Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read” page 129

The article “Utopia vs. Dystopia”

The article “Gaza: The Makings of a Modern Day Dystopia”




Wednesday- Claim and Evidence

Today, we reviewed and discussed a nonfiction literary article about Gaza. We identified dystopian like traits that exist in this society.

We also had a mini-lesson on author’s claim, call to action, restating questions and answering in a well-developed complete sentence.

Next, we completed a chart in which we brainstormed past or current movies that fit the dystopian traits that we discussed in class.

Work on MEMBEAN!


Monday- Exploring Dystopian Worlds

Today’s class consisted of a recap of last week and the reading of a nonfiction article that closely reflects traits of a dystopia.

First, students were reminded to complete and turn in any missing work from Thursday and Friday of last week. These assignments include the following:

  1. Harrison Bergeron workbook notes and questions at the end of the story.
  2. Add Harrison Bergeron to the comparison chart in your English notebook.
  3. Make up Harrison Bergeron Quiz.
  4. Complete and turn in Dystopian CEI Paragraph.

Next, we updated agendas with reminders for the month:

  1. Q2 Progress Period ends Thursday, 11/9. (All Messenger and Harrison B. work due!)
  2. Essay #3 due Wednesday, 11/15. (PC Lab #3 Monday-Wednesday)
  3. Membean due 11/30- Quiz 12/1

In class today: 

Students read an article entitled “Gaza: The Makings of a Modern Day Dystopia.” Students completed questions in regard to this article and underlined dystopian traits throughout. The power point is located below. Students have until Friday to complete this assignment.

Gaza Lesson-1185p8f


CAREER DAY: Register!!




Wednesday-Friday with Harrison Bergeron!


We began by reading page 129 of Spring Board, “Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read.” We completed questions 2 and 4 in the workbook and updated our “The Challenge of Utopia” chart in our English notebooks. This chart is used to compare and contrast characteristics of a utopia, dystopia, and modern-day society.

Next, we began reading “Harrison Bergeron” on page 113 from Spring Board. We will take notes in the margins to review and show comprehension.



We will answers questions 1-3, 5-8 in our Spring Board textbook about “Harrison Bergeron.” Students will add this story to their comparison/contrast chart in English notebooks. Think about how this society reflects a uptopia, dystopia, and our modern-day society.


“Harrison Bergeron” Quiz and CEI


Please feel free to email questions and concerns.


Our class time today began with our third Membean Quiz. Students are required to complete the quiz, at least 11 days of training, at least 165 minutes of training, and a Word Log in order to receive a passing grade.

Our discussion was then focused on a nonfiction handout about Utopian vs. Dystopian societies. We completed a comparison and contrast chart about the nonfiction article and the novel Messenger. Our main goal was to challenge ourselves by finding aspects of utopia and dystopia in modern day society.

Tomorrow: We will read the Banned Books article in Spring Board and update our comparison and contrast charts with new information based on our reading.

Power Point: 11- Compare Contrast and Banned Books-23f8r46 11- Compare Contrast and Banned Books-23f8r4i




We tested on the novel Messenger today. Students completed 20 multiple choice comprehension questions, as well as, a thematic CEI paragraph.

Afterwards, students completed a nonfiction informational handout concerning Utopias and Dystopias in preparation for today’s discussion.

Students were also reminded daily that our Membean Quiz is 10/31.

End-of-Book Assignments were collected today.

All yellow reading guides were due Friday.






Work Day– Complete the End-of-Book Assignments. This may be typed or handwritten. If you are typing, you may turn in Monday at the beginning of the period.

  • Post-Reading Questions: Must use CEI method. However, you may shorten to 1 Claim, 1 Evidence, and 1 Interpretation. TEXTUAL EVIDENCE IS A MUST!
  • Activities: Neat, Creative, and Shows Effort
  • Reports: Can be ONE page typed or written

If time allows, work on Membean. It is due October 31st.

*****Monday: Messenger Test!***** 

  1. A study guide is posted to yesterday’s blog. Study!
  2. You will need your Messenger book. Be prepared to leave it with me so that I can score in-text assignments.

All YELLOW reading guides must be turned in today for credit. No exceptions. 


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