The Giver Reading and Grading Schedule

**Quizzes may be given randomly for any chapter**

Monday, 12/3- Read chapter 15 together

Tuesday, 12/4- Read chapters 16 and 17 independently; Notebook Check for 13 and 14

Wednesday, 12/5- Review chapters 14-17; Read chapter 18 together; Notebook Check 15 and 16

Thursday, 12/6- Read chapters 19 and 20 independently; Notebook Check 17 and 18

Friday, 12/7- Discuss 19 and 20; Read chapter 21 together; Notebook Check 19-20

Monday, 12/10- Read chapters 22-23 together; Notebook Check open for any chapter


Wednesday, 12/12- Review Day!

Thursday, 12/13- The Giver Final Test

Friday, 12/14, 17, and 18- Movie!


The Giver- Chapter 13

Please finish reading Chapter 13 tonight. (Shhh…Quiz Tomorrow!)

Complete Notebook Response for Chapter 13.

Late credit will be given for Chapters 11 and 12 tomorrow in class.

Friday: We will read Chapter 14 in class tomorrow. Notebook Responses for Chapters 13 and 14 are due MONDAY!



The Giver…

  1. Notebook Responses for Chapters 7-10 are due by Thursday.
  2. The Giver Halfway Test (Chapters 1-10) is Thursday.

Chapter Study Questions:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Enjoy your break, be safe, and know that I am thankful for each of you and the hard work you put forth daily in class. ūüôā

All Things Giver until Thanksgiving Break…


Chapters 1-3= Today is the final day for grading. (0 or 100)

Chapters 4-6= Today only! Option #1= I will accept completed notebook pages for Chapters 4-6 WITH A LATE PASS for a 100. Option #2= If notebook pages for Chapters 4-6 are complete in class today, I will increase your previous score to a 70.

Chapters 7-8= Notebook pages due Monday, 11/12

Chapters 9-10= Notebook pages due Wednesday, 11/14


Reading Schedule until Thanksgiving Break:

Thursday, 11/8: Read Chapter 7 aloud and complete notebook

Friday, 11/9: Read Chapter 8 silently and complete notebook

Monday, 11/12: Read Chapter 9 silently and complete notebook; I will grade notebook pages 7-8 on this day

Tuesday, 11/13: Read Chapter 10 aloud and complete notebook

Wednesday, 11/14: Review for Giver Test (Chapters 1-10 ONLY); I will grade notebook pages 9-10 on this day

Thursday, 11/15: Giver Halfway Test (Chapters 1-10 ONLY)

Friday, 11/16: Career Day!!

***Trouble with notebook pages? See previous blog post.***


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