Final Lit Circle Discussion Day

Students completed their books and lit circle jobs and conducted a discussion of the important aspects of the novel.

If you were absent, you are still responsible for completing your individual jobs and a make up assignment for lit circle discussions.

Lit Circle Make-up Assignment:

  1. Develop a discussion question that you feel focuses on important details from the book.
  2. Pick a significant quote from the novel. Why is this quote important?
  3. What connection can you make from the novel to something outside of class?
  4. Select TWO passages that exhibit the theme “finding light in the darkness.” Write each one and explain how each one fits the theme.
  5. Attach your individual job/role to your answers and turn in.

Membean is also due today!! (50 correct answers)

Lit Circle Workday

Today in ELA

#1- Finish reading your Lit Circle books. Yes…all the way to the end!

#2- Complete your Lit Circle job/handout. You must prove you have read. Answers must show evidence of characters and events in the last section of your book. Use the document to assist you: Literature Circle expectation-25y6iyr

#3- Complete this week’s MEMBEAN! Come on. You can do it! (50 correct answers)


Please return yellow, mid-year syllabus

Remember to turn in the Valentine’s Day assignment from this week

Check grades often and contact me if needed






Today, we completed our assignment on the history of Valentine’s Day. This lesson allowed us to practice reading comprehension and argumentative skills.

Valentines Day Activity (002)-v372jn

This Week!

Thursday- Lit Circle Work Day

Friday- Final Lit Circle Group Discussion (jobs due and book complete)

Friday- MEMBEAN is due (50 correct answers=100!)

Anne Frank

Students read an excerpt of the play The Diary of Anne Frank beginning on p. 205 in the SpringBoard text. Students were instructed to complete the following tasks:

1. As you read, underline words and phrases that indicate the tone of how the characters are feeling.

  • Find two examples in the play where you can tell how the character is feeling.
  • In the blue “My Notes” section, explain HOW you know what the character is feeling. What words/phrases/actions make you know?

2. After reading, complete questions 1, 2, 3, 7

3. On page 209, in the blue “My Notes” section, answer this question:

  • How is dialogue used in this play to develop tone and reveal the theme “finding light in the darkness”? Use CEI format.

Please remember that Membean is due Friday, 2/16!


Lit Circle Work Day


Today: Students spent the class period today reading literature circle novels and completing reports for tomorrow’s discussion group. YELLOW handouts are due tomorrow. Please have your assigned pages read.

Don’t forget! MEMBEAN is due tomorrow. You will need 50 correct answers for this week. Membean is now a weekly 10% grade and requires 50 correct answers, no specific days or minutes.

Absent? Please speak with me if you have not already. You must complete work that you have missed.

Grades: Please check your grades frequently and email or speak with me personally about redo’s, make up, or extra help.

Panel Discussion Planning Day

Today, we prepared for Panel Discussion #2. After studying stories about Holocaust survivors, students are preparing an organized presentation of that information. The following Power Point explains the format and requirements.

Survivor Stories Panel Discussion-131jrxv

Students, PLEASE make sure you are prepared for your Panel Discussion. Copies of the survivor stories are on yesterday’s blog post. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

Upcoming Dates!

MEMBEAN is due Friday! (50 correct answers)

Literature Circle Discussion #2 is Friday! (Yellow handouts are due)

Holocaust Survivor Stories

How can you find light in the darkness this week?

Today, each Literature Circle group studied a different survivor of he Holocaust. They read their assigned biography and took important notes. Students will use this information to present another Panel Discussion on the theme “Finding Light in the Darkness” Wednesday of this week.

Please see Power Point for Mav Block offeringsimportant dates and reminders and instructions from today:  12- Survivor Story instructions-2a7pf33

8 Holocaust Survivor Stories:

Survivor- Arek Hersh-16e5vrb

Survivor- Edith Goldberg-1wspkn6

Survivor- Eugene Black-211cfof

Survivor- Ibi Ginsburg-2624k01

Survivor- Iby Knill-rjim8q

Survivor- Margaret Kagan-1iuy2lc

Survivor- Trude Silman-26aczk1

Survivor- Val Ginsburg-1ln5fjp

Lit Circle Friday!

Lit Circle Friday:

Students discussed their various novels in groups and shared the research and findings that they discovered individually. A green discussion sheet was completed per group. This handout is a TEST GRADE. Please see me if you missed discussions today for make up!!

Lit Circle groups selected new roles in the group and began reading the next section of pages. The next Lit Circle Friday is 2/9.


Membean is back my sweet darlings. The grading procedure has changed. Please check yesterday’s post for further info. The first due date is Friday, 2/9.

Mid-Year Syllabus: Please return signed by Monday!!

Literature Circle Work Day

Students worked independently on reading their novels and completing the first set of pages for their meetings Friday. They should continue reading and completing the yellow handout. This is due Friday, 2/2.

Please check your grades! If you did not receive the desired grade on any assignment, please visit me during a Mav Block for remediation.


Membean is back in action! Please begin training immediately. You are now responsible for 50 correct answers by Friday (midnight) of each week. This is now a category of its own in the grade book worth 10% of your grade.




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