7th grade small group

We are currently learning about photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  We are currently working on a webquest and the link is attached.



6th grade small group

Attached is a quiz and a survey for you to take. Please click on each link and submit at the end.




6th Grade small group

We have been learning about agents of erosion and deposition. The vocabulary for the unit, notes, assignment and the web quest have been uploaded.


Chapter 12 Vocabulary-Terms-activity-r8bx0w

closed-for-chapter-12-with-answers-23ob76w (1)-15ygcwt


directed_reading_b (1) effects of gravity on erosion and deposition.-1dprjro




6th  Grade Small group

We are almost to the end of Chapter 10,  Weathering and Erosion unit. The unit test is on Thursday 09/26/17. Lessons, notes, vocabulary, study guide and assignments are attached. Tonight’s home work is the soil conservation direct reading. Any assignments that have not been turned in must be turned in by Thursday. Students may click on the links below for any missing notes or assignments.

soil conservation directed_reading_b-tyih95  

soil to bedrock directed_reading_b-2n3cvz8

chapter 10 section one and two vocabulary-uopczq

chapter 10 sec 3 -4 Soil Presentation-2l4cl1x

Chapter 10 Study Guide completed-1zse6lx

Chapter 10 vocab for bulletein board-13qwjet

soil_summarizer (1)-1yu9wj6

soil ppt-22wisi7soil_notes-2mwwjye

Soil Conservation Clozed Notes-1n0522o

Weathering Notes – Answer Key-19zucla

soil_conservation ppt-2emfyff


7th Grade small group

Students recently completed their Biome projects. Carbon cycle assignment was due today. The assignment is attached. We are beginning out cell unit. Today student worked on their vocabulary scavenger hunt.  The vocabulary terms and scavenger hunt worksheet are attached.

Carbon cycle worksheet-1qw1ea6

carbon cycle questions-1nxjef8

Cell Vocabulary-29qyunl




Updates 9/19/17

6th Grade

We are coming to the end of Unit 1 Rocks and Minerals.  We are currently studying sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. The co-taught classes will be taking the test on 9/21/17 and the small group class will be tested on October 3rd

Chapter 4-3 and 4-4 study guide-27omuc7

4-3-sedimentary-rock-vocabulary-terms-2k6m3xf (1)-22m11bl

Rocks terms graphic organizer-1bxfki8


7th Grade

We are currently studying food chains and food webs. Attached is the PPT lesson

Food Chain and Food Web 2017-qlqvqu

9/5/17 Updates

6th grade

We are currently working on the three types of rocks and the rock cycle. Notes for chapter 4.1 and  4.2 are attached as well as the completed rock lab sheet, rock cycle chart and study guide. The test for Woodruff/Cunningham’s class would be on Thursday, September 7th.  The test for Mrs. Woodruff’s small group class Tuesday September 12th.


Chapter 4.1 characteristics of the three types of Rocks- with answers-2ik9mcx

Ch 4.1 cornell notes (004)-t2t466

Study guide 41 and 4.2-1lv1qcn


7th Grade

We have begun learning about the flow of energy among, biotic and abiotic factors.

We are currently working on a web-quest which is attached.  Students are also finishing up their ecology flip book that are due on Thursday.

food_web_webquest (1)-2ltbyzw



6th Grade  8/3/17 – 8/4/17 Density stack lab and Penny lab teaching the the scientific method.

6th Grade 8/7/17 – 8/9/17 – Minerals close notes and PPT lesson, minerals vocabulary, open book lab safety quiz.Density Stack lab (002)-1rx0my8Density Stack lab (002)-1rx0my8 Mineral vocab.-rnmken

mineral ppt (1) 3-1-1kuqc4bMineral cloze notes 3-1-1kd2r73


7th Grade  8/3/17 – 8/4/17  – Warm up and Biotic and Abiotic  lesson and note

7th Grade 8/7/17 – 8/9/17 – Characteristics of living things notes and lesson. Students are also working on making a characteristics of living things quilt.   Please see uploads of the worksheets, notes, activities and Power Point lessons.

Abiotic_vs_Biotic_Factors_Worksheet-1 (1)-12cngaaBiotic vs. Abiotic Pwpt Notes OL-w6q130Characteristic of living things quilt-1qduf8jAbiotic_vs_Biotic_Factors_Worksheet-1 (1)-12cnBiotic vs. Abiotic Pwpt Notes OL-w6q17sCharacteristics of Living Things cloze Notes-2052s0g

Syllabus, classroom routine and lab safety 8/2/17

Students and Parents,

This week we’ve discussed classroom routines and procedures, the syllabus and lab safety. Students were provided with handouts on each of these topics and they were expected to sign them as well as get a parent signature. These handouts will be kept with the students in their interactive binder and or
notebook.  My 6th grade students need a 9 x 11 note book and 7th grade needs a binder with six divider tabs.

Science Syllabus new-15p6dbi1- Lab Safety 2017-2018-20z9tv06th-7th Grade Classroom Routines Rituals-178ymcySyllabus OL 2017-2018 small group-y1te8dScience Syllabus new-15p6dbi