211/19 – 2/15/19

7th Grade Science

Biome project: Go to the search engine in GOOGLE CHROME & search for Easel.ly website. Then enter the username and password for your block. All students were given their username and password in class and is written in their agendas.

Video tutorial for Easel.ly http://bit.ly/DMSinfographic


7th  Grade Social Studies

Warm up week 20.

European Imperialism Notes European Imperialism in Africa Notes Key-20j3f2k

Warm up quiz 2/15/19

History of Africa test: 3/1/19




7th Grade Science

Evolution Test 2/6/19

Study guide with answers EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE Key-2jgvhzk

Evolution project due Thursday 2/7/19  OL Animal Evolution Project-1xkbl3n

Wild Horse Ancestor Timeline-1apj08w


7th Grade Social Studies

We  are learning about the Ethnic groups in Africa: Arab, Bantu and Swahili

Text book page 206-207.  Read and complete graphic organizers for each group

Graphic organizers for each group  spider diagram Arabs Dif OL-1iv4oid   spider diagram Bantu Dif OL-24ybi6o

spider diagram Swahili Dif OL-1qm00le


1/28/19 – 2/1/19

7th Grade Science

Evolution test Feb 6th 2019

Study guide without answers EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE-16padt0

Study guide Key :EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE-16pa5pb


Things to know for quiz on 1/29/19  Things to know for the quiz-2luwe8p

Evolution and Speciation PPT Speciation1-2bx4h5l

Speciation worksheet  Speciation-geo.isol.-createspc-22z25z1


7th Grade Social Studies

Environmental Issues in Africa completed graphic organizer Environmental Issues in Africa Graphic Organizer Key-2io29kt

Use notes and graphic organizer to create a quizlet.

Quiz on  Environmental issues in Africa on Friday 2/1/19


1/22/19 – 1/26/19

7th Grade Science

Science interactive work book

Pg s. 29-37, complete #1-18 on the interactive pages. Then complete the Lesson Review #1-9.

genetic variation using a Mouse Fur Color Activity.  Finish letters b., c., and #8-10. Finish writing exercise.

Geologic Time web quest link  ttp://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/geotime/

Web quest worksheet Copy of Geologic Time WebQuest

EVOLUTION QUIZ Jan. 29th.  To Prepare study notes on selective breeding, Darwin’s theory of Evolution and vocabulary flip book.

Evolution Test: Feb. 6th



7th Grade Social Studies

Text book pg. 198-201 Read and fill in last two columsn of KIQ chart

KIQ chart: KIQ chart-26f39na 

KIQ Prompt: KIQ Prompts Environmental Issues of Africa-1ghbpmo

Africa Environmental issue  completed Graphic organizer:

Environmental Issues in Africa Graphic Organizer Key-2inwskm

QUIZ Feb 5th


1/14/19 – 1/18/19

7th Grade Science

Selective breeding magazine cover was due on Wednesday Magazine cover directions and rubric-1580dnr

Evolution vocabulary terms and definition (vocabulary booklet needs to be completed and turned in to teacher) Evolution Vocabulary-1k4xifr

Evolution PPT Notes  Evolution Notes-1tnpvs0

Grants Finches Assignment Grant’s Finches-2kguj88

Battle of the Beaks lab Battle of the Beaks Lab-2dcbta2

Upcoming quiz: January 28th (Study notes on selective breeding, evolution, vocabulary)

Unit test: February 5th



7th Grade  Social Studies

Stations Graphic organizer  for regions in Africa  OL Graphic Organizer for Stations 3 of each-186kkxu

Four square region graphic organizer for writing task. Students need to make sure they have completed their stations graphic organizer for the regions  in order to begin working on this task.    The final product will be a well written paragraph which elaborates on the location, climate, population and physical features of the region selected.   4 square graphic organizer-2fsnz2v

Remediation/reteaching assignment for students who scored below 80 on the map test.  Please complete and turn in no later than 1/22/19 africa_phys_political_identification-1rwahtc

Direction for completing remediation worksheet:  (physical map) – name the feature represented by each number  (political map) – name only the countries listed.



7th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies Map test January 16th

Physical map of Africa africa physical features map to label-2hojn1u

Political Map of Africa africa_phys_political_identification-1rvtv2i

Africa Color Map-2mkuxlc

Africa maps review  africa_phys_political_features_reviewcards (1)-19gebhr


7th Grade Science

Selective breeding Graphic organizer Key Selective Dog Breeding Graphic Organizer Answer Key-wxxl6a

Selective dog breeding Activity Dog Breeding-2ffcfmt

Selective dog breeding activity answer Key Dog Breeding Answer Key-1l61bpx



7th Grade Science

Selective breeding PPT  Selective_Breeding-1whg6qa

Selective breeding notes Selective Breeding PPT Blank-2673vhp

Selective  dog breeding  activity graphic organizer Selective Dog Breeding Activity Graphic Organizer-1j5irvu


7th Grade Social Studies

Africa Video https://cobb.discoveryeducation.com/learn/player/895762a8-af89-4490-82d1-ff822c4da75a

Two column notes ol africa continent video two column notes-2dl1xr9    Watch video and complete the notes sheet.


7th Grade science

Students are finishing up their minion project

Please make sure these assignments are completed and turned in this week: Protein synthesis and DNA Double Helix

Genetics and heredity test on Dec. 13th

Study guide Genetics and Heredity Study Guide (002)-2i7d8l1

Quizlet https://quizlet.com/_5s4oce



7th Grade Social Studies

Reading articles from last week.  Make sure questions have been answered for each reading. Persian gulf war-1rtpqsr     ol invasion of iraq-18d1dxl

ol invasion of afghanistan-1s3481a  Middle East conflict chart Middle East Conflict Chart – answers-1y3f3x1

History of South west Asia part 2 Test; Dec. 12th

History of SW Asia Part 2 Study guide  History Study Guide Part 2-1tslof9



7th Grade Science

Sponge bob genetics due Friday spongebob-genetics-1fd69r6

Today in class: Incomplete- Codominance Powerpoint-23baht4  and notes Mendelian Exceptions PPT note key (002)-1j8x1mt

Punnet square worksheets due Monday

Upcoming tests: December 13th


7th Grade Social Studies

Decades of distrust completed  two column notes  Decade of DistrustTwo Column Notes completed-1rklhc6

Completed vocabulary sheet History of Southwest Asia Vocab. Part 2 KEY-1bsjjke

Warm up quiz: 11/30/18 (this is an open note quiz, students need to make sure that week 13 and 14 warm ups are completed.

Week 13 and 14 warm up sheet

Vocabulary quiz Dec. 4th  quizleWarm Up Week 13 & 14-1ahfde8t: https://quizlet.com/_5oyhs4


Starting tomorrow: 11/29/18

Sunni or Shia PPT Sunni and Shia Powerpoint-1gq8anr

Sunni or Shia  notes Shia and Sunni lecture notes student KEY-2mhr4rj