5/8/19 -5/22/19

7th Grade Science

Scientific method PPTScientific Method

Scientific Method Vocabulary Terms

May 15th Summative assessment

7th Grade Life Science Year in Review 7th-Grade-Life-Science-Year-in-Review

7th Grade Life Science Year in Review Key 7th Grade Life Science Year in Review Answer Key

Life Science Review Revised

Study Links for Test https://quizlet.com/349578302/flashcards




7th Grade Social Studies

Rebuilding_Japan with video Revised

Rebuilding Japan sketch notes rebuilding japan and WWII timeline Key

containment in korea and vietnam KEY11



7th Grade Science

World Day Posters due Thursda


7th Grade Social Studies

SE Asia Belief Systems Test 4/26/19

SE Asia Belief Systems Completed Notes: SE Asia Belief Systems Completed Notes-xk1ltp

SE Asia Belief Systems Study guide: Belief Systems Study Guide-2kcqw2w  Answer questions on a separate sheet of paper. Turn study guide into Mrs. Woodruff on Thursday 4/25/19


7th Grade Science

4th – 6th block Counseling with Dr. Hunt

5th Block     Oh Deer Activity


7th Grade Social Studies

March 20th Africa Unit test

Chapter 8 section 4  Government Instability Textbook pages: 214-218

Handouts available on line in the Textbook Workbook

Teacher notes on reading Textbook Chapter 8 section 4 Notes-244375d

Comparing African Governments graphic organizer  African government-rbmx7h

Completed Africa Studyguide key  africa summative study guide key 2019-1n07zhu

Africa physical and political maps  Africa Color Map-2mo51x3


7th Grade Science

Carrying Capacity and Limiting factor PPT notes Limiting Factors PPT OL-1l8dorw

St. Matthews Island Reading and analysis questions st matthew island story-2m84odr

Limiting factor alien activity  Limiting-Factors-PPT-Notes-Sheet-Alien-Activity-vvox76

Quiz on March 8th


7th Grade Social Studies

Africa Unit Test March 14th

Expert group project

Expert Groups – Assignment Sheets Africa Countries Kenya-uzhpcd

Expert Groups – Assignment Sheets Africa Countries Nigeria-1mg18as

Expert Groups – Assignment Sheets Africa Countries South Africa-ufip70

Expert Groups Country PPT Self Assessment-2hz5n7m