Syllabus, classroom routine and lab safety 8/2/17

Students and Parents,

This week we’ve discussed classroom routines and procedures, the syllabus and lab safety. Students were provided with handouts on each of these topics and they were expected to sign them as well as get a parent signature. These handouts will be kept with the students in their interactive binder and or
notebook.  My 6th grade students need a 9 x 11 note book and 7th grade needs a binder with six divider tabs.

Science Syllabus new-15p6dbi1- Lab Safety 2017-2018-20z9tv06th-7th Grade Classroom Routines Rituals-178ymcySyllabus OL 2017-2018 small group-y1te8dScience Syllabus new-15p6dbi

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