6th Grade  8/3/17 – 8/4/17 Density stack lab and Penny lab teaching the the scientific method.

6th Grade 8/7/17 – 8/9/17 – Minerals close notes and PPT lesson, minerals vocabulary, open book lab safety quiz.Density Stack lab (002)-1rx0my8Density Stack lab (002)-1rx0my8 Mineral vocab.-rnmken

mineral ppt (1) 3-1-1kuqc4bMineral cloze notes 3-1-1kd2r73


7th Grade  8/3/17 – 8/4/17  – Warm up and Biotic and Abiotic  lesson and note

7th Grade 8/7/17 – 8/9/17 – Characteristics of living things notes and lesson. Students are also working on making a characteristics of living things quilt.   Please see uploads of the worksheets, notes, activities and Power Point lessons.

Abiotic_vs_Biotic_Factors_Worksheet-1 (1)-12cngaaBiotic vs. Abiotic Pwpt Notes OL-w6q130Characteristic of living things quilt-1qduf8jAbiotic_vs_Biotic_Factors_Worksheet-1 (1)-12cnBiotic vs. Abiotic Pwpt Notes OL-w6q17sCharacteristics of Living Things cloze Notes-2052s0g

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