6th  Grade Small group

We are almost to the end of Chapter 10,  Weathering and Erosion unit. The unit test is on Thursday 09/26/17. Lessons, notes, vocabulary, study guide and assignments are attached. Tonight’s home work is the soil conservation direct reading. Any assignments that have not been turned in must be turned in by Thursday. Students may click on the links below for any missing notes or assignments.

soil conservation directed_reading_b-tyih95  

soil to bedrock directed_reading_b-2n3cvz8

chapter 10 section one and two vocabulary-uopczq

chapter 10 sec 3 -4 Soil Presentation-2l4cl1x

Chapter 10 Study Guide completed-1zse6lx

Chapter 10 vocab for bulletein board-13qwjet

soil_summarizer (1)-1yu9wj6

soil ppt-22wisi7soil_notes-2mwwjye

Soil Conservation Clozed Notes-1n0522o

Weathering Notes – Answer Key-19zucla

soil_conservation ppt-2emfyff


7th Grade small group

Students recently completed their Biome projects. Carbon cycle assignment was due today. The assignment is attached. We are beginning out cell unit. Today student worked on their vocabulary scavenger hunt.  The vocabulary terms and scavenger hunt worksheet are attached.

Carbon cycle worksheet-1qw1ea6

carbon cycle questions-1nxjef8

Cell Vocabulary-29qyunl