7th Grade small group

Students have been learning about Cell Processes. Thus far they have learned how plants and animals cells use energy to make food through the process of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.


6th grade small group

Students have been studying Rocks and Fossils.  The Unit test will be on Thursday Dec. 14th.  The lessons, vocabulary, homework, classwork/labs and study guide are attached. There is also a quiz let to prepare for the test.

1B- Chapter 6 section 1 vocabulalry-17ueruh

1A- Chapter 6 section 1 notes-completed-286k4a5

1D- Impressions Lab (student instructions)-1l6a7fi

Chapter 6 section 2 PPT-24x3apj

Chapter 6 Section 2 Notes-27rrr7g

Chapter 6 sec 3 vocabulary graphic organizer-2b7e89s

Chapter 6 Section 4 vocabulary-20zbxgi

Chapter 6 Section 4 Note Sheet – Answer Key-1fn9zjy

Chapter 6 Section 5 vocabulary-113a6mk

Chapter 6 Section 5 Note Sheet – Answer Key-15xofci

Ch 6 Study Guide OL with answers-1fev6nw

Ch 6 Study Guide OL-11fz27i