7th Grade social studies

WE have started studying about types of government.  Review vocabulary/concepts taught in class daily in order to perform well on discovery tickets.

Open note warm up quiz on 8/31/18.  Make sure you have both weeks of warms all completed.

Warm Up Week 3-2hd9d8n

Warm Up Week 4-2n75bo5

Practice reviewing vocabulary terms using the quizizz and quizlet links attached




7th Grade Science

This past week:

organelle wanted poster

Lab: looking at plants and animal cells under the microscope. Students need to complete the questions on the lab sheet and turn in this week 8/27 – 8/29

Cell unit test: 8/31/18

Cell study guide  Cell structure study guide-14coj49

August 6th, 2018

7th Grade Social Studies

Today’s classroom activities:

  1. warm – up    Week 1 – Maps warm-ups-1klnau5
  2. What is history PowerPoint
  3. What is History reading and questions. What is History-1136id
  4. No homework


7th Grade Science

Today’s classroom activities:

The History of cells notes  The History and Theory of Cells G.O. completed-2ap3sa9

The wacky cell theory video      http://ed.ted.com/lesson/the-wacky-history-of-cell-theory#watch

The Wacky cell theory  questions

H.W.  Watch the Wacky Cell Theory video and complete the questions on the sheet handed out in class


Upcoming Quiz:

8/10/10 – History of cells and parts of  the microscope.  Parts of the Microscope-2n7nkvd